Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Kitchen knives are one the tools in the kitchen that we cannot do without. Just image how we could cut the onion, tomato, fish or meat without the kitchen knife. How can we cook a whole chicken or whole meat? We have to cut it. I do not think anyone could under estimate the importance of a knife in the kitchen.

I grew up with the practice of washing the knife with a soap then keep it to its rightful place. In fact, that could be in any place. Sometimes it is placed beside the spoon and fork. Sometimes simply place it beside the plates.

However, it is only recently that I learned I had been doing it wrong. The knife should be washed with your bare hands with a non-harsh detergent. Use a lukewarm water to protect the blade. It is important that we use detergents that are not harsh so as to protect the blade. After washing our kitchen knife, wipe it clean with a cloth. For our protection, the cutting edge should be away from us. It should be wiped clean with the blade placed on a flat surface. Again, make sure the cutting edge is away from you. As soon as one side is already cleaned, turn the other part of the blade on the flat surface then repeat the process. As soon as you are sure your knife is dried and cleaned, it is advisable to place it in a wooden or polyethylene knife block. Remember also to regularly sharpened your kitchen knife. However, please note that some knives need more sharpening than others. Inquire this when you buy your kitchen knives.

Not to sound too repetitive but allow me to remind you again. Please keep the cutting blade against or away from you every time you wash your knife. This goes until the stage when you are already wiping your knife dry as well.

Hope I am able to share something today.

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Annie Robertson said...

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