Friday, February 27, 2009


Here I am in front of my laptop. The past few days were hectic. We were to render three (3) to four (4) hours additional work on top of the 8 hours shift for the past days. Remember we work at night. Hence, even though we don’t do manual labor, it is still very tiring to stay at work for longer hours! Sometimes I felt so tired I wished things would be different but then if I will really think about it, It is very much fine. My life is as good as a single woman who owned her own schedule and manages her own time. I plan what I want for my life and what I want to give for my son. No one messes up my schedule. If I will really think about it, every thing I did was to earn money and spend time for my best friend, Cen. Life is simple and the simpler the better, actually. Less complications, the better. It becomes less tiring if I think it that way. And it is not something that I have to think just to console myself. It is actually the truth. You see, there are a lot of things that I want for myself and my son. A house and lot and a business. A house with my personal touch. A business that could support a larger venture of business. But then, at the moment, while I am pushing my self to attain those plan, why not enjoy the fact that I am abundant with the basic needs, I am free and I control my time, right?!!
It is true that our projection on things around us depends on our own respective perception.

Have a nice day every one and always put on those sweet smile!!

Monday, February 23, 2009


Mid of the night when my father advised me that we will be going out of the house. We lived in Pasig then so we just walked from Pasig to Edsa! Too many people were in the streets. Mostly occupying a space as if they were expecting a longer stay in their respective post. Some have foods shared for every one. Some have flowers. Some are praying. No body have to know ones name or line of work or social status. It was as if every one knows every body. My father lead the way as we walked from Ortigas, Edsa to the front gate of Camp Aguinaldo. We stayed there for a while then we walked some more. I was not sure where we were headed but I had been sure of one thing though..that was the night when my eyes had been opened to the political crisis that had been continuously smoldering my poor country. It was 1986. It was the first People Power Revolution. I know that if my co-workers would have the chance the read this entry, I can already imagine the mockery I might receive..”Mommy She…your age is showing!! You are one certified old woman”. Sometimes, when they joke about age, I felt them indirectly saying “Mommy She, you are already obsolete, depreciated and extinct”… No offense, I just smile. Filipinos, in general, and in some jokes, used to say that a woman, when she reaches 40s’ is already depreciated. I suppose it is only in the western countries where they do not consider being old as being “depreciated”. Anyways, since 1986, I had been emotionally engaged in the developments that transpired in our country. One president replaced by another. I went down to the point of getting involved in the social issues of our country. I suppose that lead me to the orphanage and the few non-profitable organizations who tried to reach out to the less fortunate and too much exploited sector of our society who, mostly, belong to the poverty level. Why? because they are the victims and the end point of the empty promises of some of our politicians. One does not need statistics to know that the rich is out numbered by those who are struggling and are on the poverty level. In the course of such work, I also realized and witnessed one thing. We can not always blame every thing to the government. It must be an individual effort to create a nationwide progress. Ordinary citizen should exert effort to make progress on their respective lives and officials should break the habit and the temptation of corruption. Well, one man or woman alone can not change the system. However, this does not mean we have to stop standing for our beliefs. It is a continuous fight. The concept of the First Revolution in Edsa does not stop there. One missionary once told me “ There is only one thing that could make chaos ultimately prevail, that is for the caring men and women to stop and do nothing”

It is 2009, I am not sure if the greater number of our younger generation feels the impact of matters such as this one!! I know one thing though, I only have one country and this is the core of my nationhood, never to be forgotten, demise here even.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Thanks so much to the following gorgeous ladies who handed me this Award!! Cecille of Down Home With The Kenyons, Rose of Chubskulit and Liza of Mom Of Four: This is one honorable Award!!

Cen went from behind and surprised me with a hug just in time when the camera clicked "Cheese". This was taken in Manaoag Church. He was fifteen then.
My status, being separated and a single mom, is already a common knowledge among my peers and co-workers. It is already part of my record. I can say that being a single mom is never easy but its worth it because a priceless soul had been entrusted to me. Cen is also my best friend, you see!! He is always there to give me comforting words and a bear hug when ever I am worried. I sensed how worried he is when my slip disk retro acted. I can tell him almost every thing. Certain occasions when I even ask his opinion about things. In a way, it is not entirely him depending on me. I am also depending on his friendship. More than that, motherly love made me accept the challenges that came my way!! Because of my son, I exerted every effort to be strong and to lead a straight path. Had it not been because of him.. I would not have any reason to dream..plan…and move on!! My son is also my buddy , " barkada" in Filipino word.
The rules: 1. Show the award logo in your post. 2. Pick a picture you have with your kiddo(s). 3. Post should include your best experience as a Mom. 3. Nominate other blogger mom's out there that you consider the best mom, like yourself.
I am now passing this Award to Rhea of Rheas' Sweet Escape and Leslie Anns' Something and Nothing At All and Clarissa of Kizuna and to all mommy who read this Award!
Have a Nice Day Everyone!!


