Monday, May 25, 2009


Influenza A(H1N1) aka swine flue is already in the Philippines. Actually, this had been already anticipated by the DOH. The only question was "when". Like the other diseases that threatens a lot of people, Influenza A(H1H1) causes alarm to the public, moreso because it already took 150 lives in Mexico. I am wondering if schedule of classes (June 8) will be transferred into a latter date because of the Influenza outbreak. Last week, we had a meeting in my work place regarding the influenza outbreak. We were advised to take the necessary precautions to as not to be infected by A(H1N1). The following precautionary measures were passed on to us. Hopefully, this could be of a help for you too!

1. Get at least eight hours of sleep. Enough rest for our bodies to rejuvenate.
2. Always wash our hands
3. Use a handkerchief when sneezing. Not the hands!
4. Avoid using your hand when opening a door- if you could use your elbow to push the door to open and
5. Manage your stress.

Health is wealth. Let us take good care of ourselves. I will remind my self of that also. And take good care of our love ones as well!!

Have a great day, my reader.


Clarissa said...

Nandito na rin sa Japan ang H1N1!!Nagpapanic na ang mga tao dito at wala ng mask na mabibilhan and it's freaking me,too!!

How are you,Mommy She??Take care!!Regards to Cen!^_^

CENS WORLD said...

oo nga eh!! ingat na lamang. take the necessary precaution. that is the best we can do.

Thanks. just fine here. Take care and regards to your family as well