Wednesday, January 28, 2009


How should I start? Should I say call centre industry is dynamic?! It is like stepping into an endless pathway of labyrinth, when you know you are almost on the entrance way, you realize there are more turning points that you have to deal with! The only thing that is permanent here is change. Or should I say that this is just one of those bad days! No matter how I carefully plan my itinerary, even with the back up plan and everything, sometimes things could really get messy.

My day is already laid down to planning. After work today I am supposed to attend a seminar for my other job. I gave my son the money to buy his launch and buy my supper as well because I know I will not make it at home after my shift. I should be able to finish one task today because on my day-off I will be sitting and planning my selling strategy for this other job! The day did not went well actually, I was not able to eat my breakfast [ 12:00mn] because when I woke up I realized one of the cats were able to get inside the house and she ate my food! There goes my breakfast. I improvised. When I was about to leave I found out the cat also took my launch box. There goes my launch [ 6:00am]. There goes my budget as well because buying food in our canteen can be expensive, you know!! I should improvise because I still have to attend a seminar after my 8 hours work when all of the sudden, news came in at work on the latter part of our shift!! We have a change of schedule!! Just like that!! Prompting me to cancel the schedule for my other job and re-set it next week!! Well, at least I have to go home early. That’s when I realized, my son will be arriving at 3:00pm. He have the food or my supper, so to speak!! My gosh!! One change leads to another. One mess leads to another mess!! I suppose this is the part when I would be saying “I wonder why some people love life so much!!” Does any body knows how it is for a morning person to work at night time, not eating and coping with unnerving changes that messes up everything!! Wheww!! Thing here is this. No matter what, I should be like the bamboo, ready to bend and improvise so I would survive. Don’t allow a bad day affect me and deal with the situation. Move On!!

Well, have a nice day everyone!!

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