Wednesday, December 31, 2008


This is to greet Leslie, Richard, Cecille, Zhey, Grapes, Rose, Devianty, Qwonk and all the blogger out there!!!!

... And the same greeting for my son Cen,
.... With my wish that this year 2009 will be filled with more blessings the whole year through for all of us !!!!!!!!

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Tuesday, December 30, 2008


My parents just arrived from Baguio. Supposedly, I should have been with them but because of health issues, the doctor advised me to rest at home. Anyways, they arrived at 3:00pm with all the foods they brought with them. I am glad to see them. They had been sending me text messages every now and then because they are worried about my condition. I asked how Baguio is now because friends advised us that the temperature dropped this month. I think the weather had been fairly fine considering mama said she was sweating when they went to the market. Of course, papa always visit the Grotto every time he goes to Baguio. It is like one of the things that is automatic for him. Mama said there is a traffic now! That is fairly new. Well, not that new! Papa said it is too crowded in the Session Road now. The number of days that they were in Baguio all they did was rest and sleep. They did not roam around much! It is sad that I was not able to go with them. On second thought, I can not really risk my health. Hopefully I would be able to visit Baguio again soon.

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Monday, December 29, 2008


Thank you Richard for this Award and for the previous Awards you had given. I appreciate it so much! Have a Happy New Year to you and your family as well!

Message Content Of The "What Are You Thankful" Award:

Be thankful that you don't already have everything you desire,If you did, what would there be to look forward to?Be thankful when you don't know somethingFor it gives you the opportunity to learn.Be thankful for the difficult timesDuring those times you grow.Be thankful for your limitationsBecause they give you opportunities for improvement.Be thankful for each new challengeBecause it will build your strength and character.Be thankful for your mistakesThey will teach you valuable lessons.Be thankful when you're tired and wearyBecause it means you've made a difference.GRATITUDE can turn a negative into a positive.Find a way to be thankful for your troubles and,they can become your blessings.


I was looking at this kid talking about Santa Claus. Every time the name came up I vividly remember how my son started wondering if Santa is really real.

I can not recall the exact year then. A few hours before 12:00MN, I was persuading my son to go to bed. He was waiting for Santa to show up with his Christmas gifts. After a number of minutes of what seemed to be like an unendless persuasion for him to sleep, he finally gave in. I kissed him in the forehead and bid nightie night. As I turn off the lights and close the door behind me, I noticed the sock he hung beside his door. I still had to help my mother prepare for our Noche Buena. Too many things needed to do before the clock strikes 12:00MN. I did remember the clock ticking so fast that before I knew it, it was past 11:00PM. That was when I realized! Cens’ sock was still empty. I hurried to the nearest open grocery at the time, grabbed some candies, chocolates and small toys. Before my son woke everything was already in order. Food already served in the table. His sock already full with candies, chocolates and toys. I took a deep breath then and said to myself, whew! Beat the clock. Anyway, it was a splendid night. Just like the other Christmas eve we had. But then, in the morning, while having our breakfast, my brother and my son asked “Isn't it that Santa lives in the North Pole?” I replied “ Yes, I believe so!” Then my son asked “ Isn't it that Santa have this factory where he makes toys and candies and all the gifts he gives to little children?” I replied “Yes, why all the question?” Then my son replied “ If that is so, why is it that the toys i received last night have a price tag from the grocery nearby?” The only thing I could answer was “Ooh, really?!” My son did not ask a question anymore, it was a statement this time when he said “Santa was not here last night. It was you who gave those gifts” In defense I said “ Hey, you can never know, maybe something came up and Santa was such in a hurry that he have to improvised. You know, maybe Santa was so busy that he have to buy those stuff in the grocery store!” Well, honestly I knew my son did not believe my excuse.

I can not recall how I outgrow Santa Claus but I sure remember how my son began outgrowing his idea about the man in the red suit with the “ho ho ho” laugh. How about you, can you still recall how you outgrow Santa?


