Thursday, August 27, 2015

Slipped Disk, A Continuous Struggle II

Image of Our Cervix
As I stepped into the hallway, I took it as another busy day. A sudden rush of blood to my head made a sudden turn from a fast paced work environment to a crowded Emergency Room in the Capitol Medical Hospital, Philippines. I recalled when the attending physician asked "What month are we now?" An impulse nudged me to say out loud "November". However, I bit my tongue before I could utter the word. Something was off. Deep inside, I felt that was not the answer. A panic inside my head forced me to recall my activities the day before. I remembered asking my crew the exact date during the inventory and I could picture in my head the date that I wrote then. That was when I answered "August". It took me 8 seconds to respond. Things happened fast, I was admitted and confined to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Week passed and I am still undergoing medical treatment. I underwent another MRI examination and the result disturbs me. The report stated "Disk Desiccation". According to the, disk desiccation is a degenerative disc disease that occurs when the fluid between the spinal discs dries out. My research lead me to a more unsettling information. It states that when the protein like substance that surrounds the discs is gone, the spine becomes unable to support the weight of the body, and flexibility and mobility are severely impacted. It is apparent to me that the fight for my protruded disc is not over.

 Life, my friend, is a challenge. I cannot foresee my future. However, I know that I will face this challenge one step at a time. After all, life is about hanging on and doing our best to live it to the fullest. And we do not stop living our life to the fullest because we are broke or ill. We live life to the fullest, regardless of our predicament in life. 

Cheers and have a hopeful life, my anonymous friend.

Note: The picture is borrowed from yahoo images. 

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