Sunday, February 22, 2009


I was not able to write for more or less three days because of internet issues. I am now decided to change my Internet provider. It is good that internet is not my primary source of income. Just imagine if this is my bread and butter, and my internet provider had been consistently failing me for weeks, what would I do? I don’t know if it is a consolation that my internet provider admitted that the issue is coming from their main server and not on my end. I am furious and I am on the verge of losing my patience. However, I already aired my grievance once. With lots of things in my mind, I don’t have the energy anymore to be mad. I already paid my dues in full to my internet provider, which is my obligation, of course. The thing is, I already kept my end of the bargain. They bill one month ahead. I did my share but I am not getting my moneys’ worth. Worst, I have to pay for hourly rental now so I could access internet. Irritating as it is, I am mustering every inch of patience in my system, muster as much as I possibly could.

On top of it, my slip disk retro acted on my very birth date. It was the second day my internet had been down. I had been worried for a while. My right arm went numbed. Experience tells me what might happen next and that’s what worried me the most! The last time, half of my body [ from cervix-neck to waist including my arms and fingers] were almost immobile. I don’t want to close my eyes to sleep only to wake up with one challenge – losing my capacity to move! But then, I said to myself that afternoon, I wont allow that to happen. Mind over body, right? I wont give in. Some how deep inside positive thoughts does not always eradicate the fear inside me. But then, I always say to myself since 18 years ago! never give in.. Never give up! It was good that I was able to report to work the next day. I have to force my hand to function, you know!! And I was even able to take my first prospects in a franchising venture-my part-time job!!

I still have no internet provider, my friend! I will take it one at a time until everything is already in place. When every turn seemed to be pointing on a blank wall, squeeze my self in towards any slightest sign of light. .Just continue.. Move on!!

Have a nice day to everyone!

Always put that sweet smile in your face!

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