Saturday, February 14, 2009


It is the day of the Hearts. People say this is the day of Love. People also usually associate this day with love towards the opposite sex. Seemed that this day had been tag for lovers. For me, however, Valentine day does not only focus on lovers but also focuses on different kinds of love. Love for family, for instance! Love for parents, son, daughter, friends. Any strong positive emotion towards another person will do.

In this entry, I would like to extend my warm greeting of ;


For my papa and mama, for my dearest son, Cen!

For my blog lists, Doods of Dreamworksorg, Mom Of Four, Chubskulit, Clarissa, Rhea, Cecille, Grapes, Kaki Nginti,Qwonk, devianty, Zhey, Leslie Ann and TL James:

For my team mates and co-workers. My supervisor, Gerard, Team Mates Kenneth, Rhona, Gene, Kate, Pang/Chris, Kat, Kate, Louie and Ruel and of course, Doods again of Dreamworksorg.

Other co-workers like Rhea, Grapes, Zhey, Jes, Ryan, Jhay, Haven, Tintin, Shalimar, Bryan, Iya and other co-workers

Good friends like Cheryl, Fhe, Mitch, Allie, Angelo, Jeffrey, Jhoel, Jun, Khaye, Kotak, Micor, Nhila, Peachie, Rench, Terry, Johathan. My teachers Neil Joseph and Ofel,

And wheew,,so many others i cant write all their names. Please forgive me for those I am not anymore able to write here. Does not mean I forgot you.


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Clarissa said...

Thanks for the greetings,Mommy She!! Hope you had a romantic one,too!!^_^

You've been tagged po!
Have a nice day!