I was not able to write for more or less three days because of internet issues. I am now decided to change my Internet provider. It is good that internet is not my primary source of income. Just imagine if this is my bread and butter, and my internet provider had been consistently failing me for weeks, what would I do? I don’t know if it is a consolation that my internet provider admitted that the issue is coming from their main server and not on my end. I am furious and I am on the verge of losing my patience. However, I already aired my grievance once. With lots of things in my mind, I don’t have the energy anymore to be mad. I already paid my dues in full to my internet provider, which is my obligation, of course. The thing is, I already kept my end of the bargain. They bill one month ahead. I did my share but I am not getting my moneys’ worth. Worst, I have to pay for hourly rental now so I could access internet. Irritating as it is, I am mustering every inch of patience in my system, muster as much as I possibly could.

On top of it, my slip disk retro acted on my very birth date. It was the second day my internet had been down. I had been worried for a while. My right arm went numbed. Experience tells me what might happen next and that’s what worried me the most! The last time, half of my body [ from cervix-neck to waist including my arms and fingers] were almost immobile. I don’t want to close my eyes to sleep only to wake up with one challenge – losing my capacity to move! But then, I said to myself that afternoon, I wont allow that to happen. Mind over body, right? I wont give in. Some how deep inside positive thoughts does not always eradicate the fear inside me. But then, I always say to myself since 18 years ago! never give in.. Never give up! It was good that I was able to report to work the next day. I have to force my hand to function, you know!! And I was even able to take my first prospects in a franchising venture-my part-time job!!

I still have no internet provider, my friend! I will take it one at a time until everything is already in place. When every turn seemed to be pointing on a blank wall, squeeze my self in towards any slightest sign of light. .Just continue.. Move on!!

Have a nice day to everyone!

Always put that sweet smile in your face!

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Thank you Doods of Dreamworksorg. for this Tag and I am so sorry it took a while before I am able to post the Tag that you passed on to me. Thank you for your generosity and kind heart:

1) Have you ever been on T.V.?
No, I had never been on T.V. I will just content myself watching those who
are on the T.V.
2) Have you ever sung in public?
Yes, when I was a teen ager. My father approached me after that. He told me never sing again. We don’t have any singing talent in the family. I loved music. I think music does not even like me!

3.) Have you ever dyed your hair blond?
Yes, as a matter of fact I did when I was on my late twenties. My hair dresser said that would lighten up my features..hmm.. some how I don’t think so!!

4) Have you ever eaten frogs’ legs?
No.. Never tried even once. I am not into it.

5) Have you ever received a present that you really hated?
None, I appreciate anything that had been given to me and each of them is equally important as the other. I am remembered and had been given something. For that alone, I should be appreciative.

6) Have you ever walked into a lamp post?
Yes, It was embarrassing. I was not looking into where I am heading so I did not notice the lamp post ahead of me. Good thing not so many people were watching.

7) Have you ever cooked a meal by yourself for more than 15 people?
No, I can not do that!! That will be very tiresome. I don’t have the energy!!
8) Have you ever fallen or stumbled in front of others?
Oohhh…yes!! Another embarrassing moment. Floor was very slippery and I was not able to maintain my balance so I stumbled in front of others! I immediately stood up and arrange my self. Walked tall as if nothing happened! My friends asked me if I was hurt and I replied “ No, I was not hurt!! The only thing that hurt was my pride” Then I smiled..they smiled back and gave me a tap!! Kinda clumsy, don’t you think?

9) Have you ever done volunteer work?

Yes! I don’t know if you can call that volunteer work but I did my share of community service..

2005 – I was a coordinator in a project focused on Global Warming. We focused on making other sector of our society realized how important it is to preserve our planet.
2000 – Organization For Single Parents: I was the head-coordinator for a reach out program focusing on the single parent. Reaching out to people who had been widowed, separated and had children outside wedlock. On top of the seminars, helping unwed teen age girls who became pregnant and don’t have a home for shelter. There is an institution that helps them from the time of their conception to child birth until they are already physically ready to go back to the world. One case I handled– Let us call her Ms. A. She went to Manila hoping to find a job here. She was 16. No job, no place to stay, she slept In the streets. One man played her protector but she became pregnant by this man. She thought he was single only to find out that he was very much married. When he learned that ms. A was pregnant, he started avoiding her. 16, no money, no place to stay!! Cant back to the province because of her condition. The last thing we know she went in a slum area rather than sleep in the street. A friend reported her condition. We searched for her but it was futile. Sometimes I woke up in the middle of the night sweating because I dreamt of her. Another case was one of my so called flock. She was a house maid, raped and had been pregnant. She was 15. She did not complain. She just took it. I told her to fight for herself and her baby but she was so young, so vulnerable!! I stopped because it was getting personal for me.