Saturday, December 27, 2008


Thank you so much, Cecille, for the "Spread The Love" Award. You deserve this award. I am passing this to Zhey and to the rest of the blogger out there. Have a nice holiday. You are such a sweet lady :)


I had been in physical restraints lately. My slip disk recurring evidently and swiftly. I can feel my cervical bone reacting to physical strain. My tongue tastes blood. My hands don’t have enough strength to press a key pad. Every time I tried working on the computer I can feel the strain in my cervix. I can feel my strength escaping in my finger tips. I can not even hold a plate. Just two nights ago I felt my hand going numb again. Just the other morning I woke up realizing I can not move my cervix again. I wont give up that easy, right? I forced my self to do the program given by my doctor. I doubled the counts of my therapy. I feel frustrated though that the things I can do now is very limited. Not the way I used to. However, my mind refused to accept that my ability to move is already limited now. I refused to settle to an idea that there are things that i can not do anymore because of the slip disk in my cervix. I always say “It is mind over body”. I will not allow physical ailments drain me down. Not without a fight..

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Thank you Richard for this award. And if I may add, it is not just on the phone that you always smile. You smile often when you speak with your co-workers. I never saw you gloomy. You are always in the mood and it radiates to those around you. You truly deserve “The smile award”. My apology I am not able to post it immediately. Though had been late in posting it does not mean it had not been acknowledged immediately. My warmest thanks to you.

The qualifications to receive this award are:
A. Display a cheerful attitude.
B. Love one another.
C. Make mistakes.
D. Learn from others.
E. Be a positive contributor to the blog world.
F. Love life.
G. Love kids.

The Rules:
1. Please link back!
2. Post the rules
3. Choose 5 people to give it to
4. Recipients must fill the characteristics above
5. Create a post to share this
6. Inform the awardees.

Now, It is my pleasure to give this award to Cecille, who is so warm and friendly, to zhey and grapes, my co-worker and also a blogger like myself, to devianty and last but definitely not the least qwonk.
Have a nice day every one!


On Christmas eve we celebrate the traditional Noche Buena. My family observed this tradition every year. We did not fail even once. We are all awake at 12:00 midnight. Of course my mother, myself included, were always awake even before 12:00 midnight for the food praparation. The traditional ham and quezo de bola will always be on the table. In our family theres always the never forgotten crispy pata because it is a favorite of my father and my brother. Hmm..tempting, isn’t it? Anyway, up until now we also observe opening gifts after Noche Buena. Below the 7ft Christmas tree, we have the gifts we bought for each member of the family. After the noche Buena we are all gathered around the Christmas tree, pick and open our gifts. I got a jacket from my parents. I bought a bag from Tomato shop for my mother. A jacket and a wrist watch for my father. Of course for my teenage son you can take your pick. I bought a 21 inches Flat Screen Sony color tv for him. It will replace his current tv set. I bought a laptop for both of us. For my blogging and for his research. There is a bonus because as soon as internet had been set up, he realized research is not the only thing he can do in the internet. I am planning to buy a dvd player for him. We already have one but he used to have a second dvd player that he and only he could use. Its like a personal stuff for him. He had some issues with his personal dvd and I intend to replace it this holiday season. Later I will be going to the mall and I will be buying a pocket watch for him. Also, he is a collector of anime items. I am planning to buy him at least one of his collection. So, what do you think, may I consider any of those as a Christmas present for him? Well, those are the ones I gave to my family. For myself, well I did not really get much this holiday season but it is fine. This season is not about how much or how many I received, right? The love and respect of my son is more than enough. The support of my parents are more than enough. I think that had been good enough for me to survive the trials and to endure some realities in my life. Not to mention accepting that there are things that I should have had but were taken away from me just like that. And of course, surviving the health issues I am facing at the moment. Life goes on and on this season, we should be happy. I hope every one have a pleasant day today!!



Few hours from now and it will be Christmas. It is my favorite day of the year. It is the season where every one is jolly and in the mood to share. Not just gifts but a sweet smile, kind words and the warm greeting of “Merry Christmas”. Every person I met have the sheer excitement in their eyes. I am sure that just like me, you are also anticipating this day of the year.

