Friday, April 9, 2010


Today, we commemorate Araw Ng Kagitingan. This is a holiday here in the Philippines. This is the date when we remember the bravery of Filipino soldiers against foreign invaders. This is the day of remembering our named and unnamed heroes. This goes for the men and women who died fighting the invaders. This is not merely reflected on combat. This goes for the heroes who were brave enough to help the soldiers who were defending Philippine territory. April 9 specifically commemorate the fall of Bataan during World War II.

Surely there will be program pertaining to this event. Gallantry and bravery of the Filipino heroes against foreigner is being remembered on this date. Are there still a lot of Filipinos who fought for their country? Not against foreigners but against co-Filipinos who puts her or his personal agenda before the welfare of his or her constituents. These are the modern time oppressors because they put their countrymen in prejudice and put his or her motherland in more misery and poverty as it already is.

What is the modern day picture of oppression? What is the modern day picture of heroism?

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Kitchen knives are one the tools in the kitchen that we cannot do without. Just image how we could cut the onion, tomato, fish or meat without the kitchen knife. How can we cook a whole chicken or whole meat? We have to cut it. I do not think anyone could under estimate the importance of a knife in the kitchen.

I grew up with the practice of washing the knife with a soap then keep it to its rightful place. In fact, that could be in any place. Sometimes it is placed beside the spoon and fork. Sometimes simply place it beside the plates.

However, it is only recently that I learned I had been doing it wrong. The knife should be washed with your bare hands with a non-harsh detergent. Use a lukewarm water to protect the blade. It is important that we use detergents that are not harsh so as to protect the blade. After washing our kitchen knife, wipe it clean with a cloth. For our protection, the cutting edge should be away from us. It should be wiped clean with the blade placed on a flat surface. Again, make sure the cutting edge is away from you. As soon as one side is already cleaned, turn the other part of the blade on the flat surface then repeat the process. As soon as you are sure your knife is dried and cleaned, it is advisable to place it in a wooden or polyethylene knife block. Remember also to regularly sharpened your kitchen knife. However, please note that some knives need more sharpening than others. Inquire this when you buy your kitchen knives.

Not to sound too repetitive but allow me to remind you again. Please keep the cutting blade against or away from you every time you wash your knife. This goes until the stage when you are already wiping your knife dry as well.

Hope I am able to share something today.

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Take care always.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


After the Lenten season, native of Bicol celebrates Magayon Festival. This is a month long festive starts April 5 to 30, 2010. The festival projects the cultural life of the province. The theme of the festival this year though is focused on the spirit of nationalism. The festival will start with the celebration of mass. After the mass there are different kinds of activities that come in line. There are a lot of activities such as exhibits, competitions, parade and lots and lots of performances. The month long celebration this 2010 aimed on promoting tourism in the country. Hence, Bicol is expecting to gain foreign and local tourist this occasion.

Do you want to know more about Magayon Festival? You may check out these sites., and

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Other festival in the Philippines that also promotes tourism are Dinagyang, Sinulog, Sandugo, Ati-atihan and Masskara.

Friday, April 2, 2010


For a few days now there was lesser transportation in the streets. There were very few people in the streets. Well, almost none in fact. When you go to residential streets, you will see in every corner group of people reading the book called PASION. Every corner is so deafening quiet except the choir singing PASION. This is because Lenten season is observed on the 1st week of this month. Lent is a tradition practiced by Catholic. It is observed by prayer and abstinence. Usually penitence is associated with Lent. It observes the death and resurrection of the Christ.

Are you also observing the Lenten season?

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