1991- I had another child. He is not my biological son. I met him in the orphanage. His mother was a prostitute and left him to a nun. Because his mom uses pills to abort him, his face was disfigured. His is human because he have a face, a nose, a mouth and a pair of eyes but his face is not aligned as it should be. His nose have only one opening. His mouth is an inch below his nose and his eyes is not aligned as it should be. My heart fell for him. Every time I visit the orphanage, he was there as if he knew me, he hugged me and he would give me those smile gleefully. He is full of life and he made me realized how lucky I was. Yes, my husband abandoned me and my son but my son was very much healthy and almost perfect to look at. My son was and is very normal. I had a job, why was I gloomy? Because a man who does not deserve my love finally gave me my freedom? Odd, isn’t it? I look at my foster son, I realized how lucky I am. My foster son is now in the United States, the church took him for a major operation and I was not able to see him since then.

I was pretty active on these activities. The bad thing was I had felt and seen the dark side of life and it made me weep even when it was not me directly affected. It was very frustrating because I could only do so little. One of the thing I realize was that, perhaps, before I extend outside my house, I should make sure I am already full on the inside. Now, my focused is giving the fullest for my son. Maybe, in the future I will go back to that dark side of the world but till then, I would like to make sure that the second time around, I could already be able to do something. Sometimes, encouraging words is not enough. The sad reality is that no one can change the system. One man can not change the system. And that the only one who could really help a person is himself. Others can support but the real action will be starting from the person concerned. That is some of the realities in life.
I am now passing this Tag to Rea, Zhey, Mom Of Four, Chubskulit, Cup Of Coffee and Grapes.

Have a nice day every one!!

Monday, February 16, 2009


February 16 is Presidents’ Day and a legal holiday in United States Of America. Some say it is Washingtons’ Day or Washingtons’ birthday. Actually, George Washingtons’ birthday was February 22, 1782 . Abrahams Lincolns’ birthday, which was on February 12, and Washingtons’ birthday, which was on February 22, was merged and had been celebrated as one every 3rd Monday of February. Included of course is to honor the other presidents of the United States. The merging of the two presidential birthdays as a federal holiday was observed since 1971 during the time of President Richard Nixon.

For me, Abraham Lincolns’ greatest work is his major contribution to abolish slavery during his time. Of course we rely on what our text books or writings passed on thru generations, or world history for that matter, tells us. We are not there in person to witness their accomplishments or the accomplishment of the other noble men proclaimed in history. However, if we will base on the documents presented, as has been the source of writings and text books, I presume! Linconls’ contribution in abolishing slavery is one basis to state that he was a man who treasured equality and fairness. It is sad that in the modern world, living in a concrete jungle, so to speak, confronted by cut throat predicaments, where survival of the fittest stands..fairness, so much as equality..had times…taken for granted.

Two noble men contributed to their community and their country, George Washington, being the first president of the United States of America and Abraham Lincoln, being the 16th President of his Land.

Just a thought and a little information.

Have a nice day everyone!!

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Sunday, February 15, 2009


Valentine, which is Valentinus in Latin, is derived from the word valens which means worth or worthy. One teacher of mine told me that!! Anyways, as the story goes, St Valentine has said to be a saint and a martyr way back the time of the Roman Empire. Apparently, Valentines day had been celebrated in his behalf. There are many stories about St. Valentines’ life but the one that I think you already heard of already is the story of a bishop. It was the reign of the Roman Empire then. Claudius II, emperor of Rome, commanded that soldiers should not marry because their loyalty will be torn between their duty and their family. Valentine believed this to be wrong because he believe that people should be free to marry. Hence, he invited young couples and secretly performed matrimony rites and united these couples. Eventually, Valentine was caught. He was given an option by Claudius II. Renounce his faith and serve the Roman empire and its Gods. In exchange, Valentine will be pardoned and will be considered as one of the emperors’ allies. Valentine refused such invitation and as a consequence, he was beaten, stoned and decapitated. Valentine died on February 14, 270 AD.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


It is the day of the Hearts. People say this is the day of Love. People also usually associate this day with love towards the opposite sex. Seemed that this day had been tag for lovers. For me, however, Valentine day does not only focus on lovers but also focuses on different kinds of love. Love for family, for instance! Love for parents, son, daughter, friends. Any strong positive emotion towards another person will do.