Of course, the main reason why we celebrate is because this is day when Christ was born. You know I had been having second thoughts bringing out this theory regarding the date we celebrate the birth of Christ. I will only hope that my reader would understand that there are different views and theories about everything under the sun. More so, I hope my reader would focus more on the real content of this entry. You see, there are beautiful people who had been reading my entries and I am very happy they visit me on my site. Lately I had been thinking of them when I write. Anyways, there are theories that Jesus of Nazareth was born sometime in the fall near the Jewish feast of Tabernacles or in the spring around the time of Passover. On the birth of Christ, bible states that “There were shepherds camping in the countryside, keeping watch over their flocks by night.- Luke 2:8. This is sensitive because we all know that the bible had been translated and transcended to hundreds of copies. On top of that, the bible had been subjected to different interpretations as well. It is said that shepherds can not camp and watch over their flocks on winter because of the cold climate. More so, it had been a practice among Jews to camp their sheep in the field during early spring and bring them home on the first rain which would be on the early to mid fall. Hence, it will defy logic that the shepherds were camping and watching over the shepherds on December. This leads to the theory that Jesus was not really born on December. So, does this mean that if this theory is true we should not celebrate Christmas anymore? I say regardless of the actual birth of Christ we focus on the true meaning of the season. Christmas is about Christ and more than the traditional commemoration of the birth of the child Jesus in the manger it is about warm and hearty hugs to and from our love ones. It is about reconciliation with those who had been detached from us. It is the sweet smile we see in the face of the people around us. That’s what Christmas is all about!! I believe that above all, regardless of scientific and documented theories presented in our face, one concept will never change. It is the fact that despite the uncertainties of this world, we are loved and we should also give our share of love to those around us.


Monday, December 22, 2008


Sometimes we are confronted by situations where saying a two letter word "No" becomes extremely difficult. Maybe it is not uttering this two letter word "no" that is difficult. Perhaps it is the act of declining itself that is difficult. This is usually true for indirect communicators. Asian race like Filipinos are too warm and hospitable in nature. This brings about a trait wherein turning down a request becomes a great challenge. In filipino term this trait is associated with the word "pakikisama". This is when a person follows a particular flow diligently to the point that saying "no" becomes a taboo. Unfortunately, inability to say "no" sometimes put us in a very compromising situation. Had you been in this kind of predicament? Had you been a part of a scenario where a friend so hard to resist asked a favor and because you can not say a blunt "no" you subconsciously uttered a lame "yes" or made a promise that you will do what you can to meet such favor? Then afterwards regretting what you just said because you know you just made a commitment that you may not be able to meet? If you had not been on this predicament then congratulations, you are a direct communicator. However, if are still trapped on this kind of dilemma then allow me to share my thought. You are not alone, i had been on that boat! But then, think about this. Saying "no" is not a way of saying "I don't want to help" or "I don't care". Instead, it is a way of being honest to what you can and can not do! This will save you from sticky situation and will save your friend from false hopes. We can decline with grace. Say "no" then immediately state the reason why. Give different alternatives, if possible. This would make the person feel that the road is not a dead end. Say "no" in a normal tone of voice. If it will help to say "sorry, i cant help you" go ahead! I think honesty is still the best trait for a lasting relationship, be it with friends, co-workers or colleagues, right? I am also an indirect communicator and i hope i am able to share a thought with you today!! Have a nice day!

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Sunday, December 14, 2008


Thanks again Leslie, for this award. I really appreciate the Friendship Award. I think you are the real award winner here! More Power and Happy Holidays for you and your family!! I will further check other blogger who deserve thesame award as well!!


Christmas is this time of the year when every one is excited, busy and jolly. Do forgive me because I am about to speak first on the origin and cover the overview of the Christmas season before discussing about the activities that goes with the season. Now i find my self speaking about Christmas activities. We will cover the overview on the next few days.

