Friday, January 29, 2010


My auntie who is currently based in the United States sent me a mail on ice waves in Antarctica. I found it so amazing. With her permission, I would like to share it with you as well.

Temperature had been extremely cold that as soon as water rises and came in contact with the air, it froze.

Here are the pictures.

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Thursday, January 28, 2010


It is believed that in completing a task effectively, one must be in proper condition. Proper condition means all of our senses are working effectively. Does it mean then that losing one of our physical senses affect the outcome of one task? What do you think?

One grandma showed to the world that being blind does not matter. This is my report in Allvoices. I entitled it :
Blind Grandma Broke Record - Biggest Fish Caught by a British Woman.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Just recently i shared studying tips. It has been the topic of one of my published work. I entitled the article "Studying Tips" and it had been published in Quezen. Do check it out.

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


As I had written last year, this date marks a national day of Australia. It is Australia’s Foundation Day. It is the day when Australia people commemorates their history and the nations current achievement as a great nation. Today is considered as their National Public Holiday.

January 26 marks the First Landing Day way back 1788 with Captain Arthur Philip set his foot in Sydney Cove. Capt. Arthur Philip was the commander of the First Fleet from Great Britain. He is also the first governor of New South Wales. For the aborigines, this marks the Invasion Day.

How do Australia celebrates this date? Well, various ways actually. One can attend and participate to events such as awarding ceremonies, fireworks, parades and others. Another option would be to participate in local ceremonies and events. If one does not feel like going out, just host a barbecue party at home. Some visits museums and learn more about the history of their country. Another alternative is to just stay home and commemorate this event with ones’ family and love ones.

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Take care every one and for Australia, HAPPY FOUNDATION DAY.

Monday, January 25, 2010


I am sure you know the song Auld Lang Syne. Who would not know this song? Actually, the first version I heard was the version from the Waterloo Bridge movie. Knowing the song, I am pretty sure that we know about the author as well. His name is Robert Burns and today is actually Burns night. January 25 is when United Kingdom celebrates this great poet. Also known as the Bard of Ayshire, Robert Burns is not just considered as a Scotlands’ National poet. He is celebrated nationwide as well. His works influenced extended to the social and political aspect of his country. The movement that he so inspired known as Romanticism extended to major regression towards Industrial revolution. Such focuses on the upper class of the society and the political norms as well. It is more visualized in aesthetic perspective towards ones senses, thereby challenging the accepted concepts on his time.

A man of intellect, his works remains and progresses even beyond his time. Note this date, January 25 to be his day, the BURNS NIGHT day.

Some of his works are Auld Lang Syne, A Red, Red Rose, The Battle of Sherramuir and many more.

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Sunday, January 24, 2010


Had you ever asked yourself what professionalism means? I suppose when we see a doctor, a lawyer, an engineer we think of the word professional. However, does the word professional automatically associates with the word professionalism? Can we honestly say that this diploma and passing the licensure examination is an automatic qualifier for professionalism? I do not know for you but in my book, they are different.
I hated going to the doctor. It is because every time I seek medical assistance, I ended up with a dreaded feeling. I felt I lost so much after that brief encounter with the doctor.
Before I proceed, I would like to make it clear that this is based on my personal view and experience. I will set one instance as an example. My mother have this particular doctor where she regularly goes for her check up. She persuaded me that If I would be having any medical concerns, I might as well go to her doctor. So when the chance came I did. She had her clinic at home and she opens at 7:00am. I went there at 6:50 am. After a long ordeal of waiting, her assistant called in to us at 10:30am. She said the doctor is ready. When it is my turn, she smiles with that fresh smile as if she have all the time in the world. Actually, she is good. However, I can not really feel the impact considering I waited for 3 ½ hours. When she was done with me, half of my day was already exhausted. And by what? What had happened in that span of half of that day? Actually this is not new to me. When I already have my medical card, I have the option to go to any accredited hospital. If and when it is an outpatient appointment, I have to wait for an average of two hours.
This happened to one of my co-workers as well. Our shift starts 2:00am to 11:00am. His grandma was sick. He accompanied her to a doctor. After lunch they went straight to the doctors office. Arriving at 1:00pm, they waited up until 4:00pm. Count consultation, buying the medicine prescribed, transportation hours consumed, they arrived home more or less 8:00pm. Bottom line, due to tiredness and exhaustion, He was late the next working day, lost attendance bonus in the amount of 5 thou and minutes deducted from him. He told me, it could have been different if the doctor arrived on time. I said, maybe there had been an emergency in the hospital. Maybe the doctor had an operation or something. Maybe...maybe. However, in the back of my mind, I can not help this one nagging thought. Is it not that operations are scheduled? Or, am I wrong? Hospital tasks are a matter of life and death. Doctors should be always on call. However, can all doctors honestly state that ALL, and absolutely ALL circumstances when their patient waited for long hours, is really because they are on the hospital on an emergency call. I think if one doctor could honesty state that he is on an emergency call and can not come as he promised, then advise the waiting patient through the assistant that he/she have an emergency call and will be arriving later on this or that time. Hence, the patient have the option if they would like to wait or come back.
One thing I am proud of in the call center industry- in terms of the agents- is that we value time. If our shift starts at 10:00pm. That means 9:59 up until 10:00. 10:01 is already late. So, if an agent have an attendance bonus of, say Php5,000. This means that logging in at 10:01 would automatically mean she or he already lost her 5,000 pesos for that month. We can not just smile and say, I had an emergency. Seconds lost have corresponding value, in money. Hence, if i go to a doctors appointment and I just asked permission from office, probability is that I would lose about a thousand for that consultation. That would constitute the doctors fee and the amount of the benefits and salary that I could have earned on those hours I waited. In one book I read, Being punctual is important because when we came in late, we actually stole from the person who waited for us. We stole this persons time. It is not actually for doctors alone. Some lawyers would set up an appointment and would arrive after one or two hours. What can you say? Specially when you have a pending complaint or a case being handled by this person.
I do not know for you but I think professionalism is not the Diploma nor the license that goes with the profession. Professionalism is a bundle of working effectively, adherence to working and social ethics, our attitude towards our work and towards people, and being on the dot at all times. This is the few components of the word. After all, TIME IS GOLD. TIME IS MONEY.
Note: This is NOT to stereo type all doctors, lawyers or any professional. If one is respectful to the time of clients, customers, patients and other people, then clearly this post in NOT in reference to that person. However, If one believes that this post reflects his or her working ethics, then please allow this post as a way to see the people on the other shoe and hopefully would be a ground for addressing the areas of improvement.
Take care every one.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


