Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Yesterday I mentioned that if the lights of your modem are good but you are getting “Page can not be displayed”, the solution is power cycle and once done, you should be able to connect to the Internet. That is very true. However, that truth is on the side of your internet provider. That simply means your internet provider is giving you what you are paying for, which is internet connection. Good lights on the modem indicates strong internet signal from your server or your internet provider. So, by logic, if you have strong internet signal, you should have an internet connection. The answer is “No!” I hope I am not confusing you now!
Let me clarify my self, if there is nothing wrong with the computer and you have good lights on your modem, powercycle should solve the general!!

Troubleshooting is isolating the problem. It is the process of detecting the real cause of your problem basing on the signs and information given by your network devices. Good lights on your modem means good internet signal. Hence, if we have strong Internet signal but you still get “Page Can not be displayed”, it indicates of a very strong probability that you have to isolate your internet provider as the root cause of your inability to surf to the internet. Now, what are some and/or the common causes of inability of our computer to surf to the internet? Let us name at least two or three common causes on the next part of this entry..

Have a nice day to every one.

Note: Above definition of troubleshooting is not taken in any textbook. It is an expression of how I interpret the act of troubleshooting based on my job as a technical support.

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