You see, every family have different activities to prepare for the coming holiday season. In my family, we have a separate schedule for our grocery for the items that we will be needing for Christmas. Items that we will be using for New Year is also a separate schedule. During younger years i was pretty excited because i can buy anything i need and want. However, when i started working, i don't buy for personal stuff anymore. It is now the younger ones who are excited because this is their opportunity to buy anything without any limit. So if you are among the family member, you can already think of your supply for the next number of months. Imagine that! We buy from household needs to personal needs. From the ingredients that i will be using for my yearly salad to what ever you can think of. Yesterday had been our schedule for this activity and to tell you, my dear blogger and dear reader, i was dead tired after all the buying and picking an item and computing everything!! Well, who said Christmas preparation is not tiring as well as enjoyable, right? What about you? What are the activities of your family during these season? Have a nice day to every one.

Friday, December 12, 2008


There i was in the mall shopping for Christmas presents with the little time i had. Making every effort to select the most of what i can to purchase an appropriate gift for my co-workers with the few remaining time i have. Few days ago i was imagining fancy gifts. Gifts that is appropriate for special people who will receive my gifts. The first two are my co-workers Leslie and Richard. And just a while ago would be the gifts for the rest of my team mates. But now, i realized that to be able to give a fancy gift, i should really take my time and check every item in the mall to really feel that "Yes, This is the gift that i would like to give for them". However, time is too short for me. We had been working six days straight and have less day off, not to mention other obligations that i have to meet. Time is one of the challenges on occasions like these. Well, come to think of it, every year of the holiday season was always a rush hour for me. Come o think of it, what is the day that is not a rush hour for me anyway! Well, modest as it may seem, it is not the cost nor the extravagance that matters. Old fashioned as it may seem, it is the thought that always count and matter the most!! Do you agree? Have a nice holiday, every one!

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Every one have a vulnerable spot that when directly hit could crush and pull us down to our knees. Even the toughest among us have one or two that have a direct link to that soft spot. It could be our vices, self-preservation, vanity or love. When it comes to love it could be a romantic love, maternal or paternal love. I am sure you can also name a few more. For me, that soft spot is my child. I had been hit by loneliness, vanity, money issues, basic needs issue and self esteem issues even and i can fairly say that i kept on standing up and was able to find my way back to the war zone. I had been wounded and had fallen a countless of times but i did find my way up to the comfort zone. However, an inch of contact to my weak spot and i will surely crawl down and going back on my knees will be the greatest challenge ever. Linking on my soft spot would draw me in the bottomless pit and would keep me in that abyss of endless darkness, as if the cold indifference of cruelty would be the only shelter i would be able to lean on.
As i had mentioned in my entry entitled Dealing With People, i mentioned that there's always two sides of a coin. There's always the positive and the negative side of everything that happened in our lives. We just have to identify which is which. I will have to say that the positive side of the coin will surely be blurred when it comes to linking with my vulnerable spot. Hopefully, I will not be confronted by such predicament because so much had already been taken away from me. However, if confronted by such, i hope i could muster every inch of courage and strength i have to identify the positive side of the coin. I know though one thing. In this lifetime I did gave an unconditional love. The kind where i could willingly lay even my very life. He is the very core of the vulnerable spot in me, he is my only child!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Hello there every one. Just two days ago, i thought my blog will have its monthsary next week. When i went to the bank to make a deposit, i asked the guard about the date that day. He courteously pointed the calendar. That was when i realized how time really flies. One effect of my work is that i hardly keep my self updated of the current date. Well, most of the time i got lost of what day it already is. It felt as if it was only days ago when i started writing. I did not realize it has been already a month!! Well, Happy Monthsary for me, with a sweet smile, of course. It is nice to write and write. Most of all, it is nice to be linked to beautiful people like Leslie, Richard, Zhey and Grapes. I also would like to include the future friends i know i will be able to cross path with through my writings! Have a nice day!


Thank you Richard for such a wonderful award. Reminds me that christmas is fast approaching. I think i should already start writing about the coming holiday season. Reminds me too to buy my gifts :). Thanks a lot for your kindness. And thanks for the support you had been giving to all of us blogger in our work place. See you later at work. Have a nice day!


I would like to thank Leslie for such an amazing award. I am so flattered, specially coming from you. Many thanks and do have a nice trip to Los Angeles, USA. Also, again, congratulations to all the accomplishments you achieved. You deserve it. Happy Blogging !!

