Sunday, May 31, 2009


I was reading a newspaper the other day. One of the news caught my eye. Not that it is extra ordinary or anything like that! just that it is one of the issues that would affect each filipino and the country as a whole. This news stated that despite the slow movement of economic growth registered on the first quarter of 2009, we will not go into recession. That is a good news actually. Speaking of possible recession, this had been contributed by many factors, as some analyst stated. It could be the sharp slowdown of consumers expense rate and the drop of business investments. In fact, National Statistics Coordination Board (NSCB) stated that we are on the verge of recession. Palace issued the statement that it would took two consecutive quarters of slow growth to declare that we are on the verge of recession. One quarter of negative growth would not warrant national recession.

Just the idea of recession is alarming. I do not know if it is only a coincidence that every time i watched the side of the palace, it would always be a language projecting "every thing is under control" mode. Maybe it is just me. Maybe i become a pessimist! Or maybe our government must always project an "everything under control" mode to ensure to the public that we are still under the protective blanket of the government, isnt it?! At any rate, i am hoping, and i am sure our officials and the palace as a whole, have a back-up plan and the precautionary measures in case we came face to face to an unpleasant predicament. As the saying goes, always expect the best but prepare for the worst.

Thank you for reading my views and always take care!

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Friday, May 29, 2009


The senate passed Bill No. 2317, focusing on protecting minors against pornography. Senate Bill No. 2317 is also known at The Anti-Child Pornography Act.This bill aimed to protect minors against pornography and exploitation. This bill had been approved but is still pending in the House Of Representative. Personally, i hope our congressmen would include this bill as one of their priorities. Senate house also approved Magna Carta for Womens' Month. Magna Carta promotes elimination of discrimination and any form of abuse against women. Fortunately, i could state that in the Philippines, though considered still a third world country, is less discriminative with women. In employment, gender is not an issue when it comes to hiring, salary rate and promotion. When it comes to compensation, salary rate is based in ones' job description and position, not in gender. Filipino women are also in the front lines of economic progress. Despite of the fact that Philippines is less discriminative with women, i do hope our congress or the House Of Representative would take into serious attention the Magna Carta for women and the Anti-Child Pornography Act. Penalize those who exploits and displays in public any form of pornographic material, specially when it involves a minor, Hoping so!!!!

Have a great day every one!!

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Nationhood and freedom goes hand in hand. Dneero also ignites the spirit of nationhood on this conversation;


Sometimes unexpected things happen. Yesterday when I was on my way home from work. I was surprised by a sudden blow, my head bumped on an iron. I was sitting at the back of the drivers seat. The first thing on my mind was my slip disk, hoping it was not affected by the blow. The first thing I saw was the Van bumping the rear of the passenger jeepney where I was at . That was when I realized we were bumped by a Van. The next thing I knew people were coming from nowhere. Then one civilian took a lady out of the Van. Her face was cut, bleeding. I saw lots of blood. Then a young boy, maybe seven years old. His shoulders and wrist were bleeding heavily. The driver told us we have to get out of the jeepney. Thing was, the exit had been blocked by the Van. The only way out was thru the window or thru the drivers seat. The lady sitting next to me was immobile. Was she in shock? I do not know. I motioned her we have to get out and lead the way. I noticed the driver can not move, his feet injured. He again told me I have to get out of the vehicle. When my feet reached the ground, I saw another man on the road side, his legs were bleeding. I never saw this much blood since I can not remember anymore when. That was when I saw the bigger picture. Our vehicle had been bumped by a Van, Van bumped by another Van, sandwiched in between another passenger jeepney and a patrol car. Scenario was chaotic for me that the first impulse was to get out of that place so I walked, walked as far as I could. Before I made my turn I saw the ambulance coming, when I turned left that was when I realized my head was spinning- hard.
I had a terrible head pain up until today. The doctor was even surprised when she learned I even reported to work in the evening. It is not something that happens every day, you see! Accidents do happen and I am thankful I was able to get away with it in one piece.


Some one told me that a womans' crown is her hair. Some are trendy with hair style. Some are short, some are long. Regardless of the length of our hair, i think it is how we took care of our hair that matters. That is one of my challenges as well specially when i grew my hair long that it already reaches my waist.

Monday, May 25, 2009


Influenza A(H1N1) aka swine flue is already in the Philippines. Actually, this had been already anticipated by the DOH. The only question was "when". Like the other diseases that threatens a lot of people, Influenza A(H1H1) causes alarm to the public, moreso because it already took 150 lives in Mexico. I am wondering if schedule of classes (June 8) will be transferred into a latter date because of the Influenza outbreak. Last week, we had a meeting in my work place regarding the influenza outbreak. We were advised to take the necessary precautions to as not to be infected by A(H1N1). The following precautionary measures were passed on to us. Hopefully, this could be of a help for you too!

