Tuesday, January 6, 2009


In the midst of what seemed to be like an unendless errands I find my self often confused. What should I do first? What is more important? Whew, everything seemed to be as important as the others. In my mind I have this setting: “I can do it all.” But then, I realized! I am not super woman. Sure I am optimistic when it comes to meeting obligations. However, being optimistic does not mean putting realistic goal in prejudice, right? Once I talked to my son. It is only the two of us to deal with our lives and we have to help each other. I told him I am not super woman and I will be needing his help if we want an organize living. I am lucky that he is doing his best to extend his share. However, before we went to that point, It took accepting on my part that I am not the sole driver in our life. I have to accept that there are things I can not do anymore and I need my sons help. After that I have to really sit down and think what are the real necessities and isolate those that needs immediate attention from those that can wait for a few more days. Of course, accepting that situations will not always go according to how we want things to be helps me to be more open to different possibilities. I suppose It is making the most of what we have that matters. I suppose that accepting that I am less perfect can make things perfect after all.

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