Saturday, February 27, 2010


A lot of people is amazed with branded products. In fact, there are people who would not settle for anything else when it comes to branded products. It may be in the form of clothes, jewelleries, accessories or even bags. I could remember my brother who will not wear anything else unless it is branded. He would really spout if my mom would not buy him a branded shirt. Even his slipper is branded. Hence, he was tagged once as a high maintenance child. Among the siblings, the others could wear clothes that are not branded. Of course that is except my little brother who always say that if it is branded, it is always a quality product. More than that, durable as well.

I have to admit that when I started buying branded slippers for my son, it really lasts longer that I had expected. Personally, I have to admit branded products are cool. In shirts, fabrics are different. Branded bags are lighter to use as well. It was as if I am not carrying anything at all. With that, the weight I would be carrying would be the weight of the content of my bag. I do not have to worry about carrying the weight of my bag and its contents as well. For a person who have slipped disk issues in the neck, it would be a relief. With my previous bags, it was as if I am carrying the world itself. When I reached my point of destination, I felt I just carried a huge weight on my shoulder. Believe me, it really aches. It stressed out my muscles.
One of the every day challenges I had. When I tried buying a branded bag, I instantly felt the difference. It is a real big difference for me. So even though it was expensive, it was worth it. It felt good. It felt different. The texture of the bag is softer and it is light to carry. Very nice indeed. Think about this, if the ones that are really expensive worth every penny once we started using the product, how much more would it be for the products who have the exact quality but at a lower cost? I think it is more than worth it. Wouldn't you say so as well? Because If that is not so, then I would not know what is.

My co-worker had been doing her shopping online. She is paying through her pay pal account. At first I thought shopping online will not work for me. For one, I can not see in person what I will be getting. Once she challenged me to try it just once and see how it will go for me. She said, hey! what would you lose? Well, she did convinced me. One of her recommended purchases as LV handbags. It was her recommendation because she knew I had been having issues with my bags. With my slipped disk and all, a lighter bag would really make some difference. That was what she said. Seemed to me the Cheap Louis Vuitto
n would really work for me. It would be nice to have the quality I want at a lower cost as compared to buying elsewhere. Not to mention that on top of the quality product, I would be getting a lighter bag. Now, that is a big advantage for me. It is not just light, i looked classy as well. It would be like having everything I need and want in one bundle.

I navigated through the site and realized that when I ordered,I do not have to guess in case I got worried about the shipping. Louis Vuitton gave an option where I could actually trace my order. On top of that, I have the option to return or exchange in case something went wrong. I have the leniency of coping with the return policy as well. This is because I have a lengthy thirty days to do it. For me, that would be a considerable amount of time just in case it would come in timely with a hectic schedule. Anyways, I could always contact the site where I got the product. I can actually go online, mail that is. I can also go through their chat support. I think chat support would work for immediate concerns or questions. Chat - support is actually quite cool considering it would be like talking to the person face to face. I would have the answer to my concern or question immediately. However, I think chat - support would come in handy for immediate concerns. If it is not too immediate, mail support would also do. And hey, they posted their physical address as well. For me, that is one way of saying "Hey, I am in this location in this part of the world". For me, that is a form of a guarantee and that sense of security in me.

So, would you say this is just for personal stuff? The answer is no. I think this will work for my mothers wants and needs as well. I can chose from a variety of products as well. And here is one thing, I am a person who is always challenged with time. I am always in a hurry. Every second counts for me. Because of that, it took months for me to schedule a time to really buy my wants. Sometimes even my needs. While ordering Louis Vuitton, I feel I do not have to reserve a schedule just to purchase them. I can do it in the comforts of my own place. I can do in the comforts of my computer. I have various options of paying as well. It would be effortless for me. It is that simple actually. Shopping can not be easier than that.

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As I stepped out of the building, my eyes marvel at the sky. The afternoon sun gave me that warm feeling. It was as if its arms surrounds me with its welcoming embrace. I am mystified with the afternoon sun against my bare skin. I did not realize how I missed day time so much. As I walked towards the alley, I sucked every air I could muster. It is day time and I am still awake. It fascinates me to see people, lots of people coming and going. Before I entered the call center industry, this is just one of those regular days. But now, I found day time magical. It gives that shrill anticipation. It sets my feet into a whimsical marvel.

