Tuesday, January 26, 2010


As I had written last year, this date marks a national day of Australia. It is Australia’s Foundation Day. It is the day when Australia people commemorates their history and the nations current achievement as a great nation. Today is considered as their National Public Holiday.

January 26 marks the First Landing Day way back 1788 with Captain Arthur Philip set his foot in Sydney Cove. Capt. Arthur Philip was the commander of the First Fleet from Great Britain. He is also the first governor of New South Wales. For the aborigines, this marks the Invasion Day.

How do Australia celebrates this date? Well, various ways actually. One can attend and participate to events such as awarding ceremonies, fireworks, parades and others. Another option would be to participate in local ceremonies and events. If one does not feel like going out, just host a barbecue party at home. Some visits museums and learn more about the history of their country. Another alternative is to just stay home and commemorate this event with ones’ family and love ones.

Picture of Australia came fro fairfieldcity.nsw.gov.au

Picture of Capt. Arthur Philips came from oldwww.ballarat.edu.au.

Take care every one and for Australia, HAPPY FOUNDATION DAY.

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