Saturday, January 2, 2010


Two years of my life had been spent contributing to a project that had become my primary bread and butter. There had been bitter moments. That date when I saw in the computer the production ranking, seeing my name as the 4th on the top. Only to see that my name was almost on the bottom when it was released to the agents. I asked myself, " How was that possible?" How come the original copy was different from what was presented to the production floor? What happened to my efforts? I felt demoralized. Cheated even. Also, there were lots of moments when i felt i was taunted and ridiculed simply because i am a middle age woman who worked in a dynamic, fast paced industry. I got the taste on how to work in an ageist group. The months of proving oneself was agonizing. It was intimidating.

But then, it is not always a bitter moment. There were also sweet moments. The moment when i received the recognition as the top contributor/top performer on the whole production floor. That was quarter of 2008. Being the top performer from January to April - May of 2009. Recent months being the consistent top performer as well. I even have the trophy on top of my computer - stating therein "Top Agent". I earned that recognition. Not to mention the respect i felt i earned from most of my collegues and co-workers as two years passed by. On top of that, the friends i will definitely keep as i go on to the next chapter of my working life.

By the end of 2009, our project also ends. It is sad because some will lose jobs. Some will stay with the company on a different project. 2010 promises new brand of challenges. But then, my experience with the welcome project will be something that i would look behind me as part of a chapter of my working life. Time spent with the "Welcome" project plays a role on the road i will be leading on 2010. Heavy heart as it may be, i would want to offer a toast for the project the sustained me and my son. It was a span of two good years all in all.

A toast for the job well done, "Welcome" banner and thank you for every thing.

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