Friday, September 23, 2011

Many faces and poses of Shirley Aguas

Sometimes, i want to pose in front of the camera, or in front of the web cam on this case.  Vanity as it may seem, feels nice to see different poses of yourself, right?

Soo many poses and different faces of me :-)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

This Uncomplicated Life of Mine

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It is a common notion that a woman will not be complete without a mate. Hence, a single woman approaching her mid life is usually faced with pressure from friends and family to go ahead and get her man. It is as if her life is at doom if she choose otherwise. In a way, it is true that a man and a family life completes a woman. After all, we are conditioned on that line of thinking. But then, however true this may seem, being a complete woman does not necessarily mean having a mate alone. Being complete and contented all boils down to being in touch with our inner selves. It is being a peace with our selves, be it a woman or a man for that matter.

I wrote this poem and hope that you like it.

As the shade and warmth of the tree from the distance invites me, I can not help but to feel a certain tingle in my heart. I felt that song in my heart.

As the seduction of solitude enfolds..
I closed my eyes with sheer emotion
My every being settled in joyous warmth
As I am welcomed by bracing embrace

As the gust of wind touches my skin
A quivering sensation awaken my every senses
As I gaze to the marvel of the clouds above..
I felt my heart singing a melodic hymn

My lips utter no lyrics
My mind composes no song..
But my every being sings a song..
A song sang deep within this soul

Lo, nothing so extraordinary..
Not even a shed of romance comes to me
No earthly fortune to humor me
Lo,  nothing so extraordinary

My life is but so simple
As a song goes, it is but a plain white paper
So white with no ink of complication
So dull with no color of adventure

My life has been but full of trials.
In fact, had not been kind at all
People are not always tame
And fortune seemed to be so afar.

However  my life came to be
The rhythm in my heart is real
And I could not find any answer
But one and one alone...

I lived my life with no complication
Tried so damn hard not to trample on anyone..
I can dare look at any ones eyes
And with pride, could dare say "I owe you no debt whatsoever"

And I know deep inside
That if ever I leave this life of mine
I lived and fought that good fight
In this simple and uncomplicated life of mine.

I wrote this poem February, 2011 during my birthday. My son told me that this is my day. As I am not getting any younger i tried to look back and check how I lead my life.  After which, i was able to construct this poem.

Have a great day, my reader. I hope you like my poem.