In this entry, I would like to extend my warm greeting of ;


For my papa and mama, for my dearest son, Cen!

For my blog lists, Doods of Dreamworksorg, Mom Of Four, Chubskulit, Clarissa, Rhea, Cecille, Grapes, Kaki Nginti,Qwonk, devianty, Zhey, Leslie Ann and TL James:

For my team mates and co-workers. My supervisor, Gerard, Team Mates Kenneth, Rhona, Gene, Kate, Pang/Chris, Kat, Kate, Louie and Ruel and of course, Doods again of Dreamworksorg.

Other co-workers like Rhea, Grapes, Zhey, Jes, Ryan, Jhay, Haven, Tintin, Shalimar, Bryan, Iya and other co-workers

Good friends like Cheryl, Fhe, Mitch, Allie, Angelo, Jeffrey, Jhoel, Jun, Khaye, Kotak, Micor, Nhila, Peachie, Rench, Terry, Johathan. My teachers Neil Joseph and Ofel,

And wheew,,so many others i cant write all their names. Please forgive me for those I am not anymore able to write here. Does not mean I forgot you.



Thank you Clarissa of Kizuna for this Tag you passed on to me,

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"For God so loVed the world,
That He gAveHis onLyBegottEnSoN
That whosoeverBelieveth In Him
Should Not perish, But have Everlasting life." John 3:16


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2. Tag as many friends as you want to help spread the message to the world.

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5. Please don’t delete this tag or out no follow tags. Let’s spread love and so as linky loves. Thanks!
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I am now passing this tag to Doods of Dreamworksorg, Mom Of Four, Chubskulit, Rhea , Grapes, Devianty, Zhey and Khaki Ngiti and The Coffee Cup.
Have a nice day every one!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


February 12 connotes the birthday of the known Great Emancipator and the 16th president of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. As we know, Abraham Lincoln was born on 1809 in Hardin County. Lincolns’ birthday was remembered and celebrated on the actual date of his birthday, which was February 12, however during early part of 1970s, { If i am not mistaken, 1971} Abraham Lincoln’s birthday had been combined with George Washington’s birthday and had considered it as one holiday. This has been referred to as Presidents’ Day which is celebrated on the 3rd Monday of February. This becomes the day dedicated to honor all of the Presidents of the United States. Lincolns’ birthday is a legal holiday in some states like Illinois, Connecticut, California, Missouri, The Big Apple, which is New York and Indiana.

Well, here is to salute to one of the most respected and celebrated president of the United States not just because of his great deeds as one of the president of the United States but also because of his major contribution in abolishing slavery during his time.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I received this Tag from Doods of Dreamsworksorg and with this tag is a warm thanks so much. Not just for this tag but for the other tag as well! Not to mention giving me information i needed to start blogging.

Sports car? Well, honestly I am not much into cars. In fact my father had been nagging me take driving lesson so I can use our car in going to work. I was able to drive along the south superhighway but that was so many years ago, and I was driving a jeepney then..heheheh.. trial. My co-worker challenged me, what the hell, I said "go" !! So, I drove. I was younger then so my sense of adventure can send an elder person a strong sign of the cross!! Well, I am still alive. They are still alive as well, only they did not speak to me for a number of weeks after that!! Just kidding. In fairness, I was able to drive. Just that driving and cars are not my stuff. Every time I think of driving, I think of the cost of gasoline that I have to take out from my wallet versus the freight expense if I will just take a passenger jeepney!!

Anyways, If given the chance, a van will be real nice. Not a sports car though! I will take my family with me for a ride in a spacious van . My father, mother and of course, my son, Cen! Spacious, I like that! A vehicle I can make my second best alternative to home..hmm..

I want it red,or strong pink!! Hah!! People will be looking for a sheer pink van!! Right? What do you think?
I am now passing this tag to Mom of Four, Clarissa, Zhey, Rose and Cecille.
Have a nice day every one!

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Yesterday I mentioned that if the lights of your modem are good but you are getting “Page can not be displayed”, the solution is power cycle and once done, you should be able to connect to the Internet. That is very true. However, that truth is on the side of your internet provider. That simply means your internet provider is giving you what you are paying for, which is internet connection. Good lights on the modem indicates strong internet signal from your server or your internet provider. So, by logic, if you have strong internet signal, you should have an internet connection. The answer is “No!” I hope I am not confusing you now!
Let me clarify my self, if there is nothing wrong with the computer and you have good lights on your modem, powercycle should solve the general!!