Monday, December 8, 2008


I know of names of ladies that resembles the name of a flower like Rose, Lily, Daisy, Dalia and well, i am sure there are a lot more out there. When i was a little girl my playmates used to call me Lily for my nickname. At first it was just fine. However, when my play mates started teasing me water lily, i started to dislike my nick name. So when i reached high school, i made sure i will be known simply by my first name which is Shirley. No nickname. It was when i was employed that my co-workers started calling me "She." I said i do not have a nick name so they gave me one. After that, it became automatic. It was as if anywhere i go, people called me She. But do you know that the name Shirley is also a name of a flower? Wow! had you heard of a flower "Shirley"? I will not be surprise if you did not. Actually there is a flower "Shirley". It is an annual flower and it glows under the sun. It has large silky blooms on top of its straight stems. Its color varies from fuchsia to pink. The scientific name of this flower is papaver rhoeas. So, for ladies whose name is the same as mine! Believe it, your name is also a name of a flower. Speaking of names, it is said that each name has a corresponding meaning, too! Well, the answer is yes. I know the meaning of the name of my son. However, with regards to the meaning of Shirley? That i do not know! I will just be content that my name is also a name of a beautiful flower. That is already nice as it is. Blogger, readers, friend, have a nice day!

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Sunday, December 7, 2008


I was not able to write for two days because of a hectic schedule. Well, yesterday was the Christmas party in our division. I had been in a call center for a number of years already but this is the first time i attended a Christmas party. Well, the first time i attended a social gathering in my work since i can not anymore remember when. I say it was nice. First time i felt that my working family is my second family. It is the perfect time to forget responsibilities and the things that i still have to do and loosen up a bit. It is nice to be with my team mates outside the working area as well. Laugh, drink, eat and enjoy. There is a bonus for me, too. Something i was not expecting when i came to the christmas celebration. And oh yes, my congratulation to my supervisor, TL Geboi aka Team Lead Gerard for being the top supervisor for the fourth quarter of 2008. And my congratulation to the whole member of our team, for being the Top 1 Team for the fourth quarter of 2008. I call it team work. Cheers for each of my team mates, Kenneth, Pang aka Chris, Kat, Rhona, Kate, Gene, Yani, Richard aka Doods and our team mate who already transferred to another project but still remains in our heart, Leslie. Of course, our ever understanding team lead, TL Gebboi aka TL Gerard. Merry Christmas guys, to all blogger out there.. and Cheers to each of my team mates !!!

Above pictures taken during the Christmas Party of our Division:

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


To quickly criticize seemed to be part of human nature. I am sure every one had the share of pain of being criticized and judged by others even when the person throwing the criticism is basing on impression and had seen only a glimpse of the total picture. Wounding criticism is when such impression had been passed on from one person to another and the person being criticized is the last person to know. It is said that there is always two sides of a coin. There could be a positive and a negative result for the victim of these circumstances. The positive result is that the person being criticized would be able to clearly see the true color of the person around him or her. Circumstances like this would enable the victim to see who are the real friend material and who are fake. The negative result is of course the wound it causes.

However, there is a constructive criticism. For me a criticism becomes constructive when it contains two elements -

1) When such criticism is addressed directly to the person concerned;
2) When such criticism is aimed for the benefit of the person being criticized, like
if it would create a room for improvement or it will save the face of the person
being criticized.

