Thursday, October 23, 2014

Health Is Wealth

A good evening to the world. 

Thursday and the last day of my day off. It is nice to have written something in my blog. I told myself it would be nice to write regularly. Not to mention the connection to the world that I am getting. I am not much of a social person, you see! I am not really a lone wolf, but I do not talk much. It is in only in writing that I could gather lots of words to say. And it is nice to have been connected to the world this way.

These months have been a challenge. My mother has a cyst, a kidney stone and a stone on her ball bladder. The doctors are still working on her cyst and kidney stone, but the stone in her gall bladder, she will be needing an operation. I believe we will be able to pull it through, but just like in the past, it is one of those challenging moments in our life. 

Health is wealth and with this, I wish a healthy life for you and thank you for reading my post this evening. Have a good evening every one!

Disclaimer: The picture is from yahoo image search for health is wealth.