Monday, December 29, 2008


I was looking at this kid talking about Santa Claus. Every time the name came up I vividly remember how my son started wondering if Santa is really real.

I can not recall the exact year then. A few hours before 12:00MN, I was persuading my son to go to bed. He was waiting for Santa to show up with his Christmas gifts. After a number of minutes of what seemed to be like an unendless persuasion for him to sleep, he finally gave in. I kissed him in the forehead and bid nightie night. As I turn off the lights and close the door behind me, I noticed the sock he hung beside his door. I still had to help my mother prepare for our Noche Buena. Too many things needed to do before the clock strikes 12:00MN. I did remember the clock ticking so fast that before I knew it, it was past 11:00PM. That was when I realized! Cens’ sock was still empty. I hurried to the nearest open grocery at the time, grabbed some candies, chocolates and small toys. Before my son woke everything was already in order. Food already served in the table. His sock already full with candies, chocolates and toys. I took a deep breath then and said to myself, whew! Beat the clock. Anyway, it was a splendid night. Just like the other Christmas eve we had. But then, in the morning, while having our breakfast, my brother and my son asked “Isn't it that Santa lives in the North Pole?” I replied “ Yes, I believe so!” Then my son asked “ Isn't it that Santa have this factory where he makes toys and candies and all the gifts he gives to little children?” I replied “Yes, why all the question?” Then my son replied “ If that is so, why is it that the toys i received last night have a price tag from the grocery nearby?” The only thing I could answer was “Ooh, really?!” My son did not ask a question anymore, it was a statement this time when he said “Santa was not here last night. It was you who gave those gifts” In defense I said “ Hey, you can never know, maybe something came up and Santa was such in a hurry that he have to improvised. You know, maybe Santa was so busy that he have to buy those stuff in the grocery store!” Well, honestly I knew my son did not believe my excuse.

I can not recall how I outgrow Santa Claus but I sure remember how my son began outgrowing his idea about the man in the red suit with the “ho ho ho” laugh. How about you, can you still recall how you outgrow Santa?


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