Thursday, February 5, 2009


It was half past one clock in the morning and twenty minutes before my actual shift and I am still waiting for a passenger jeepney to pass-by. I know I am a thread away from being late. That means losing my attendance allowance. Wheww, next jump, get a taxi cab! And so I did. While on our way to my work destination, the taxi driver was listening to a radio station. Volume so high. Maybe to keep him awake. Anyways, I have no option but to listen as well. The topic aired made me half smiled.

The announcer allowed his guest to answer the questions of his caller. The question-answer portion goes like this;

The caller asked, “ Why do men cheat on their girlfriends/wives?”

The Guest Answered : Because of Insecurities. They want to prove they are “macho” or “men enough”

The Caller Asked Again: Why is it that when they get caught, they still lie about it?

The Guest Answered : They don’t intend to stop so they will deny as much as they could. They have to prove that they are macho or manly by getting more women! Did you notice when men get together over a bottle of beer, their topic will be their adventures with women. That they were able to score to this and that!! Personally, those men who can stand by the principle that “ I am already seeing some one! I will not have another one” is the real man. That is my opinion!

And so, we reached the front of the building where I am working so I did not really get to hear the whole thing about the topic. You know I don’t know if it is insecurities that triggered men to cheat! I know though that it is not fair to blame it to some one elses' when they cheat. What ever happened to “personal will”, Right? Now I do agree that a man who can stand with the principle of “ I am already seeing some one! I will not have another one” is the real man. Why??? Well, if you will think about it, adventure is fun! Playing with not just one but more than what your hands can handle is enticing. Boosting that ego in front of their compadres are tempting and, of course, temptation is soo hard to resist! And that is exactly why a man who goes with single partner is more of a man. Because it takes a real man to resist the enticement. I takes a real man to resist the temptation. It takes a real man to know the real meaning of the word “man”. Forgive me if one reader who might read this article believes that playing with women makes them a full man because thing is—A real man is not measured by how good he is in hand to hand combat or how big and masculine his physique is or how good he is on crushing women to their knees. I takes a real man to realize that fact!!!

So, ladies, women, girls…for you,. What does it take for a man to be a real man?

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GrapeS said...

hahahaha. Cheating could ruin a relationship. You guys should listen to this woman because i already have experienced what she is talking about and it is indeed true. It almost ended my 4 year-relationship with my GF. so guys, stop cheating... hehehe

She said...

Hi, Grapes! Thanks for reading my entry and thanks for visitng my site as well!! hehehe...kasama ka pala sa grupo ng mga playboy ha!!!

Anyway..nice knowing you continued blogging and have a nice day!!

Joops said...

According to statistics, women actually cheat almost as much as men. I wonder what makes a woman cheat? I'm sure their reasons are justifiable (yeah right!). I'm not sure if they get together with their friends and talk about it but they probably do. I think it depends on the person's morals and not that they are a man or woman.

She said...

...joops..thanks for the point you raised. Of course it is not conclusive that only men cheats. there are also women who cheats. I am not aware of statistics though but i know that in a macho society, men cheating is not taken as grave and serious compared to as when it is a women who commit the act. I agree with you that it is not depended on gender, it depends on the morals and values of a person. And if i may add, one influence is the society the person lived in.

The entry focuses on men cheating because the comment on what i heard over the radio. I am simply commenting on the context of what i heard over the radio. It just so happened that the commentator focuses on men cheating.

Thank you so much for reading my entry..

have a nice day!

She said...

...hi, joops..sorry there is one quesion i am not able to immediately you i dont know too why some women cheat!! I dont know too if women talk about it. I am a home body person. I had a lady friend before but when we get together, we talk about ideas, the government because she is a lawyer and we share thesame views,well, some of it. we talk about our opinions. It really depends on the person, as you said. That one i agree with you!

Again, thank you for visiting and reading my entry and do have a nice day!!