Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Sometimes unexpected things happen. Yesterday when I was on my way home from work. I was surprised by a sudden blow, my head bumped on an iron. I was sitting at the back of the drivers seat. The first thing on my mind was my slip disk, hoping it was not affected by the blow. The first thing I saw was the Van bumping the rear of the passenger jeepney where I was at . That was when I realized we were bumped by a Van. The next thing I knew people were coming from nowhere. Then one civilian took a lady out of the Van. Her face was cut, bleeding. I saw lots of blood. Then a young boy, maybe seven years old. His shoulders and wrist were bleeding heavily. The driver told us we have to get out of the jeepney. Thing was, the exit had been blocked by the Van. The only way out was thru the window or thru the drivers seat. The lady sitting next to me was immobile. Was she in shock? I do not know. I motioned her we have to get out and lead the way. I noticed the driver can not move, his feet injured. He again told me I have to get out of the vehicle. When my feet reached the ground, I saw another man on the road side, his legs were bleeding. I never saw this much blood since I can not remember anymore when. That was when I saw the bigger picture. Our vehicle had been bumped by a Van, Van bumped by another Van, sandwiched in between another passenger jeepney and a patrol car. Scenario was chaotic for me that the first impulse was to get out of that place so I walked, walked as far as I could. Before I made my turn I saw the ambulance coming, when I turned left that was when I realized my head was spinning- hard.
I had a terrible head pain up until today. The doctor was even surprised when she learned I even reported to work in the evening. It is not something that happens every day, you see! Accidents do happen and I am thankful I was able to get away with it in one piece.

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