One element missing on the above-mentioned is not a constructive criticism. If the purpose of such criticism is simply to raise the fault of another person, specially when such had reached other ears before it reached the person concerned, it becomes frivolous. It spits venom. On the person being criticized, it puts him or her on a defensive state. I wounds the persons' sense of pride. For the person hearing the accusation, it creates the temptation of contempt and deceipt. Sometimes when we deal with people, we forgot that we are not only dealing with people with reasoning and intelligence. We are also dealing with people of emotion. For me, a person is measured not only on his accomplishments, but on how he or she treats other people as well. Unfortunately, due to the tight competition in the concrete jungle, the latter becomes over rated, which is very sad!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Yesterday starts one of my medical program. As per doctors advise i have to brisk walk for one hour, three times a week. Unfortunately, due to work schedule, it is not possible for me to complete a three times a week brisk walking. So i can only make the most of the remaining day off i have. I ended up brisk walking at 7:00am instead of the original schedule which should be 6:00am or earlier because i still have to finish some errands. It is fine even if i did not start on schedule. It is also nice to see the morning sun. It is nice to breath the morning air. I had the urge to jog and ran faster but i was controlling it. I am not sure if that will be a good idea because i might risk creating further injury to my neck. It is nice that i still can do things i thought i can not do anymore. As i move my feet, inhaling and exhaling the morning air, feeling my heart beating faster, i came to have a stronger feeling towards one belief- that i can beat this one odd. My adrenaline going stronger as i move faster. I can feel the gust of wind against my face. I know one thing sure now, I can beat this one odd. I will get better. I know. Have a nice week day to you, my reader and to the blogger out there!!

Friday, November 28, 2008


Yesterday was Thanksgiving Day. I know i should have written this yesterday. Well, better late than never, right? Thanksgiving is observed on the second Monday of October in Canada and on the fourth Thursday of November in United States. This festival is celebrated every year and is considered as a national holiday. For the americans, they celebrate Thanksgiving as a way of remembering that their ancestors settled in a new world. For the canadians, however, it is for purposes of giving thanks for a successful harvest. In concept, they have the same purpose. This purpose, i believe, is to celebrate and to give thanks for the blessings that they enjoy. Americans celebrate Thanksgiving by sharing with friends and family members a feastful dinner. Of course, when it comes to food, Thanksgiving is always associated with turkey. Well, happy thanksgiving to those who observed this festival..belated!!

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entitled: Happy Thanksgiving

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I had been in medication for the past few months since September. I was even advised to take a breather while undergoing medication. However, as a single parent, taking a halt is never an option. I just know i have to go on. Finding a way to cure myself had opened a new door of journey for me. Then lately, i have been taking a medicine that somehow had been a big help. But then, there is one turn that somehow have helped me take big leap towards further curing my self. You know what that is? Self conviction. I can make it through. Positive insight. Day by day i am learning how to relax. I am even finding my self humming a song in between calls. Just a while ago, while in the grocery i am even singing a christmas song. Life is not so bad! Eighteen years ago, i faced one of the biggest challenge in my life. That challenge was raising my son alone. My son is now in college. I made it through those years. I can still make it for more years. Yes, life is not easy but it is fine. I was able to cope the biggest storm so far. I can make it through now as well. Have a nice day!!

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entitle: Your Smile Is My Laughter

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I spoke about an old friend and the smart lady who introduced the world of blogging to me. Let me now speak about a co-worker who has a very pleasant personality. We are actually in the same team. When i was a newbie in the account i thought he was snob. However, when i get the chance to speak to him i found out that it is actually the reverse. Speaking with him will surely make you smile and will make your day lighter as well. One person you can get easily feel comfortable being with. I wish all people are like him. By the way, his name is Richard. I always approach him when ever i have a question about blogging. His site is and You might want to visit his site. You will surely find the site an interesting read. Richard, thanks for your assistance and your generosity for helping newbies like me. My salute for you! Have a great day.

Monday, November 24, 2008


This entry is for my colleague and co-worker, Leslie. Today is her last day in the Welcome Team. She is my team mate and she is the one who influenced me into blogging. Leslie will now transfer from being an agent to being a quality analyst in another program. Congratulation to your accomplishments, Les and Good Luck in your future endeavor. I know everything will be great for you.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Just yesterday, my path crossed with an old friend. It is strange how small our world can be. There i was, sitting in my station. It was just another day at work. Then, when i was about to make another call i saw a familiar smiling face approaching. I can not believe it was my old friend standing right in front of me. It is good to see him again. In our lifetime, my reader, we encounter different kinds of people. Some are faces that merely come and go. Some became part of our lives. Some proven to be a trusted friend. It is sad to lose a trusted friend. This particular friend is one that i could consider as among the few that i can trust and confide with. And i thought i will not see him again after our graduation, until yesterday. His name is Ed. He was my classmate back in Informatics. I took a short course for computer troubleshooting in Informatics four years ago. More or less four years had passed. Ed was the top in our class. I always had been in second to him. If there was a competition, it was a healthy competition. I don't mind losing to him because he had proven himself. A consistent scholar and always a pecfect score in our quizzes and examination. How can i beat that? Anyways i am happy seeing an old friend. And i hope that meeting him by chance would be meeting him again just like when we were a group back in Informatics. And I hope for keeps, too.


