Friday, January 30, 2009


The last few days my son had been so quiet and seemed too alienated. I love him so much and I should know better to respect his space rather than nag him to open up his mind to me. I kept the space, I want to give to my son the space he needs but I did some very short talking, “son, what ever it is that is in your mind, you may tell it to me when ever and where ever you are comfortable talking about it. I love you so much!! Just remember, I am here for you”!! Thats' it, I did not repeat my statement anymore. Yesterday, he hugged me real tight and told me he love me!! The usual persistence to call my attention, his usual attempt to make me laugh! His usual humor. I told him, I missed you, son! He said, “why? I am always here!!” I replied “ You were here but your soul seemed so distant! What was on your mind lately anyway, penny for your thoughts?” He became quite for a minute, then he stumbled for the right words..once he started talking I started listening, then our conversation started....long talk and I am glad. I looked at my son! Just looking at him makes me happy and I more glad even because he did not really remove me from his world after all!! I am still his best fried!! One day he will have a wife, a compadre, another best friend aside from me but I know that the space that a mother occupies in her childs’ heart, that space will always be mine!!

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