Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Sunshine Through the Rain

Picture taken about 2 yrs ago. My sons' most recent picture, actually.

As I set my feet on the wet road, I felt the chill in the wind. It is raining dogs and cats. Despite the coat and the umbrella, the chill brought by the wind crawls under my skin. I tried to ignore the cold and damp feeling as I walked in tiptoe on the slippery road. My stomach tightens as I so desperately want to just get home. After the grave yard shift, all I want for now is to get some good sleep.


I reached home soaking wet.  As my son saw me, he immediately said I should take a bath because I might catch a cold or something. Abiding with his advice, I told him to just go ahead and take his lunch.  I took my time as I changed into dry clothes . After several minutes, I proceeded to the bath room.  Then, I realized some one is in the bath room. To my surprise, Vincent is placing a towel on the dry area of  the bath room.  He also poured hot water to the already running water for my bath. Confused, I asked, “What are you doing?”  Vincent simply replied “You should bath with lukewarm water. The water is very cold as is and  you are already freezing cold.”  He moved systematically that before I could speak he is already at the door as he gave his warning “Do not be long, you might get sick”.  Before I could respond, he already shut the door behind him. I wanted to ask him “You should be having your lunch by now”. But I can not utter the query anymore. I am already alone.


As soon as I am done with my shower I planned to have a quick lunch. After all, I  will eat alone today. But as I entered our humble abode, Vincent is waiting for me. The foods are untouched.  My son answered my puzzled expression with a kiss on my forehead. With his upbeat mood, he simply stated “I Love you, Inay. Now, let us eat lunch, shall we?  It is past 1:00, way past lunch”  So, we ate as my son talked about his day. He talked about his plan that was unrealized because of the bad weather. He talked on and on with his story about his day and his expectations.  Usually,  it is a conversation.  I asked questions, tell a story or whatever.  Usually, he would  tease me, talk about the games he won or simply, prank me.  But today, it is different. I listened while he does the talking. But I did more than just listen. I looked at him intently. The boy I took care is now a full grown man. And I can not help but to smile to myself.   


I felt how my son cared for me as his mother. There are things that needed to be told. But there are things that goes without saying.  As simple as this day maybe, these are the days that reminded me of the simple pleasures in life. And the fulfillment that goes with motherhood.


This post happened last year when I was still with my previous company. In fact, I wrote one post about this day. Simple and ordinary as it maybe, but days that a mother will always remember. Each and every day of remembering the simple but colorful days of motherhood. After all, that is all that I have. 


Have a great lunch every one…whatever time zone you are in now.



Monday, November 1, 2010

All Souls Day

It is now "All Souls Day" here in my country. People are busy. Most of those who resides in Manila are going to the provinces in order to visit the grave of their love ones who passed away.

As a tradition, people go the the cemetery to offer flowers and prayers to their love ones who passed away. Since relatives usually see each other only on occasions like this, it became a family reunion to some families.

How about you, had you already visited the grave of your relatives?

Hope your day will be a nice day today :)