Saturday, January 31, 2009


I have the urge to unload. I never thought I will be the subject of joke and ridicule in what I believed is my second home. Good that my son accompanied me to watch a movie. Just to get my mind off things. So I watched the talked about movie in our work place, Part Three of “Underworld” or what I thought is Part Three of the movie. On the early part of the movie, Victor came in the scene. My question had been voiced by my son, Victor had been slashed by Selene. How come he is in the movie? As the movie progresses, I realized that i am not watching the continuation of the last chapter of Underworld. I am seeing the full length the story of Lucian and Victors’ daughter. It is the beginning of the conflict between lycans and Vampires! Or is it? Remember that William had already been locked up and there had been a separate group of lycans that had been considered as enemies by the Vampire clans. Seemed that it happened even before Lucian!! Well, the last scene of the story"Rise Of The Lycans" is actually the beginning of what I believed is Part I of Underworld. If you had seen the last two sequel of Underworld, you will know that the movie currently showing in theaters here in the Philippines should be Part I of the Underworld sequel. The action is good, of course. That is needless to say!! Its just that I had watched a lot of bloody and gory movies before that the action scenes on what I believed is part three is standard!! just fine. I should say, though that the two previous Underworld movies are more hard packed in action. More blood. Not that gory though! By the way, If you had seen how Selene killed Victor!! Wow, I cant help but be amazed on the wonders of movies. Sliced so neatly you will not see it coming. So cunning. I liked that scene. I played and re-played that scene more that three times.

Anyways, Underworld is entertaining and a good movie. I just cant help but to be dismayed because I thought I will see something new. What I saw was something I already knew! Only It came in full length and in detail. My son and myself have the same question though, why is it that the movie, which supposedly should be the first part of the story, had been shown last. People thought it is part three. I thought it is part three. Only when I see the movie that I realized, Hey! This is the past of Lucian and Victor! This is not the present time. This is not Selenes’ time. I agree on one thing though. Selene has some similarities in physical features with Victors’ daughter. No wonder Selene reminded Victor of the daughter whose execution he sealed.

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