Troubleshooting is isolating the problem. It is the process of detecting the real cause of your problem basing on the signs and information given by your network devices. Good lights on your modem means good internet signal. Hence, if we have strong Internet signal but you still get “Page Can not be displayed”, it indicates of a very strong probability that you have to isolate your internet provider as the root cause of your inability to surf to the internet. Now, what are some and/or the common causes of inability of our computer to surf to the internet? Let us name at least two or three common causes on the next part of this entry..

Have a nice day to every one.

Note: Above definition of troubleshooting is not taken in any textbook. It is an expression of how I interpret the act of troubleshooting based on my job as a technical support.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


During my day off I had computer issues. As soon as my computer problem had been fixed by re-formatting every thing, I had to face internet issues! I know that I have to call my internet provider simply by checking the lights of my modem. If we have a wired connection, it is important that we know what each lights of our modem corresponds into. If we have good lights on the modem, power cycle normally solves the problem. You may ask, what Is power cycle? What does it mean when we say good lights on the modem.

For example, if you are using a modem with the following lights;

1) Power light – If it is solid green, that is a good light

2) Dsl light - If it is solid green, that is a good light. If it blinks..check
physical or network connection. If it turned red- call your internet provider or manufacturer of your modem

3) Ethernet light – should be green. If light is off but you are using an Ethernet cord, means the direction of finding the solution will be on your Ethernet cord or the nic card of your computer thru your device manager;

4) Usb light – If green, then good! If off and you are using an Ethernet cord, no issue: but if you are using usb and light is off, check driver, you may need to install usb driver. Direction will finding the solution will be on the driver of your computer. .

5) Internet light: should be green. If off- check with your internet provider.

That is just an example. Every modem have different lights. Like on my case, that is not the light of my modem. I am using Motorola. Last day off, my Activity light was sold orange- it should be blinking orange. I checked with my internet provider, we worked with the ip address. Release/renew but it had been futile. The good thing is i had been a technical support so I had my share with computers and internet connectivity so we were fast over the phone. No detailed instruction anymore on the agents' part.

The bottom line is, know the lights of your modem. If You have good lights, power cycle should solve the problem. Basically it means refreshing your device but turning it off. But you don’t turn it off just like that. Start with the computer, then the modem. Turn it off, unplug for a number of minutes. Afterwards, turn it back on and there.. you should be getting a good internet connectivity. Standard time frame is 30 seconds but sometimes it would need a full minute to fully turn off your internet set-up. On my case, I power cycle for 5 minutes.

If and when you can already pull up a web page, please pull up at least three web sites. This ensures that what you see is the real internet and not the cookie stored in your computer.

Finally, if lights are not good, power cycle will not solve the problem. Call your internet provider. If you are not sure, troubleshoot with a technician, dont do it yourself!

Hope it helps even a little and do have a nice afternoon, my dear reader


Twitter Deneero is one site where you may express your opinion about certain topics and comes in the form of conversation: I say it is nice to be included in suce conversations:

Monday, February 9, 2009


We had been given three days off and I was excited about it. Long rest! I even bought four cds of my favorite shows. I will be able to write few entries for my blog, check for the opportunities and finish the exam with ODesk. First day of my day off was great, actually! I brisk walk with my son, Cen. But then when I am already starting to write, I realized my computer is not functioning well. My gut instinct is telling me basic troubleshooting will not do so I went to my computer manufacturer for a quick fix. Quick fix really, he have to re-format my computer. I lost all my files, log – In, software applications that had already been downloaded like the software of my odesk application. I need that to start bidding for the job, you know. In short I lost every folders and software applications already installed in the computer. Its ok..thats’ life. I said as soon as I had it fixed, computer will not be having issues anymore. Before leaving the computer shop, I tested everything. We even tested internet capability. I am happy. When I reached home, whew. I am getting “ page can not be displayed.” I am done with computer issues and now I have to deal with internet issues. One day of my day off I was not able to write anything. Not able to bid for any job. Instead I have to deal with the tech support and wait for the technician for one whole day. Because I was so tired and pissed off I was not able to do my therapy. Which is bad so now I can feel the inconvenience of my slip disk. That is bad considering I already have to work tonight. Then when I am focusing on other concerns that I have to attend to, I realized, I cant find my directory/diary book! Wheew..what is happening to me!!

