Sunday, January 11, 2009


It has been more than ten years now since my parents started the mass every first Saturday of the year in our barangay . It is a community mass or a street mass. It is a mass celebrated on the street. The main purpose of this mass is to bring about peace, love and harmony within the Salvacion Community and among the members of its family. The community and its members are being blessed by a celebrating priest and the members of the community may place their special and personal intentions during the mass. After the mass there is a procession where the members of the community brings their respective images in the procession. Through the years, it had become a tradition that families in this baranggay had been looking forward every first Saturday of the year. After the mass comes the procession which had been assisted by Tito Ramon and Tito Abet, along with his wife, Tita Luchie. They are the ones who assisted and made sure the procession will always be in order.

This years’ mass celebration had been in order. Everyone was busy. In fact, my nephew, Paul, joined in the preparation of this event. There had been a lot of visitors from different places like Proj 8 and Las Pinas. They also participated in the mass and in the procession as well. I was not able to attend because I have work but I know that everything went well. I know for a fact that this is one event that my father and mother will continue for as long as they possibly could.


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