Saturday, January 10, 2009


January 8 was my brothers 20th birthday. His name is Lloyd. He is the youngest in the family. He had been spoiled. Maybe because he is the only son and the youngest in the family. He have a two year old child whose name is Lawrence. By the way, I'm Lawrences' god mom. My brothers’ birthday had been simple. The ones' present were limited to the members of the family. His common law wife, Abby and of course, Lawrence, mama and papa and myself. I don’t have a gift for my little bro but I do have a wish and a hope for him.

I wish my brother and Abby will have a happy family. My father and mother have a solid marriage so I hope my brother will follow the same foot step.

My hope, and much that I would like to tell it to him without being misunderstood. I hope he will find in his heart to find a path of his own. What is a man if you can not live the kind of person you would like to become? Right? When I say “man” I don’t mean just male. I mean a person per se. Man and Woman. I hope my brother would find his own path, would learn how to stand on his own ground and be the kind of man his wife, specially his son will be proud of and respect because respect can not be commanded. It should be earned.

Here's to your birthday, little brother, cheers with a wish of a happy life for you and your family!!

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