Friday, January 2, 2009


This is the first day of work for the year of the Ox. A night before the first day of work I still would like to slouch. I am hoping time would come when I don’t have to go out at 1:00 AM in the streets so I can earn money. I am hoping that time would come when I would be in the confines and comfort of my home at wee hours. It does not matter if I would be sound asleep or wide awake. What matters is that I would be inside the four corners of my home. Or maybe it is the fact that I would like to enjoy my vacation further. Well, when I entered the premises where I work, I saw optimistic faces. I saw people greeting “Happy New Year!” It was nice. I am glad seeing Jess-she smiled so sweetly today, Zhey, Pang aka Chris, Kenneth, Rhona, Kat- she is so hyper active today, Tin-tin-she greeted me with her sweet smile, Jhay-who greeted me so warmly, Ross-I shared with her a short but good chit-chat, Eunice- who said I look beautiful today, Eric – the first one who greeted me when I entered the work premises, Team Lead James who hugged me and said he missed me! Those pleasantries meant a lot for me. One of the people I am expecting to see is Richard but he is on vacation leave today. Haven, too! I was not able to text Haven during the Holiday Season!! I was looking for him but he is also on vacation leave today. I still hope that one day I don’t have to go out in the street during wee hours to earn a living but for now I feel so happy seeing my co-workers!! These are the people who have great influence on making my work place not just an office-but a second home. Have a nice day everyone!

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