You see, it has been a week since I am transferred to morning shift. For years I lived in the night. Morning for me had been different. My house companion are all in bed sound asleep but my day was just starting. My day starts when the sky was totally dark and the only light that guides my path are the street lamps. As the artificial lights greets the overwhelming darkness, my day begins. My day ends when every one seemed fully rejuvenated for the good nights sleep and ready to face the morning sky. That would be the time when I embrace the darkness in my room. that would be the time to do my writing tasks. I have to keep it dim, you see! If and when I open my window, sun rays will enter my room. As soon as the rays of the sun entered my humble turf, the greater would be the challenge to get some sleep.

And so, for weeks now, I lived during day time. It is marvelous. Something I thought to be magical and I hope, really hope that in time I will live like this up to the last breathe of this humble life.

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Have a great day, every one!

Friday, February 26, 2010


I have to admit I am not that sure but I believe celebration of Edsa Revolution comes on the 25th of February. However, considering date of holidays are now being moved to Mondays or Fridays, it was celebrated last Monday. Maybe my world had been surrounded by work that I did not really feel any celebration in the air about Edsa Revolution. It is highly probable that there had been programs and ceremonies commemorating this event. Perhaps a speech every now and then about the memoir of Edsa Revolution. That is specially when Election Day is fast approaching. I do not know about you but for me, this is not about the program. It is not even the ceremonial speech. I think it is the spirit that should live within us regardless of whether it is February 25 or not. Not to sound nationalistic or anything like that. I think almost every thing boils down to one concept. Respect others. Do not do to others what we do not want to experience ourselves. Simple as it may, if we will really think about it. It covers almost every thing. If politicians will follow the concept, they will think a hundred times before committing under the table transactions. They will think of their constituents and it would be difficult to look at them in the eyes if they know they did something inappropriate. From the smallest situations to the biggest scenarios, from an ordinary citizen to the person who occupies the highest seat in the land. If consideration and respect is there, it would be a better place to live in. But then, if we will really think about it. That scenario is a life in an ideal world. Unfortunately , idealism is different from the what is happening in the real world.

Take care every one. I hope I did not ruin your day.

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Saturday, February 20, 2010


It has been such a long time since I received an award. I am surprised and thrilled to receive one today. I am so much flattered to receive this award from Kim.

Just follow these rules:
  • Thank and link to the person who gave you the award.
  • Pass this award to ten bloggers you've recently discovered and think as fantastic.
  • Contact the blogger and let them know they've won.
  • State seven things about yourself.
Thank you Kim for this award. It is a pleasure to receive an award from you.

Here are the fantastic bloggers:
Here are the seven things about myself that I will be sharing with you.
  • I am a father and a mother to my only son
  • I am a Quality Assurance Analyst.
  • My son is my best friend.
  • I am a home body person. During day off I prefer to stay at home.
  • I have a very serious personality. I take things seriously.
  • I am a coffee drinker. It comes in handy specially when I am working in a call center industry.
Always take care every one.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Anywhere we go, there is one thing that a woman can not go without. Would you know what that is? That would be my daily companion. That is where I entrust my wallet, my ladies purse, my make up kit and others. This companion of mine takes responsibility on keeping my things intact where ever I go. That goes from small accessories to gadgetry to notes. That is actually my bag. Can one go out to groceries without your bag? Can one go to the office without our bag? I do not think so. For me, my bag is like my daily keeper.

I used to say we should spend thrift. Hence, I buy my things on where it is the cheapest. Hey, nothing is wrong with that, right? However, a very cheap bag would serve me for months only. If I got so unlucky, it would serve me for a number of weeks. After that, I could not use it no more. I have to buy another one. I realized I am not really thrift spending. If I calculate the number of bags I bought for half the year, it would have been better to buy the expensive one. On top of that, the cheap bag is heavier. Hence, it was very difficult for me to carry. Considering I have a slipped disk, this is not good. My doctor advised me not to carry anything heavy anymore. However, there are days when I have to carry a lot of stuff. Hence, a heavy bag got heavier with lots of stuff in it. I mean, pulling the weight of the things we carry is enough. Adding weight from the bag where we put our stuff is not very helpful. Specially for those who already have physical injuries, like me. Hence, not good, right?

