Thursday, January 29, 2009


As I commented yesterday, the only thing that is permanent is a call centre industry is change. One minute you can gauge the scope of your work. You know by heart your work protocol. Then in a blink of an eye, everything entirely changes.

Just yesterday, three teams changed the scope of our work parameter. We assist our customers on setting up their adapters. Then, without prior notification, we were informed that a portion of our working hours will be dedicated to taking in sales calls. We are not profiled for Sales Account but well, directive as it is, we have to meet the requirements laid down before us. I suppose this is what it means to be flexible, being ready to make the most of what will be expected from us. Does being flexible extends to the point of dealing outside your field? Hmm.. but then for separated mom like me who have a son who goes to college and who wants a house and lot for me and my son, I suppose saying no to work is not an option. Well, for me at least!! I can not speak for all the single parents in the world! There are a lot of things i have in mind. I would like to make it in writing. I have to deal with my primary source of income and I have to cope with my other job!! Whew!!..that is life but as I said while we were on training this morning “Bring It On, Baby!!” I laughed hard because I have to. If I did not laugh, I will find my self being too tired. I might even cry!! I would rather smile or laugh heartily !!

There are three things in life that could help us go through life's challenges;

1) Accept the things that we can not change
2) Never give up and try our best to just move on.
3) Smile sweetly and laugh heartily !!!

Those helps me through..

Have a nice day every one!!

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