Friday, May 29, 2009


The senate passed Bill No. 2317, focusing on protecting minors against pornography. Senate Bill No. 2317 is also known at The Anti-Child Pornography Act.This bill aimed to protect minors against pornography and exploitation. This bill had been approved but is still pending in the House Of Representative. Personally, i hope our congressmen would include this bill as one of their priorities. Senate house also approved Magna Carta for Womens' Month. Magna Carta promotes elimination of discrimination and any form of abuse against women. Fortunately, i could state that in the Philippines, though considered still a third world country, is less discriminative with women. In employment, gender is not an issue when it comes to hiring, salary rate and promotion. When it comes to compensation, salary rate is based in ones' job description and position, not in gender. Filipino women are also in the front lines of economic progress. Despite of the fact that Philippines is less discriminative with women, i do hope our congress or the House Of Representative would take into serious attention the Magna Carta for women and the Anti-Child Pornography Act. Penalize those who exploits and displays in public any form of pornographic material, specially when it involves a minor, Hoping so!!!!

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