Until one day, I tried buying a branded bag. It was just a trial for me at first. But then, I actually liked it. The bag may look heavy to carry but when I actually carry it in my shoulder, It was as if I am not carrying anything. It was so soft that I could not feel any pressure on its weight. I loved it that after that, I decided a branded bag actually worth it. On top of that, it looked so regal it reflected how I looked when I walked in the street. When you are working hard, getting the value of your moneys worth means a lot. Dont you agree so?

Once, I tried Louis Vuitton. I liked it that I checked on buying online. I checked out Remember how I loved cheaper prices? Well, with louis vuitton bags, I can get the quality brand on a lower price. This is because louis vuitton bags are on discounted prices. Hence, I am getting the pleasures of owning the original brand at a discounted amount. If that is not getting your moneys worth, I do not know what it. The bags are just marvellous. It suits ones attire and ones lifestyle. You can go from classic to regal to elegant designs. You can choose from different variety of colors as well. caters from dark to light shades of colors. Any fine lady can choose from a variety of clutches to pouches to shoulder bags to toles to briefcase. Now, if you think we are talking of bags alone, think again. With bag comes belts, watches and accessories as well. Also, If you think this is limited to women, think again. There are items of Louis Vuitton for men as well. For men, there ranges from belts, cool wrist watches, shoes and slippers as well. I love those watches. In fact, I would love to get one for my son. When I saw those unbelievable watches, I can not help but to think of Vincent. It would be nice to buy one for my unico hijo. I really magnified with punchy sneaker boot in grained calf leather. It is so cool. This is like shopping online to the max. Name what you need, surely have it.

This would be the perfect time to know more and navigate the site. It will tell you a lot about louis vuitton bags and louis vuitton handbags. If you want quality and branded products on its affordable prices, then louis vuitton bags is for you. This is where you could shop till you drop. However, without the hassles of carrying those load of shopping bags. On top of that, it is shopping with out the aching leg when you got home. You just indulge your eyes with its products online and take your pick. All you have to do is to order and relax. Your order will be delivered right to your door step. No hassles. No physical exertion. Also, you can track your order through the tracking number that will be provided for you. If and when you have any query in mind, just check your order online and you will surely be given an update in no time. Hence, no dialling and waiting on queue. Once you received the order and determine that the product does not fit, you also have the option to return the merchandise. In fact, there is an option to exchange or return once you feel the product proved to be bigger or smaller. Examples of these items are the shoes and belts. You have the leniency of thirty (30) days to return or exchange the product. In my book, that is convenience and security bundled in one.

Could this get any better than this?

Monday, February 15, 2010


I woke up the other morning with unbelievable light feeling. Maybe because I was able to get a fairly enough sleep. Or perhaps because I had a dream. In my life style, not being able to sleep and all, getting a dream is a challenge. The first part of my morning were light that day. It was as if I could grasp the world without any boundaries. There are no worries. It took me back to the years when I used to visit my cousin in their home. You see, their house is not really much. However, humble as it may, I felt I could live one day at a time on that house. It took me to a world where I do not have to worry about the future. But then, as the day progresses, I realized that the core to this emotion is contentedness. Is it due to simple living? Maybe. I do not really know. I do know of this though ---

When one feels contented and at peace today

  • The worries of tomorrow vanishes.
  • The imperfection of life becomes tolerable.
  • One can be serious from the outside but there is a song humming from within.
  • One can be happy....from within.

Heck, maybe it was the eight hours sleep. :)

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Have a great day every one and always take care.

Sunday, February 14, 2010



to every one !



to every one !

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Sunday, February 7, 2010


There is one saying that goes like "We do not live for ourselves alone". I am sure that there is an inner space inside us open to extend to other people.

Ten years ago, I joined organizations aiming on reaching out to the needy. I stopped because I could not give anymore. I said that perhaps in the future, when I already have the capacity to give, then I would do so. However, despite the gradual progress, I still can not honestly say I already have the capacity to give. But then, there are different ways of giving, right? Exhaust all the resources we have and make the most out of it. That was what I used to say. While blog hopping, I actually saw the pay pal donation link for purposes of maintaining the site. I intended to do the same before. However, I thought I could actually use this donations, if any, for those who needs it more than I do.

