Monday, January 25, 2010


I am sure you know the song Auld Lang Syne. Who would not know this song? Actually, the first version I heard was the version from the Waterloo Bridge movie. Knowing the song, I am pretty sure that we know about the author as well. His name is Robert Burns and today is actually Burns night. January 25 is when United Kingdom celebrates this great poet. Also known as the Bard of Ayshire, Robert Burns is not just considered as a Scotlands’ National poet. He is celebrated nationwide as well. His works influenced extended to the social and political aspect of his country. The movement that he so inspired known as Romanticism extended to major regression towards Industrial revolution. Such focuses on the upper class of the society and the political norms as well. It is more visualized in aesthetic perspective towards ones senses, thereby challenging the accepted concepts on his time.

A man of intellect, his works remains and progresses even beyond his time. Note this date, January 25 to be his day, the BURNS NIGHT day.

Some of his works are Auld Lang Syne, A Red, Red Rose, The Battle of Sherramuir and many more.

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