I am back. After a number of weeks, i saw my godson again. His name is Lawrence. He is the only child of my brother. My brother and his wife had been staying in Pasig for weeks now. They will be back in our residence by December. Yesterday was Lawrences' birthday! He is two years old now. He is the youngest member of the family. The youngest among the grandchildren of my father and mother. Since his birth, he had been the source of attention among the family members. His giggle and his smile can take away any tiredness or sadness even. His birthday had been simple. Only the family members were present. Of course that includes my uncle, auntie and cousin. My mom gave food to my uncle and other neighbors as well. Food were over flowing though. I was not able to wait until the gathering was over because of a terrible neck pain. Nonetheless, i was able to see Lawrence and gave him my gift. He looked at me intently and i can see through those innocent eyes. He looked at me and his mom back and forth. Then he smiled at me and said "Thank you, tita". Well, this one is for you Lawrence, Happy Birthday!!

Thanks Richard, for greeting my godson. Thanks too! Leslie, for your comment!! Have a nice day to you, my reader!

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Saturday, November 22, 2008


Today is the natal day of one of the little angels. His name is Lawrence Cristo Aguas. He is the only son of my brother. I happened to be the proud god mother. Lawrence will be visiting me today and i am in a hurry because i still have to buy gifts for him..i will tell you more about his birthday later. See you later!

Friday, November 21, 2008


We did spoke about Money Matters I on the first few entries of this blog. As per the book of Mr. Cayetano, we spent too much time earning money. Some of us even resort to taking extra jobs or maintain a small business to augment our income. We are making a conscious effort to earn money. The main key is not just earning money but saving, planning and establishing our wealth basing on what you have now. However, to be able to make a mindful planning, we should be able to identify the character and nature of our income. There is the active and the passive income. The active income is our base income. It is where we exert our time, talent and effort. Passive income, however, is the income that we earn without our direct effort. Passive income is investment income. Remember, no one grows younger. We grow older each year. And the older we grow, the weaker we become, the more chances of decreasing our capacity to actively earn income. Passive income will determine our real financial gaol. It is our true wealth because it will determine our financial success or failure.

Source of Info : Wealth Within Your Reach By: Francisco J. Cayetano.
Source of pics :

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Do you believe that our state of mind influences our physical health? Our lifestyle, attitude, and our perspective in life have a direct effect on our total well being. Hence, a healthy lifestyle, a positive attitude towards every occurences in our life can trigger a healthy body. In fact, there had been wellness programs established for purposes of creating as an alternative medicine. If these programs can actually improve physical health is controversial and a subject of much debate.

The idea of Wellness spread as a popular concept way back 19th century. However, studies shows that such concept had been found in the more affluent societies because wellness involves balancing the body state with the basic needs of a human being like food, shelter and basic medical care. This is much so that wellness had been defined as the state that combines health and happiness. So, can we really say that health and wellness can only be attained by those who belong to the upper class of the society? I have to agree that there is a logic to that reasoning. But then, regardless of the class of society we belong or the state of economic life we have, I believe that we should always be faithful to that fighting spirit within us. While it is said that wellness is a combination of health and happiness. It is also described as, to quote “the constant, conscious pursuit of living life to its fullest potential."