There may be times when people finds themselves in an embarrassing situation. My report in Allvoices is one of those situations. Much as i would like to give you a hint, how about just checking it out?

I entitled it : Mans' Private Part Stucked in a Pipe.

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I was about to leave the building after our training. It would be just like one of those situations when we call it a day. However, as I approached the elevator, some one called my name. As I turned my back to check who called , the lady guard with her very pleasant smile greeted me. "Are you going, ma'am Shirley?" Perhaps surprised showed in my face because she further stated, "Are you surprised I know your name? " I am quite sure I gave a nod or something. She replied "You are not an agent anymore. For the new batch that came in, we have to know each of your groups' names. We have to log your name every time you came in and/or came out of the floor. " As she pointed her head to the log book she is holding. I looked intently at her. She got my attention as I sink in the impact of her meaning. All I could respond was to smile back at her as i bid good bye and told her to take care.

The lady guard is the same as the lady guard who had been assigned in our floor when I was still with my previous account. I was just another face coming and going. Now, she have to make sure my ins and outs are logged.

With the casual good mornings and byes every day for more or less two years, I am pretty sure she did not know me by name. However, in a matter of days, she now have to memorize such name.

As I walked out of the building, i can not help but to smile to myself as I absorb the gradual changes that had been occurring lately.

Monday, January 18, 2010


January 18 is a federal holiday in the United States. This is the day when they commemorate Martin Luther King Jr. Day. It is being celebrated on the third Monday of January of every year. This was first observed on the year 1986. However, this was not celebrated in all states just yet. It has been commemorated in all states of the United States only in the year 2000.

Martin Luther King leads a peaceful activist movement for human rights. One of the issues at hand during his time was racial concerns. Some education establishments and institutions mark this day in teaching their students the works of Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Sunday, January 17, 2010


People have different way of uplifting a plea to our respective gods. Some offer flowers and prayers. For some, they dance in order to get their request. In some religion, they offer sacrifices. One man had an odd way of offering his sacrifice to get what he wants. He sacrificed his body parts.

To read more, check out my report in Allvoices.

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Saturday, January 16, 2010


In a standard office environment, transfer to another department would mean another orientation. Perhaps one would be taught of the process and the job description. However, for those who are in the call centre industry, transfer from one account to another would mean a new training, new study and of course, another set of examinations. Bottom line, another process of studying. How should we study? What would be the points to remember if and when we came across that old familiar stage in our life, studying and learning.

1. Set Priorities. At the stage where I am at, my career and my job is at stake. This means that my very own bread and butter, including my career with the company, will depend on the outcome of this training. I will be studying for one full month. For me, this means I must dedicate my time, schedule and my full focus to the whole process of this training. I am supposed to apply and/or bid for new writing tasks. However, I delayed all the writing tasks for now up until next month. I will reserve my full energy to this project. I have to set my priorities. At this point, my training is my priority.

For a student, setting priorities does not necessarily mean one have to shun every aspect of her/his life and bury ones head in text books. It simply means that the student MUST know what is more important and should give the energy, focus and time necessary to meet the challenges that goes with said priority.

2. Create a study schedule. I plan to have a notebook on day 1. I will reserve a number of hours every day for purposes of studying the topics covered for a particular day. This number of hours could be before or after the actual training schedule. This should be on an every day schedule. On top of the studying time, there would also be a review time. This is the time when I will be reading my notes from the previous days and go over each of them so I could refresh all those previous information that really needs to sink in.

When I was a student, I used to wake up very early to prepare for school. I used to reserve 30 minutes before I go out of that door and go to school. The 30 minutes allotted time was spent into opening my notebook and going over the previous notes. I did not memorize. I just read every line, every word, every day for 20 to 25 minutes. The 5 to 10 mnts were spent making sure that my things are all in bag and I forgot nothing. After school, i would reserve 1 or 1 ½ hour doing my assignments and studying. Hence, I opened my notes twice. First, to review. Second, the memorization – if needed and the study proper.

3. Allow our minds to rejuvenate To prepare it for the next day. After 1 or 1 ½ hr study, I am done. That means when I am done, I am done. I unwind. Play. Watch TV. Anything except studying for that day. We have to allow our minds relax and rejuvenate in order to prepare it for the next day.

There are other tips. Above information are quite simple and could be followed in a day to day basis. In addition, allow me to give out other reminders as well.

1. The key word is discipline. We should not stray away from our schedule.No excuses.

2. Avoid information over load. Take one step at a time. One can only chew as much.

3. On examination period, ask yourself, if you are the teacher, what would be the questions you will give?

4. When and if you have time, read ahead.

5. Never skip class. How can you learn if you are not present in class?

6. Chill. Learn to relax.

So, this is good luck for me and if you are in the middle of studying, good luck to you as well. Hope you got a thing or two from my tips above. That is what i considered as an effective way to fill in those information in our head.

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Happy Studying and take care.