Anyway, I should be used on unpredictable days, right? I want to focus on positive things here. Yes, I was not able to enjoy my 3 days day off but when I got my internet back I was surprised to receive comments from four gorgeous ladies, Mom Of Four, Chubskulit, Cecille/Small and Simple Things, and Clarissa of Kizuna. And of course, my co-worker Doods of Dreamworksorg. I received a comment and a tag from him!! My smiles from ear to ear!! I never knew it is difficult to earn money thru writing online but I got one big extra, I met beautiful people online. For me that is such a big deal!!


My internet connection resumed just last night. I had been having some technical issues, you see! My internet provider scheduled technical visit yesterday. Good that I have my internet up again.

One of the first things I dealt with is to finish the requirement of ODesk to complete my certification as a freelance writer. I thought giving out my educational background, work experience, seminars attended and one example of my writing entry would already take me in. I still have to past their qualifier exam, on which I did. I was so happy then. I said to myself, this is it. I can already bid for a job. However, I found out that I have to take another qualifier test, which I took today.

I am a call centre agent so I opt to take the call centre test. I thought it will be easy! Wheww. Not really easy, you know! The first test that i took a few days back was better. I was more confident on that exam. On the first question, I stayed for like two minutes and I know then I already consumed much for one question, not to mention I was not sure of my answer. First question was tough for me. I can not back out anymore because I already started it. Timer already ticking. So, best option is to focus and select the most probable correct answer, or the nearest possible correct answer, though I know I might not make it!! To my surprise, I passed the second qualifier and got the second, and hopefully the last round of qualifier, Certificate.
I am glad though that I made it.. felt relieved and good!! I made it.

Have a nice day, my dear ones!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009


This morning, I had my scheduled brisk walk. I actually brisk walk on my every day-off. Today, however, Vincent accompanied me! It is Sunday here in the Philippines and his class starts late today so he can join me in my brisk walk. We used to brisk walk from Rizal Park to PICC. It was fun, you know! I can not catch up with him. Brisk walking does not give him the satisfaction he expects from physical activities such as this one. He prefer to jog and even during those days when I still can run, I can not catch up with him. Sometimes he deliberately slows down so I can keep up with him. Not fair, right? I told him it is fine, just leave me behind but he would teasingly reply “ ooo…poor little bear, cant catch up, don’t worry, I wont leave the little poor little one behind!! He really wont leave me behind no matter how I persuade him to. As soon as we reach PICC, we play the sparring game. It is like a hand to hand combat game that I thought him. I used to do Tae Kwon Do during younger years, you know! He will punch me and I will block his attack, them I will punch back and he should block my punches as well. The trick is we have to do it faster and faster. Who ever got the first hit is the loser. So, upon reaching PICC, we would spar. When I got really tired and all sweating . I just want to sit down. We would go the side of the Starbucks restaurant, sitting in from of the sea and just sit there and talk and talk. He would talk about his class mate, school, sometimes girls, or I would tell him about some out of nowhere suitor or just the people in plain sight or just tease me that I can not catch up with him and can not defeat him in our sparring. If we got hungry we will jump in to the nearest restaurant.

Anyways, he joined me in my brisk walk today but we had some time pressure because he have to attend the 6:00am mass. As soon as we reach our house, I told him..”Say, would you like a minute of a re-match! I will get the first hit this time!! He just smiled and we began. One minute turned to five minutes!! He was laughing so hard.. As usual, I lost..hmm..again!! Anyways, it is good brisk walking with my son, Vincent. I am actually waiting for my him as I write this entry because I told him we will have breakfast together. I will prepare some nice juice for him.

How is your morning, my dear reader? Hope your day will be great today..start with a smile..ok?? Till my entry tomorrow then!!

Friday, February 6, 2009


There are many concepts in my mind that I could write but I can not just put it into the right words to create a good context. I sat down in front of my computer desk mumbling for words when I noticed my calendar still in the month of January. Hey, it is already February, right? So I turned the calendar for the month of February. Then I noticed, my calendar is full of pictures of roses for this month. Hmm.. Do you know that my favorite flower is a rose? So, as I eat my snickers and indulge to its thick chocolaty taste, not to mention the luscious pile of nuts and caramel filling into my mouth with boundless ecstasy, hmmm… of course with a cup of coffee beside me, I began to form pattern of words.

