Saturday, January 9, 2010


Sometimes, an ordinary day can turn out to be not as ordinary after all. Some unexpected events may turn out and before we know it...boom...things changed. One meeting actually does it all. A number of people had been called for a meeting in our work place. We thought, it would be just another discussion and passing on of information regarding our current predicament in our work place. However, one of my co-workers approached me after the meeting. She hugged me and whispered “ This is my last day, I am going to miss you”. I was unable to speak. I looked at her in disbelief. After a number of minutes, she was right there in front of me, filling out her exit interview. Then come a number of co-workers as well. Just that morning when we started our shift, I am conditioned that we will be staying together with the company up until the last day of the project. We will go gracefully, or at least those who opted to go. But then, in a snap of a finger, I am seeing the people I had been with for two years now on the process of exiting. Mixed emotions came over me. I am unable to speak. I saw tears in one of my co-workers eyes. I felt heavy aura all of the sudden. All happened in a matter of minutes.

I suppose one thing i might not be able to get used to is good byes’. Thing is, when we are with the people around us on the regular basis, we tend to treat them as just ordinary people. We did not see their value. We only see their value when we realized we will not see them anymore.

I suppose that meant that regardless of a persons personality, when we got the chance to be with one or more souls, we make the most out of it. Because when they' re gone, all we have would be their memories and the has been. Not to mention that stabbing emotion every time i pass by their cubicle.

When one of my co-workers hugged me, she said "we move on". Yes, of course, we go from one chapters in our life to another. However, we do not really leave one chapter behind us, they became part of us as we face the challenges ahead of us.

Take care every one.

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