1. Get at least eight hours of sleep. Enough rest for our bodies to rejuvenate.
2. Always wash our hands
3. Use a handkerchief when sneezing. Not the hands!
4. Avoid using your hand when opening a door- if you could use your elbow to push the door to open and
5. Manage your stress.

Health is wealth. Let us take good care of ourselves. I will remind my self of that also. And take good care of our love ones as well!!

Have a great day, my reader.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


During my confinement, there are things that I already know but its meaning had been given emphasis during certain situation like this one. One doctor told me that I have to undergo a surgery. I was informed that I will be admitted in the hospital. My son was with me since day one. When he heard I might undergo an operation. He became quiet. He asked if that could make me well. When we transferred hospital and had been confined. He was just sitting beside me. He became very serious. When the doctors connected medical gadgets in my body, I saw that worried look in his eyes. Before my confinement, he held my hand and asked me. “You will not leave me, right?” I smiled and told him, “Hey, the worst that might happen would be an operation. It will not be like I am going to die now!” Cen answered, “it was only months since you were last confined in the hospital. Now you have to be confined again. That is not a good sign“ I remembered my sons’ words “Promise me you will be ok” . I touched my sons’ face and gave him a reassuring smile. I told him “I am going to be fine”. Actually, I just said that because I don’t want to see him worrying for me. What I read in his face made me realize that my health had not been my priority. My priority was getting him to college and giving him everything he needs. Preparing for the future of my son—that is the outmost importance—more important than my health. That had been my attitude. I recalled I even had an argument with my friend, Engr. De Guzman. He said “Me? I take care of my self because I love my children. Because they still need me.” I always told him our situation is different. He is not a single parent. He landed on the job he loved and wanted. Not just that, a job he loved and a job that pays him well. Not every one had that privilege. In the concrete jungle, when some one is depending on us, there are instances when we chose a job we least wanted if this will support our dependent. Even if such job have its hazards. Survival of the fittest, so to speak.
However, that moment, looking at my only child, I came to realize one thing! Still, i must take chances in order to sustain him, but this time, I will not take my health for granted. You see, my friend. The saying is true : HEALTH IS REALLY WEALTH
For me, I guess, it took a confinement twice in a year to realize that more!

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Thursday, May 14, 2009


Science museum is one of the source of amazing replica of how brilliant a human mind works. After all, science is not just about logic but about exploring various possibilities as well. Dneero promotes Science museum thru this entry;


I had just been discharged from confinement from Our Lady Of Lourdes Hospital. The doctor had not yet seen that I am already fit to work and had endorsed me for further therapy. This is my friend, due to my slip disk. I had been confined only for a day actually. I don’t want to stay in a hospital. The minute I saw the doctor, I told him my intention of being discharged. It was a short span of time in the hospital. However, one day seemed like forever for me. It had been like a journey because two important things came to me during those 24 hours of confinement. Much as I would like to give everything in one plate, my fingers would not allow me to because my movements are still limited, specially my hands. Allow me to explore further the messages that came to me during those 24 hours of confinement thru my next entries, my friend.

Have a safe day and take care of yourselves, my reader!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


BuzzTrends is now making great connection thru social media!!


D'neeros' celebrities on Twitter is one of the interesting topics in D'neero today;

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Mothers Day was my day off. That is good actually, my rest day! Unfortunately though, it is also a slip disk day because I spent my Mothers Day bearing nape pain. Vincent had been around the whole day making sure I will not do any errand for today. He specifically advised me to rest because of my slip disk. Bad thing is I am not able to brisk walk. Not able to do what I should have done on this day. It is difficult when you are used on doing something and find your self trapped in your own room, prohibited to do anything. In a way, it is good because it is a real rest day. I said to myself, I will just sleep earlier so that tomorrow I could start doing my errands early in the morning. Unfortunately again, some past wounds kept on coming back in my dreams. My son woke me up because he said I was dreaming. Shouting and shedding tears in my sleep. I felt half-awake actually, I did not know if I was really asleep. I felt like a strong grip squeezing my heart until i harbored breathing. One of those terrible nights, I suppose. Vincent gave me a glass full of water. I told him to please don’t leave the room yet. My son sat beside me, stroked my hair and held my hand. He played a smooth music. He said it could make me relax. He asked for my medicine and I lied, my son will be upset if he learned I did not buy any. Anyway, knowing my son sitting beside my bed, feeling my childs’ presence nearby made me feel safe. No monster dreams would befall me, I am in the safe zone. Vincent stayed beside me until I could not remember, as my eye lids got heavy and my breathing started to relax, the last word I heard last night was my sons’ words. “ Nighty night, Inay. Happy Mothers’ Day”, as I felt my son kissed me on my forehead, I drifted into a peaceful sleep.
Today, while looking at my son, i know how lucky i am for having a son like him.
Have a great day, every one!