Let us just talk today, ok?!! Keep it light…no thoughts or strong convictions for now..let us keep everything light !!! I am addicted to coffee. During younger years, I could drink 8 to 10 mugs of coffee. I like snickers. In fact that is the only chocolate I allowed to tempt me…...Indulge!! I like roses. That is my favorite flower! I liked most is a white rose. A rose means love. I liked it white because White means pure, without blemish! So, a white rose means Pure Love. You see, when I was younger, people say I was beautiful. At present, people outside my work place still finds me beautiful but of course not as lovely as I was during younger years. In my work place? Well, they are particular with age, you know! They are very filipinos’!! They always want to remind me everyday that I already depreciated because of my age and joking with them makes me feel older than my actual age. Anyways, during younger years, I had many suitors. I know for a fact that some of them were not serious. Their “I love you” depended with what they eyes saw and that stops there. I know that because I had proof! People during the peak years of my life considered me a very smart woman. They said I was beauty and brains. Not to mention I came from a good family. So I thought those were enough to be truly loved and I was wrong.
Unfortunately, one man whom I thought is different from the rest proved to be the worst ever. Button line, In my life time, I never felt how it is to be truly love and cared by a male species. Do they really protect? Is their broad shoulder really there to lean on?? Really?? Button line is…. I like a white rose because it is very symbolic for me. It reminded me of something that I was not able to have and will never have .One of the things that were denied from me in this life time.

Hey.. don’t get me wrong here. I am not anymore expecting any love coming my way!! My son and my life is good as it is! Truly!! We have different path and this is mine. I don’t want to sound morbid but there was a time when I told my son that when I pass-away from this life, I want my funeral full of white roses. Nothing but white roses!!! they say in filipino word “Bonga..Award..” right?

Hey..Smile and Have a nice day, my dearest reader!! You are very dear to me and thank you for your precious time talking to me thru my blog!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009


It was half past one clock in the morning and twenty minutes before my actual shift and I am still waiting for a passenger jeepney to pass-by. I know I am a thread away from being late. That means losing my attendance allowance. Wheww, next jump, get a taxi cab! And so I did. While on our way to my work destination, the taxi driver was listening to a radio station. Volume so high. Maybe to keep him awake. Anyways, I have no option but to listen as well. The topic aired made me half smiled.

The announcer allowed his guest to answer the questions of his caller. The question-answer portion goes like this;

The caller asked, “ Why do men cheat on their girlfriends/wives?”

The Guest Answered : Because of Insecurities. They want to prove they are “macho” or “men enough”

The Caller Asked Again: Why is it that when they get caught, they still lie about it?

The Guest Answered : They don’t intend to stop so they will deny as much as they could. They have to prove that they are macho or manly by getting more women! Did you notice when men get together over a bottle of beer, their topic will be their adventures with women. That they were able to score to this and that!! Personally, those men who can stand by the principle that “ I am already seeing some one! I will not have another one” is the real man. That is my opinion!

And so, we reached the front of the building where I am working so I did not really get to hear the whole thing about the topic. You know I don’t know if it is insecurities that triggered men to cheat! I know though that it is not fair to blame it to some one elses' when they cheat. What ever happened to “personal will”, Right? Now I do agree that a man who can stand with the principle of “ I am already seeing some one! I will not have another one” is the real man. Why??? Well, if you will think about it, adventure is fun! Playing with not just one but more than what your hands can handle is enticing. Boosting that ego in front of their compadres are tempting and, of course, temptation is soo hard to resist! And that is exactly why a man who goes with single partner is more of a man. Because it takes a real man to resist the enticement. I takes a real man to resist the temptation. It takes a real man to know the real meaning of the word “man”. Forgive me if one reader who might read this article believes that playing with women makes them a full man because thing is—A real man is not measured by how good he is in hand to hand combat or how big and masculine his physique is or how good he is on crushing women to their knees. I takes a real man to realize that fact!!!

So, ladies, women, girls…for you,. What does it take for a man to be a real man?

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Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Again and again thanks to Doods of for this Award. No word will be anough to thank you, Doods!

My maternal instinct feels stongly towards my only child, Vincent. He may be depending on me for his livelihood considering he is still a student but the truth is emotionally i depended on him simply because he made me accept the imperfections of life and he gave me the courage to face the challenges of life. I am passionately dedicated to my only child because he is my responsibility and he is the center of my life.

I am strongly passionate towards my dreams. I want a better life for my self and my son. A house and a lot that i can call my own. Something i worked hard for. I want my son to finish college because it gives me the assurance that when i am not anymore in this world, i will leave something for my son. I want a business in the future because i can not be an employee forever and i have to sustain my self during old age. I dont want to be a burden to my child, you know!!

And most specially, i am passionate towards my work!! As i said during one of my interviews, job is not just a source of income. It becomes part of the person. It can give a person a sense of achievement and accomplishment.
Now, as part of the award's rule, we have to write down the things we are passionate about.

I am now passing this Award to Zhey of Zey My Name, Cecille of Small and Simple Things and Devianty of Gadget Information , Grapes of Grapest Love Of All, TL James, one of our supervisors and a blooger of site The Coffee Cup and to all blogger who had visited this site.

