Friday, September 4, 2009


Hello there my friends. I had been out of the scene for quite some time. I really have to work with my health issues. Maybe visit my doctor for a re-evaluation. At this point, i think i can already work with my computer. I would like to thank you though for being there.

Just yesterday, i bought a printer. It is three in one. A printer, a scanner and a copier in one. It is a shame i can not post the picture. Maybe next time i should secure a digital camera for myself. I was very excited because finally, i do not have to find a computer shop that would scan the pictures for me. It became very accessible since it is already in the comforts of my little home. However, when i tried scanning a picture this morning, i can not work with the size. It came out too small. I had been in front of the computer for a number of hours and i still can not find the right settings to work on. I tell you it is very frustrating. A good thing that my co-worker have the same printer. Same brand and same every thing. In fact, he is the one who set up my computer for me. I suppose i just have to wait for next week and ask how i could go about with it. I told my self, patience...patience, right? After all, I already am on the first step, which is acquiring the device. I just have to learn more about it.

Well talk to you again soon.

As i always say, take care always.


chubskulit said...

Congrats sa bago mong 3-n-1 ate She.. Hope you are feeling better..

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sailor said...

Hello Ms. She, wow a new acquisition, that's good! Take care!

Cecile said...

She, good for you, you got new printer :-); trying to figure out how to use it can be hard sometimes, but with your patience am sure you can do whatever you want to do in no time!

anyway, thanks for the visit and comments, dear :-); it wasn't a routine check up, it was a treatment because my body lacks iron and that is the reason why i have been tired and no energy lately. after each treatment, they need to do lab work next time they do the next infusion.

how about you? okay na ba health mo? hope so! ingat lagi, She.