Monday, September 28, 2009


I woke up Saturday evening to report to work when my father told me not to go to work anymore. He said there is no transportation anymore. Stubborn as i am, i prepared for work anyway. However, as i stepped out in the comforts of my home, i was surprised to see the area where i live to have the phantom of a ghost town. Well, there were no electricity. That is already given. But then, seeing the whole area totally black with almost no people in the street is a different scenario. Actually, there were few. Some in a group, claiming they had not yet reached their home since yesterday. That was exactly 12:15 midnight. No passenger jeepney on the street. Even taxi was a challenge. Wheew, i only ended up going back to the house since i can not commute. We can not use the family car as well because of the flood. Hmmm....absent at work! Bad enough.

When i went out at 6:00am to buy food, i was sur
prised that still there were no public vehicle visible in the street. Imagine a road with no vehicle coming and going. Public vehicle still in the terminal and drivers talking to each other on how they were stranded because of the flood. Hence, i have to go to the grocery on foot. Still no electricity at that time. It is good that we have a mini-grocery in our area that is 24/7. Further surprise awaits when people were buying food stock, matches and candles. It is as if people were preparing for the worst case scenario and seemed that electricity will not smile on us on the next number of days. People cursing the typhoon for the mess it caused. Some of the items in the grocery were not yet delivered because of the typhoon. That then struck me, is the typhoon ondoy really this catastrophic? We did not know whats going on outside our area considering there was no electricity. I only had the view of whats going on when electricity resumed and i am able to take a glimpse of the news online. I never realized it was this bad. People lost their homes, lives lost and some still missing. It is terrible. It is good that there are people and organizations ready to give a helping hand. For further information, allow me to facilitate the link for you about the relief efforts for the victims of typhoon ondoy. It is taken from Philippines Star. Unfortunately, Pagasa is seeing another disturbance. I, for one, am hoping this weather disturbance will not pursue.

Here is one photo caused by typhoon "Ondoy":

This photo is taken online from

Let us hope that those who had been affected by the typhoon will recover on the soonest possible time and that no disastrious event would struck in the near days to come.

Take care every one!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


I had practiced making schedules. The good thing about it is that i know what i have to accomplish. It establishes a sense of direction. The not - so- good thing is that if and when something goes wrong, it really kills me. It ruins the entire day for me.

The other day, i already had my self pre-set. After work i should get my collection in the amount of Php10,000.00. I should arrive at home at lunch time. A short meal and i should be working on my commenting tasks and then work on my blog. Every thing is already set. I should be able to collect money and earn some as well for my commenting job. I should be able to accomplish that that day.

Unfortunately, as soon as i got off from work, it rained dogs and cats. Well, it had been raining the whole night. Adhering to the schedule i went off to collect the money. But then, because of the heavy rain, half of my body was already soaking wet and i was already feeling cold even before i could get on a jeepney that will take me to the place of my destination. I was supposed to go to Recto via Espana. That is the fastest route for me. Despite being soaking wet and feeling cold, it is fine, i said to myself. Bear with the situation! After this, i will be in the comfort of my home able to meet my schedule. But then, i was just in the entrace of Espana road when we encountered heavy traffic. Gosh...i was already freezing cold. Not yet in the middle when the jeepney was already turning back because of the flood. The driver returned our fare and said sorry, he can not pass thru Espana anymore because it is already flooded. I had no choice but to drop my self off , find a safe place to stand and look at the flooded road. I was on the dead end. Trouble was that i may not be able collect the money. I was soaking wet, i was cold and already hungry. The most sane thing to do was to go home. Hey, even going home had been a challenge because the vehicle had to find a road that is excessible for a vehicle to pass thru. I felt so dismayed and kind angry. I arrived home way past lunch time. Sure i had my self dry as soon as i got home. Ate my meal as well. However, i felt so miserable because my schedule had been ruined. More so, i am not able to collect my money. I studied the situation. I should have taken a different route. So, i said to myself, try again? I have to weigh the situation. It was a bad weather outside. If i will stay home, i will earn at most P400. If i proceeded on getting my money, i will have P10,000. I do not think there is a competition here, dont you think so? If you were on my shoe, would you chose P400 over P10,000. Specially with the fact that this is the good time to collect, i am unsure of when i could again set another schedule for my collection. Maybe a number of weeks again because the person i am to meet have a very hectic schedule. So, i went out again. However, i am not able to work on my commenting job and i am not able to blog. Wheww...i blamed the typhoon. I hate rainy season. More that i hate typhoon. But then, i realized that i felt worst because i blamed it in the bad weather. I made a bad choice of passing thru Espana. I failed. How can i be too stupid not to see that coming? You see, my friend, when i make plans, i told my self that there might be challenges to these plans. Unexpected things might happen and i should anticipate those hindrances to increase the chances of getting on with my plan successfully. That is how it should be. No loop holes. No excuses. My co-worker said i am meticulous. A friend told me i have the tendency to be a perfectionist sometimes. Am i? I do not know. But i know that if and when my plan did not work, it really gave me a real high blood feeling.

I learned something on this experience. Regardless of whether my fault or not, bottom line is that not every plan will turn out to be successful. It would be better to accept things as they come and make the most out of what we have. Life is not perfect. I just have to deal with it and make the most out of it. Change the things i can still work and but accept the things i can not anymore change. Perhaps forgive myself for committing mistakes.

There is also another thing that i realized more. Happiness is that emotion we have regardless of whether we are in a pleasant or unpleasant situation. It should not be limited to as a result of what we are able to achieve. It should be an emotion inside us in lighter times and even in trying times.

Thank you for reading and al
ways take care.

Friday, September 4, 2009


Hello there my friends. I had been out of the scene for quite some time. I really have to work with my health issues. Maybe visit my doctor for a re-evaluation. At this point, i think i can already work with my computer. I would like to thank you though for being there.

Just yesterday, i bought a printer. It is three in one. A printer, a scanner and a copier in one. It is a shame i can not post the picture. Maybe next time i should secure a digital camera for myself. I was very excited because finally, i do not have to find a computer shop that would scan the pictures for me. It became very accessible since it is already in the comforts of my little home. However, when i tried scanning a picture this morning, i can not work with the size. It came out too small. I had been in front of the computer for a number of hours and i still can not find the right settings to work on. I tell you it is very frustrating. A good thing that my co-worker have the same printer. Same brand and same every thing. In fact, he is the one who set up my computer for me. I suppose i just have to wait for next week and ask how i could go about with it. I told my self, patience...patience, right? After all, I already am on the first step, which is acquiring the device. I just have to learn more about it.

Well talk to you again soon.

As i always say, take care always.