Have a nice day every one!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


This week is an adjustment for me and my co-workers because we are compelled to tune-in to selling mode when we are profiled for a technical account. Selling is not my best forte, you know. I could sell, sure! However, it is different to sell a tangible object, discuss it in detail to a customer who is in front of you, and giving the customer the true value of what he or she is getting. Selling over the phone is entirely different. More than that, I can gauge on an outbound call more than an inbound call. For one, outbound call can give the agent the leeway when she or he have to go to the bathroom or have to fill-in his or her throat with water so as to make sure it will not dry up due to continuous talking. Inbound calls will not give an agent that kind of leeway! When the agent knows she or he has to go to the bathroom, she or he should first look for a supervisor and ask permission to go on aux [ aux is what we press on our phone to make sure no call will come in while necessity calls]. And that is only for a number of minutes so the agent should really make every second count! Can not take our break according to schedule. Our stomach and necessities will depend on the number of calls coming in. Many calls coming in means we have to delay our break and/or our lunch. And if the agent gets so lucky, he or she will bear sarcastic words and being named names by an irate caller. Sometimes, the agent will not even have the chance to know why she or he should take those words from the caller because the caller will give it all out after all the heavy words already came out and had been transferred to the poor agent. Well, one reality in the world is, we have to work specially when someone is depending on us. It is better to have a work than have no source of income at all. We just have to accept that this is customer service. That is our work, we should value our work !! And they say our job is easy!

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Monday, February 2, 2009


Risk is one scary word. It opens the door to the unknown. But then, if we will re-think about it, risking can possibly take us to greater heights and not risking at all can also leave us stagnant. Risk can also be healthy, you know. That is if we do a calculative risk. For me, a calculative risk is when we do our homework. We know exactly the pros and cons of the situation. Most specially, calculative risk contains a back up. My son and myself used to practice the back up planning. If we were supposed to accomplish something and things did not go well, we have plan B. If Plan B failed we still have Plan C. It is an input from me and my son so it is a combined opinion. I think that is the same with calculative risk as well. There should be a Plan B if the original plan did not work. A back up plan minimizes the risk of losing it all. There are so many things I want to have for myself and my son. To accomplish those dreams I have to enter the world of risking so I know that sooner of later, I will be exposing my self to such predicaments. I am planning how we could go ahead and plot a calculative risk. Hopefully I would be able to.

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Thanks Doods of for this heart warming award. It is always noted and appreciated.

May there always be work for your hands to do, may your purse always hold a coin or two. May the sun always shine on your windowpane, may a rainbow be certain to follow each rain. May the hand of a friend always be near you, may God fill your heart with gladness to cheer you."

I am now passing this award to equally beautiful people, Cecille of Small and Simple Things, Zhey of Zey My Name, Dvianty of Gadget Information, and Grapes of Grapest Love Of All and other bloggers out there.
Thanks again Doods for your help and advises!!
Have a nice day!


This morning I had my scheduled brisk walk. It is the program given to me by my doctor. It is good to feel the wind against my face as i brisk walk. Good that I am getting good progress. Though I envy those people who can jog. They can run, something that I can not do anymore. It does not really feel good knowing that the things that you usually can do became something that you can only see from others but you know you will not experience anymore. Before my neck injury, I used to run and feel my whole body sweating and feel my heart beating real fast. However, after my slip disk, running is something that I can only watch from the distance. It is something I will not feel and can not do anymore.


I signed up as a freelance writer for O’Desk. A friend who is a writer online had informed me that I could begin working as a free lance writer thru this site. He began through ODesk as well. It took a while for me to complete my profile. I have to consult my resume because I was prompted to fill-out the details of my work experience and educational background. Not to mention a sample of my writing. Whew!! I pulled out one entry from my blog, which I entitled “Vulnerability”. I chose that entry because usually before I write I still have to make out the context and gauge the appropriate wordings for the entry. Of course, our communication style and how we play with the words will come out seamlessly because we write the words coming from our mind. We just follow the path. But then, this entry comes not just from my mind but from my heart as well!! So words came out swiftly. Sleek even. It projects a deep emotion at the time so I don’t have to grasp for proper wordings. Anyways, when I started applying for work, system would not allow me to because I still have to pass the test. When I took the test I realized there is a timer so I have a time-limit. I should not be so relaxed because time is not on my side. It is good though that I am able to pass the examination and now a Certified ODesk Freelance Writer. I am excited about it.
To be an ODesk writer, Cmon, join in..jusk click on the O'desk widget on the side of this blog. You will be most welcomed!!!