Saturday, December 27, 2008


I had been in physical restraints lately. My slip disk recurring evidently and swiftly. I can feel my cervical bone reacting to physical strain. My tongue tastes blood. My hands don’t have enough strength to press a key pad. Every time I tried working on the computer I can feel the strain in my cervix. I can feel my strength escaping in my finger tips. I can not even hold a plate. Just two nights ago I felt my hand going numb again. Just the other morning I woke up realizing I can not move my cervix again. I wont give up that easy, right? I forced my self to do the program given by my doctor. I doubled the counts of my therapy. I feel frustrated though that the things I can do now is very limited. Not the way I used to. However, my mind refused to accept that my ability to move is already limited now. I refused to settle to an idea that there are things that i can not do anymore because of the slip disk in my cervix. I always say “It is mind over body”. I will not allow physical ailments drain me down. Not without a fight..

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