My intention is to coordinate with the non profit organizations like the home for the aged, orphanage or the organization who takes care of unwed young ladies. You will be surprised that there are as young as 14 years old who got pregnant and no where to go. It varies from incest rape to sexual abuse from those whom some of these young ladies have actually trusted to protect them. It had been surprising to me that on the age when I was still playing, the same age of women are actually already in the streets. Any donations will be forwarded to any of these people.

Through this simple and humble manner, I am hoping it could reach out. Even in its simple ways.

Take care every one.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


I am sure all of us had experienced being in a predicament when things came out of our hand. Like making a margin so as not to be late in our work but still ended up being late. Somehow, I had been pissed because one of the things I am proud of was that never, never in two years had I been late in going to work. I suppose there is a first time. Unexpected things do happen.

The day when I broke my own record? Traffic was bumper to bumper. It was unusual considering that was the same route I took every day. I even recalled one instance when there was an accident. But still, traffic was not like that day. My question was answered when we reached Frisco. The road was closed. People were building a stage and I could see people coming and going. They had this banner of one politician. That was when I finally understood. A politician closed the road for his campaign. Wheew...really messed up day for ordinary workers like me. The driver of the passenger jeepney was forced to go back and find a road leading to Munoz. Of course, there was an alternate route but considering the number of vehicles that went that way not knowing that the road was not passable , it had been really difficult.

I can not help but to ask myself, Does this politicians simply close any road so that they could campaign? Imagine the people who could be late for work? Imagine the people who could be late to their appointment? It would have been better if the friends of these politicians would announce that they will close this and that road on this hour. Hence, commuters would have a back up plan if they have to pass on that road. In the morning news, there is an update on the traffic for the benefit of those who will report for work. Why cant politicians make sure that their people would update the public if they will close a road for their campaign?

If you will ask me, this reflects how some of the candidates in my country see their constituents. Are they really vying for a particular position to serve? Or to be served?

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Friday, February 5, 2010


With the upcoming Valentine day, hotels would be anticipating to be very busy. Hotels would be fully booked and couples would be clamoring for a reservation. Valentine Day seemed to be a day where lovers go out of their way to be with their romantic link.

Russia will be launching their first ice hotel to support this upcoming celebration of lovers. Check it out with Allvoices.

It is entitled: Ice Castles This Valentine Day

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Thursday, February 4, 2010


When one is already on the World Guinness World of Record, can it still be replaced? Do check out my recent report in Allvoices.

It is entitled :
Worlds Shortest Man Might Be Replaced.

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010


February 3 Philippine time marks one of the important date in my life. Early morning when I noticed I had a mail. Usually I was very careful of not tearing the envelope. However, on this case, i was so concerned on its content that I could even care less of the envelope. It was the "The Judgment Of Dissolution Of Marriage". After a long process, the final decision is in my hands. It states, to wit: "xxx Therefore, the marriage between the parties is dissolved, and the parties are restored to the status of being single." It was a tedious process. Not to mention the painful incidents that transpired in between. I even thought I will not get a copy of the final decision anymore. But then, here it is. The day that marks a major change in my life. I had mixed emotion. All in all, I think this is for good. For the betterment of all, so to speak.

The very day I read the Decision, I wanted to grasp all the air I could get. Feel everything. I wanted to feel all the senses I could muster. I am actually, officially free. I would like to face the future anticipating positive surprises. After all, life is too short to be dwelling on the misery and pain I had in the past.

As I always say, take care.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


When I was a kid, I used to go out in the open field. I used to watch the marvel and beauty of rainbow. More than being a great scenery, it reminds me of the saying that the world will not be drown by water.I even remembered a time when some one stated it will not rain yet because the rainbow is in the sky. Foolish as it may, it had been my indicator. If and when i see the rainbow, I took it that It would be fine to go out in the field. It would not rain yet.

I suppose in other countries, they have an indicator of the forth coming seasons. Just like that I had my indicator of whether it is fine to go out in the field or not.

In the United States, they have the Groundhog Day. I am not sure but I think it is also observed in Canada. It is said that a groundhog could actually predict how long the winter would be. This is how it works, if a groundhog comes out of its burrow and it failed to see its shadow, this means a short winder. However, if it sees its shadow, it will result a longer period of winter. That would be a continuance of winder for at least six weeks.

Woodchuck predicting seasonal length may be questionable to science or to weather people. However, it had been believed by many that it had been celebrated on the 2nd day of February.

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Take care every one.