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Friday, November 28, 2008


Yesterday was Thanksgiving Day. I know i should have written this yesterday. Well, better late than never, right? Thanksgiving is observed on the second Monday of October in Canada and on the fourth Thursday of November in United States. This festival is celebrated every year and is considered as a national holiday. For the americans, they celebrate Thanksgiving as a way of remembering that their ancestors settled in a new world. For the canadians, however, it is for purposes of giving thanks for a successful harvest. In concept, they have the same purpose. This purpose, i believe, is to celebrate and to give thanks for the blessings that they enjoy. Americans celebrate Thanksgiving by sharing with friends and family members a feastful dinner. Of course, when it comes to food, Thanksgiving is always associated with turkey. Well, happy thanksgiving to those who observed this festival..belated!!

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I had been in medication for the past few months since September. I was even advised to take a breather while undergoing medication. However, as a single parent, taking a halt is never an option. I just know i have to go on. Finding a way to cure myself had opened a new door of journey for me. Then lately, i have been taking a medicine that somehow had been a big help. But then, there is one turn that somehow have helped me take big leap towards further curing my self. You know what that is? Self conviction. I can make it through. Positive insight. Day by day i am learning how to relax. I am even finding my self humming a song in between calls. Just a while ago, while in the grocery i am even singing a christmas song. Life is not so bad! Eighteen years ago, i faced one of the biggest challenge in my life. That challenge was raising my son alone. My son is now in college. I made it through those years. I can still make it for more years. Yes, life is not easy but it is fine. I was able to cope the biggest storm so far. I can make it through now as well. Have a nice day!!

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I spoke about an old friend and the smart lady who introduced the world of blogging to me. Let me now speak about a co-worker who has a very pleasant personality. We are actually in the same team. When i was a newbie in the account i thought he was snob. However, when i get the chance to speak to him i found out that it is actually the reverse. Speaking with him will surely make you smile and will make your day lighter as well. One person you can get easily feel comfortable being with. I wish all people are like him. By the way, his name is Richard. I always approach him when ever i have a question about blogging. His site is and You might want to visit his site. You will surely find the site an interesting read. Richard, thanks for your assistance and your generosity for helping newbies like me. My salute for you! Have a great day.

Monday, November 24, 2008


This entry is for my colleague and co-worker, Leslie. Today is her last day in the Welcome Team. She is my team mate and she is the one who influenced me into blogging. Leslie will now transfer from being an agent to being a quality analyst in another program. Congratulation to your accomplishments, Les and Good Luck in your future endeavor. I know everything will be great for you.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Just yesterday, my path crossed with an old friend. It is strange how small our world can be. There i was, sitting in my station. It was just another day at work. Then, when i was about to make another call i saw a familiar smiling face approaching. I can not believe it was my old friend standing right in front of me. It is good to see him again. In our lifetime, my reader, we encounter different kinds of people. Some are faces that merely come and go. Some became part of our lives. Some proven to be a trusted friend. It is sad to lose a trusted friend. This particular friend is one that i could consider as among the few that i can trust and confide with. And i thought i will not see him again after our graduation, until yesterday. His name is Ed. He was my classmate back in Informatics. I took a short course for computer troubleshooting in Informatics four years ago. More or less four years had passed. Ed was the top in our class. I always had been in second to him. If there was a competition, it was a healthy competition. I don't mind losing to him because he had proven himself. A consistent scholar and always a pecfect score in our quizzes and examination. How can i beat that? Anyways i am happy seeing an old friend. And i hope that meeting him by chance would be meeting him again just like when we were a group back in Informatics. And I hope for keeps, too.


I am back. After a number of weeks, i saw my godson again. His name is Lawrence. He is the only child of my brother. My brother and his wife had been staying in Pasig for weeks now. They will be back in our residence by December. Yesterday was Lawrences' birthday! He is two years old now. He is the youngest member of the family. The youngest among the grandchildren of my father and mother. Since his birth, he had been the source of attention among the family members. His giggle and his smile can take away any tiredness or sadness even. His birthday had been simple. Only the family members were present. Of course that includes my uncle, auntie and cousin. My mom gave food to my uncle and other neighbors as well. Food were over flowing though. I was not able to wait until the gathering was over because of a terrible neck pain. Nonetheless, i was able to see Lawrence and gave him my gift. He looked at me intently and i can see through those innocent eyes. He looked at me and his mom back and forth. Then he smiled at me and said "Thank you, tita". Well, this one is for you Lawrence, Happy Birthday!!

Thanks Richard, for greeting my godson. Thanks too! Leslie, for your comment!! Have a nice day to you, my reader!

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Saturday, November 22, 2008


Today is the natal day of one of the little angels. His name is Lawrence Cristo Aguas. He is the only son of my brother. I happened to be the proud god mother. Lawrence will be visiting me today and i am in a hurry because i still have to buy gifts for him..i will tell you more about his birthday later. See you later!

Friday, November 21, 2008


We did spoke about Money Matters I on the first few entries of this blog. As per the book of Mr. Cayetano, we spent too much time earning money. Some of us even resort to taking extra jobs or maintain a small business to augment our income. We are making a conscious effort to earn money. The main key is not just earning money but saving, planning and establishing our wealth basing on what you have now. However, to be able to make a mindful planning, we should be able to identify the character and nature of our income. There is the active and the passive income. The active income is our base income. It is where we exert our time, talent and effort. Passive income, however, is the income that we earn without our direct effort. Passive income is investment income. Remember, no one grows younger. We grow older each year. And the older we grow, the weaker we become, the more chances of decreasing our capacity to actively earn income. Passive income will determine our real financial gaol. It is our true wealth because it will determine our financial success or failure.