Saturday, May 9, 2009


This is to extend a warm greeting HAPPY MOTHERS' DAY to the beautiful ladies;

1) My dear Mother

2) To my sister,

3) To my friends in blogging;

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Clarissa of Kizana ;

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4) and all the mommy, mama, inay globally;


Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I was reading one of the features of NeoGeo about Global Warming. If one will read further, we would realize the impact that Global Warming could cause to our planet. One of the features discusses the effect of Global Warming like ice melting on some part of the planet. One of my colleague said that this is not like an ice melting gradually. Imagine a heat ray penetrating thru a thick mass of ice. It creates a hole, making this mass of ice melt faster compared to the natural process of melting an ice. Sea level would rise and we would be expecting visibility of hurricane and heavy rains. This is already happening since 1980s and if we would not be able to put an end to Global Warming, we would be expecting drought, more hurricanes, more typhoons, spread of more diseases and drastic change of our ecological system. No body wants that, right?

When I volunteered as a coordinator in the Ecological Desk, I was assigned in one of the area in Manila, Philippines. The project focuses on public awareness on Global Warming. One of the moves was the segregation of the garbage. There is this squatter area wherein they said garbage truck was not regularly going to their area, hence, they just throw their garbage on the nearby river. Educate them about garbage disposal and Global Warming? Nahh… We received that wide eyed look. I know what they meant. “Should I worry about Global Warming when I don’t even have a food to eat tonight?” Honestly, my friend, I can not put a blame to them. How about the upper level of our society? Can they ride a jeepney so they could lessen the secretion of the carbon monoxide created by the man-made vehicle? Our head coordinator said, we should focus on the seminars for more public awareness. We did! The challenge was there were no funding and no manpower in order to sustain a seminar. Hey, there should be a venue, speaker, materials, leaflets..etc. It was good that we were working hand –in-hand with Caritas Manila back then. Despite the odds, we were able to facilitate the seminar. Next challenge was for us to invite more people to listen. The seminar was free for the general public. But then, there should be food! No decent food, no one listens. The topic was about how we could sustain our only home planet but we have to bride people thru good foods in order for them to sit and listen. Most, after eating, would leave immediately. The bottom line is, only a minority understands. A colleague said that in a hundred, there will only be ten who cared enough. It will be a luck if we could even find ten in a hundred. Maybe it is because we have our every day task, we have to work, eat, sustain our family. Maybe because it will still take a number of years before we could feel the full fury of Mother Earth thru Global Warming . Demand of every day living is now, this very second! Maybe that is one of the reasons why we cared less. Why worry about that when I have to worry about how I could sustain my family now, right? But then, would we want our children experience the impact of this predicament? We can actually contribute. Check for your self if this is difficult, let a name a few;
1. Don’t use vehicle anymore if the place we will be going is already a walking distance (except of course in the middle of the night, of course). Use car less, only when necessary. Is it impossible? Hard?
2. Turn off electrical appliance when not in use. Unplug from the power outlet. Is this impossible? Is this hard?
3. Re-cycle. Segregate our garbage. Is it impossible? Hard?
4. If you live in the provincial area, how about planting a tree. Is it hard?
5. Have your car tuned up on the regular basis, double check tire pressure. Is it impossible? Hard?
These are only some, but then, if we can do this, in a way we are doing our share to prevent global warming.
I don’t mean to sound so biblical, but then, isn’t it that we, humans, are entrusted by our spiritual Father , our God, to take care of our home-planet? Including the animals. Why do most of us take it for granted?

If and when you have time, my friend, there are some sites below that you could check into:
1) Acid Rain brought about by Global Warming by NatGeo:
2) What is Global Warming? by NatGeo:
3) 100 Effects of Glober Warming by Center Of Americal Progress:

How can we illustrate the effects of Global Warming?

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Sunday, May 3, 2009


My path came across one of my professors yesterday. Had a little chit chat then bid a warm farewell. We are both in a hurry. Seeing him made me remember one of his remarks. He said “Parents have a wrong mentality when it comes to visioning their childrens success. We always say—Study well my child so that one day you will be employed in a stable company." He said “We strive hard to send our children to school only to be an employee. My professor says that our children is conditioned that success is striving hard to get the Diploma and end up being an employee of a company, painstakingly facing the corporate jungle and climb his/her way up to the highest ladder. That is success. And this visualization is passed on from the parent to the child to the grand children and so on. He said one of the reason why our neighboring country is so much ahead of us is because their frame of mind is : I will have my own, I may start from scratch but at least this is mine, I will treasure this and make it big. Through persistence and effort this small business can become big..a company..with further expansion. That is the frame of mind. Have my own business. Take Japan for instance. China as well, we know that China is very business oriented as well. One Chinese peer once told me, “This is my business. A family business that will sustain me and the next of my generation.” Unfortunately, we Filipinos don’t think that way. We goal on being an employee. It would be a big time to be the manager or the vice-president , VIP, but very seldom, being the owner. Come to think of it, is this the reason why the business owners in our own native land are Americans, Chinese, Japanese? We are employees of foreigner in our own country. No offense but in a way, my good professor have a strong point. I could even say i do agree. Dont you think so too?