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Monday, November 17, 2008


Yesterday was my day-off from work and it is on days like these when i could attend to the things that i have to do. Like yesterday was my schedule for a medical re-evaluation in Cardinal Santos Hospital. For you to be able to grasp what this medical re-evaluation is, I have cervical issues. A protrusion in my cervix. The affected area is C5-6. My therapist said that it is responsible for the mobility of my hands. Unfortunately for me, the doctor could not attend to patients at that moment. So I had to re-schedule again. Family members accompanied me. Not that i need a chaperon. My mom had been worried about my condition and she felt she have to know what the doctor will say. My brother accompanied me also. Again, not that i need a chaperon. Its just that he had been the one driving for me in case of emergency or when i had to use the family car. I don't really go well with my brother because as the eldest sister, there were decisions and ideals about life that we find ourselves on the opposite road. Nonetheless, in case of emergency, he had been driving for me. My father wanted to know the details of the medical re-evaluation as well. From the hospital my brother drove to the venue of his business meeting. It would have been easier to just send a text message, right? Just imagine, it was just a doctors meeting and every body seemed to be giving a big fuss about it. I mean, I could just fill-in the details when i get home, right? Anyways, we ended up having lunch in SM before going home. Well, you know what? i saw one thing though. I saw that despite differences, conflicting ideals and unending arguments, family sticks together like a pack in times of need. I suppose that is the wonder of the so called "Family". What do you think? Visit me again, will you? And do have a nice day.

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008


It is the first day of work for me. Call center agents have odd schudules, you know! Well, work day done for today. It is just like any other day. taking in calls. running against time to meet the metrics before the end of our day..which usually is the start of the day for many. It is nice to open this page again, though. It is as if i am speaking and confiding with you, my reader. I will be hoping i will be seeing you again tomorrow, as i write my next peace. Have a good day!!

Monday, November 10, 2008


I once owned a cat. Her name is Muning. Her color is unique. I can say she was stunning. She was only weeks old when she was given to me by my mom. She would climb into my lap and would rub her fur against my skin, as if seeking affection and affirmation from her master. She was very smart and active. I used to talk to her as if i was speaking with another human being and for some reason, there were a lot of occasion when she seemed to have understood what was saying. She was like my little princess until one day she disappeared. She went out and did not return for a number of days. Days came into weeks and weeks turned into months. I thought she will not come home anymore. After a number of months i got a glimpse of her, i thought at first it was not her but then looking closer, i knew she was my Muning. However, things were not the same anymore. It was as if she had become one of the stray cats. She would not come to me anymore. This weekend i was surprised to see her resting outside my room. She was looking at me intently, seemed that she is too weak. I took her and gave her a good meal. It was as if the kitten i knew before came back again. I dont know if this time for good but it is nice to feel again that part of me who used to have a big space for those like Muning. Sometimes, lifes' pressure and responsibility took out some sensibility in us, or in me. It it nice to tap that sensible part of us sometimes. I hope you guys had a nice weekend.

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Money had seemed to be the unconscious purpose of every ones' effort. Not necessarily the end point of ones' goal but it somehow serves like a middle-person of every transaction. Like how can you eat without paying or the food you eat? or how can you study if you don't have any money to pay your tuition fee? How about shelter, where can you find your shelter if you dont have money to pay for your rent? In fact, the amount of money that you have will determine how humane or how decent your shelter will become. People struggle to find money. I read this book written by Mr. Colayco and i find it very informative. Most working class beats all odds to earn money but seemed that lesser people consider of working as much harder to keep it. Most workers focus on earning money but statistically very few sit down and really think "how can i handle this money to serve my very purpose?" How can i become financially independent with the amount of income that i have TODAY? For an average earner, this is a challenge. This is a challenge for me, too! But then, reading Mr. Colaycos' book made me really think and re-think my spending habits. It is not easy but the book have a thought to share to everyone working. It is not just our willingness to work in order to earn money that matters, it is also our attitude towards spending our hard earned money.

Sources of Info: Wealth Within Your Reach by Francisco Cayetano

Saturday, November 8, 2008


Hi, Im Shirley. My nickname is She so you may call me She. This is my first entry and i would like you to know that i am so glad to be given this chance to speak to you. URL of my blog comes from my sons' nick name. His full name is Vincent Vaughn. So, welcome to this page. We can share anything under the sun. We can talk about anything. We can explore different topics. I can also share with you my dreams and aspiration for my unico hijo, Cen. Walk with me and share my thoughts. We can share a lot of things. Have a great day!