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Do you believe that our state of mind influences our physical health? Our lifestyle, attitude, and our perspective in life have a direct effect on our total well being. Hence, a healthy lifestyle, a positive attitude towards every occurences in our life can trigger a healthy body. In fact, there had been wellness programs established for purposes of creating as an alternative medicine. If these programs can actually improve physical health is controversial and a subject of much debate.

The idea of Wellness spread as a popular concept way back 19th century. However, studies shows that such concept had been found in the more affluent societies because wellness involves balancing the body state with the basic needs of a human being like food, shelter and basic medical care. This is much so that wellness had been defined as the state that combines health and happiness. So, can we really say that health and wellness can only be attained by those who belong to the upper class of the society? I have to agree that there is a logic to that reasoning. But then, regardless of the class of society we belong or the state of economic life we have, I believe that we should always be faithful to that fighting spirit within us. While it is said that wellness is a combination of health and happiness. It is also described as, to quote “the constant, conscious pursuit of living life to its fullest potential."

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Monday, November 17, 2008


Yesterday was my day-off from work and it is on days like these when i could attend to the things that i have to do. Like yesterday was my schedule for a medical re-evaluation in Cardinal Santos Hospital. For you to be able to grasp what this medical re-evaluation is, I have cervical issues. A protrusion in my cervix. The affected area is C5-6. My therapist said that it is responsible for the mobility of my hands. Unfortunately for me, the doctor could not attend to patients at that moment. So I had to re-schedule again. Family members accompanied me. Not that i need a chaperon. My mom had been worried about my condition and she felt she have to know what the doctor will say. My brother accompanied me also. Again, not that i need a chaperon. Its just that he had been the one driving for me in case of emergency or when i had to use the family car. I don't really go well with my brother because as the eldest sister, there were decisions and ideals about life that we find ourselves on the opposite road. Nonetheless, in case of emergency, he had been driving for me. My father wanted to know the details of the medical re-evaluation as well. From the hospital my brother drove to the venue of his business meeting. It would have been easier to just send a text message, right? Just imagine, it was just a doctors meeting and every body seemed to be giving a big fuss about it. I mean, I could just fill-in the details when i get home, right? Anyways, we ended up having lunch in SM before going home. Well, you know what? i saw one thing though. I saw that despite differences, conflicting ideals and unending arguments, family sticks together like a pack in times of need. I suppose that is the wonder of the so called "Family". What do you think? Visit me again, will you? And do have a nice day.

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008


It is the first day of work for me. Call center agents have odd schudules, you know! Well, work day done for today. It is just like any other day. taking in calls. running against time to meet the metrics before the end of our day..which usually is the start of the day for many. It is nice to open this page again, though. It is as if i am speaking and confiding with you, my reader. I will be hoping i will be seeing you again tomorrow, as i write my next peace. Have a good day!!

Monday, November 10, 2008


I once owned a cat. Her name is Muning. Her color is unique. I can say she was stunning. She was only weeks old when she was given to me by my mom. She would climb into my lap and would rub her fur against my skin, as if seeking affection and affirmation from her master. She was very smart and active. I used to talk to her as if i was speaking with another human being and for some reason, there were a lot of occasion when she seemed to have understood what was saying. She was like my little princess until one day she disappeared. She went out and did not return for a number of days. Days came into weeks and weeks turned into months. I thought she will not come home anymore. After a number of months i got a glimpse of her, i thought at first it was not her but then looking closer, i knew she was my Muning. However, things were not the same anymore. It was as if she had become one of the stray cats. She would not come to me anymore. This weekend i was surprised to see her resting outside my room. She was looking at me intently, seemed that she is too weak. I took her and gave her a good meal. It was as if the kitten i knew before came back again. I dont know if this time for good but it is nice to feel again that part of me who used to have a big space for those like Muning. Sometimes, lifes' pressure and responsibility took out some sensibility in us, or in me. It it nice to tap that sensible part of us sometimes. I hope you guys had a nice weekend.

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Money had seemed to be the unconscious purpose of every ones' effort. Not necessarily the end point of ones' goal but it somehow serves like a middle-person of every transaction. Like how can you eat without paying or the food you eat? or how can you study if you don't have any money to pay your tuition fee? How about shelter, where can you find your shelter if you dont have money to pay for your rent? In fact, the amount of money that you have will determine how humane or how decent your shelter will become. People struggle to find money. I read this book written by Mr. Colayco and i find it very informative. Most working class beats all odds to earn money but seemed that lesser people consider of working as much harder to keep it. Most workers focus on earning money but statistically very few sit down and really think "how can i handle this money to serve my very purpose?" How can i become financially independent with the amount of income that i have TODAY? For an average earner, this is a challenge. This is a challenge for me, too! But then, reading Mr. Colaycos' book made me really think and re-think my spending habits. It is not easy but the book have a thought to share to everyone working. It is not just our willingness to work in order to earn money that matters, it is also our attitude towards spending our hard earned money.

Sources of Info: Wealth Within Your Reach by Francisco Cayetano

Saturday, November 8, 2008


Hi, Im Shirley. My nickname is She so you may call me She. This is my first entry and i would like you to know that i am so glad to be given this chance to speak to you. URL of my blog comes from my sons' nick name. His full name is Vincent Vaughn. So, welcome to this page. We can share anything under the sun. We can talk about anything. We can explore different topics. I can also share with you my dreams and aspiration for my unico hijo, Cen. Walk with me and share my thoughts. We can share a lot of things. Have a great day!