Just a opinion.. coming from a very radical but so much respected friend and a professor of mine!

Have a great day, my reader and my friend!!

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Mas ninais ko na isulat ang aking kaisipan sa sariling kong wika para sa Araw Ng Mga Manggagawa. Ipag paumanhin kung hindi ko ginamit ngayon ang wikang Ingles.

Katulad ng taunang selebrasyon ng Mayo Uno, may mga pag titipon sa kalsada ang mga organisasyon na layuning ipa-abot sa gobyerno ang hinaing ng manggagawang Pilipino. Aaminin ko na hindi na ako gaano nakaka kuha ng balita tungkol sa mga ganitong usapin ngunit alam ko na isa sa mga pangunahing hinaing ng isang manggagawang Pilipino ay ang pag taas ng “minimum wage”. Taas ng suweldo…pag taas ng antas ng pamumuhay ng isang ordinaryong manggagawang Pilipino.

Kanina ay nasa benefits section ako at may isang kinatawan ng “payroll” ang nanduon. Sa pag uusap ay naitanong ko sa kanya kung mag-kano na ang minimum wage ngayon. Ang sagot nila ay apat na daan mahigit sa isang araw. Sa ngayon ay dinagdagan na daw ng anim na pung piso (P60). Humigit kumulang tumatakbo ng siyam na libo hanggang sampung libo tuwing buwan. Kung ito ang iyong kinikita, kaibigan, nangangahulugan ng humigit kumulang Apat na libo mahigit ang kita mo sa kalahating buwan, bawasan ng Tax, SSS, Philhealth at iba pang banepisyo. Humigit kumulang Apat na libo kinsenas. Nag babayad ka ng renta sa bahay, kung may anak ka na nag aaral, pag kain araw-araw, tubig, kuryente. Kakasya kaya??!! Sinabi ng isa kong kasama sa trabaho, hindi kasya iyon. Ang pinag uusapan natin ay malaking kumpanya. Paano ang mga maliit na negosyo na lingguhan ang pasuweldo. Mababa sa minimum ang karaniwang pasahod sa kanilang manggagawa.
Nang sinabi sa akin ang “minimum wage” ngayon, nagulat ako.. Mag kahalong lungkot at inis. Nagulat dahil taong 1986 ako ay empleyada ng isang malaking construction company. Ang kompanyang ito ay kasama sa sampung pinakamalaking construction company sa Pilipinas ng panahong iyon. Ngunit ang sahod ko noon ay Pitong Libo. Ang kinagulat ko, mula 1980s hanggang ngayon ng 2009, Tatlong Libo lang ang inabante ng pasahod sa ordinaryong mang-gagawa? Lungkot para sa isang ordinaryong manggagawa. Inis dahil kapag pinakinggan ang mga panayam sa gobyerno tungkol sa ating ekonomiya, sinasabing tayo ay paunlad. Anong taon ba iyon ng sinabing ang Pilipinas ay “Tiger Of Asia?”

Sa positibong anggulo—nag pasalamat ako sa ating Ama dahil masuwerte ako. Sa katotohanan, isa ang call center sa malalaking mag pasuweldo dito sa ating bayan. Ngunit ang aking sinusulat ay hindi ako o ang mga kapatid ko sa industriya. Ang sulating ito ay para sa ang ordinaryong manggagawa. Ang mga manggagawa na hindi makaalis sa “minimum wage” . Paano sila? Ang mahirap ay lalong nag hihirap. Alisin natin sa usapan ang mga tamad at ayaw mag pagal. Ang malungkot ay ang iilang tao na nagsisikap, nag papagal, tinataya ang pawis at dugo upang itawid ang pamilya. Paano naman sila?

Sa aking opinion, isa ang sukatan kung umuusad ang isang bansa pang –ekonomiya. Tumingin tayo sa antas ng pamumuhay ng mga ordinaryong mamamayan. Paano ipag mamalaki na paunlad ang bayan kung mas marami ang mahirap at nag hihikahos kung ikukumpara sa nakakariwasa.

Ipag paumanhin ngunit minsan ay mahirap basahin ang iba nating politiko.. Hindi ko alam kung wala talaga silang nalalaman sa totoong sitwasyon ng kanilang bayan o pikit-mata na lamang o wala lang talagang paki-alam.
Isang opinyon at pag susuri.
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