Sunday, May 10, 2009


Mothers Day was my day off. That is good actually, my rest day! Unfortunately though, it is also a slip disk day because I spent my Mothers Day bearing nape pain. Vincent had been around the whole day making sure I will not do any errand for today. He specifically advised me to rest because of my slip disk. Bad thing is I am not able to brisk walk. Not able to do what I should have done on this day. It is difficult when you are used on doing something and find your self trapped in your own room, prohibited to do anything. In a way, it is good because it is a real rest day. I said to myself, I will just sleep earlier so that tomorrow I could start doing my errands early in the morning. Unfortunately again, some past wounds kept on coming back in my dreams. My son woke me up because he said I was dreaming. Shouting and shedding tears in my sleep. I felt half-awake actually, I did not know if I was really asleep. I felt like a strong grip squeezing my heart until i harbored breathing. One of those terrible nights, I suppose. Vincent gave me a glass full of water. I told him to please don’t leave the room yet. My son sat beside me, stroked my hair and held my hand. He played a smooth music. He said it could make me relax. He asked for my medicine and I lied, my son will be upset if he learned I did not buy any. Anyway, knowing my son sitting beside my bed, feeling my childs’ presence nearby made me feel safe. No monster dreams would befall me, I am in the safe zone. Vincent stayed beside me until I could not remember, as my eye lids got heavy and my breathing started to relax, the last word I heard last night was my sons’ words. “ Nighty night, Inay. Happy Mothers’ Day”, as I felt my son kissed me on my forehead, I drifted into a peaceful sleep.
Today, while looking at my son, i know how lucky i am for having a son like him.
Have a great day, every one!

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Clarissa said...

Lucky you to have a son like Vincent,Mommy She.

Thanks for dropping by while I was away^_^Have a nice day!!