Wednesday, December 24, 2008


On Christmas eve we celebrate the traditional Noche Buena. My family observed this tradition every year. We did not fail even once. We are all awake at 12:00 midnight. Of course my mother, myself included, were always awake even before 12:00 midnight for the food praparation. The traditional ham and quezo de bola will always be on the table. In our family theres always the never forgotten crispy pata because it is a favorite of my father and my brother. Hmm..tempting, isn’t it? Anyway, up until now we also observe opening gifts after Noche Buena. Below the 7ft Christmas tree, we have the gifts we bought for each member of the family. After the noche Buena we are all gathered around the Christmas tree, pick and open our gifts. I got a jacket from my parents. I bought a bag from Tomato shop for my mother. A jacket and a wrist watch for my father. Of course for my teenage son you can take your pick. I bought a 21 inches Flat Screen Sony color tv for him. It will replace his current tv set. I bought a laptop for both of us. For my blogging and for his research. There is a bonus because as soon as internet had been set up, he realized research is not the only thing he can do in the internet. I am planning to buy a dvd player for him. We already have one but he used to have a second dvd player that he and only he could use. Its like a personal stuff for him. He had some issues with his personal dvd and I intend to replace it this holiday season. Later I will be going to the mall and I will be buying a pocket watch for him. Also, he is a collector of anime items. I am planning to buy him at least one of his collection. So, what do you think, may I consider any of those as a Christmas present for him? Well, those are the ones I gave to my family. For myself, well I did not really get much this holiday season but it is fine. This season is not about how much or how many I received, right? The love and respect of my son is more than enough. The support of my parents are more than enough. I think that had been good enough for me to survive the trials and to endure some realities in my life. Not to mention accepting that there are things that I should have had but were taken away from me just like that. And of course, surviving the health issues I am facing at the moment. Life goes on and on this season, we should be happy. I hope every one have a pleasant day today!!


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