Tuesday, July 28, 2009


September of 2008 was one of the turning points of my life. I woke up unable to move. I cried for my son to help me get up from bed. I realized then that my body was numb from neck down to my waist. My son took me to the hospital. I was confined for almost two weeks. Little did I realized that it was an illness that will be part of my life forever. My reader, how do you think would it feel to wake up one day realizing you can not move anymore. No warning. No signs.

I could not lay in bed. I could not get up from bed. My son had to help me get up from bed during my confinement. My hands up to the fingers were numb. My fingers were so weak I could not lift a plastic plate. I could not look down with my head following my vision. I could not look up with my head following as well. I had a momentary taste of what it meant to be paralyzed.

My doctor said I have a slipped disk. What is a slipped disk exactly? That was my question then. Basing on the explanation given by my therapist, the cervix – lay mans term, the bone in our neck is supported by a disk. It is located in-between each column of our bone. One of these disk protruded backward, hitting my nerve cell. The affected area are C-5 and C-6. C stands for Cervix. The nerve that had been hit is responsible for the mobility of my hands. Hence, when the disk hit my nerve cell, it affected my capacity to move my hands. Up until this moment, I am already in a life-time therapy. Remove the therapy? I will be risking paralysis.

I think it is not really the slipped disk, it is the nerve affected when the disk protruded.

When I was discharged from the hospital. I thought the next immediate thing to do was to get everything going. I was wrong. During my first day of work, I had my headset on. I was online. The customer was giving me an information that I have to note down. My brain was telling me to hit letter “g” of the computer keyboard. However, it took almost a minute before my finger could push the keyboard and hit letter “g”. It took a while for my fingers to move. I was frustrated. Before the slipped disk, I could type 48 words per minute (wpm). I was not looking at the keyboard when I type. I can type with my eyes closed. That’s me! However, at that moment, it took me a minute to type one letter!! Our team leader advised me to stop taking- in calls. Our team lead offered a few more days rest for me. I declined. I was frustrated.

My question to the doctor was – how long is the recovery period? She said “Our nerve is irreparable and irreplaceable. Healing process depends on you, She. Maybe a month or three months.” I was not contented. I talked to my therapist. She indirectly advised me that my line of work may not be suitable for me anymore. She directly told me that I could no longer do the things the way I do them before this slipped disk. It may not be the same anymore.

My mind refused to give in. I CAN NOT accept that my capability will not be the same as it was before. I went back to work. I set my mind that I will bring every thing back to how it was before my slipped disk. In three weeks time, I can already type 48 wpm, just like before. Step by step, I forced my self to move my hands the way they move before. I am able to regain my agility. I was and still is diligent with my therapy .

I thought things would be easier after that. I was wrong. As soon as I recovered my agility, my stamina gave- in. I can not work four hours straight. One shift while talking to a customer, I lost my voice. My team leader told me to take a “go home slip” so I could rest. Stub born that I am, I chose to stay then, hoping I could get my voice back. The doctor said that my neck muscle had been strained and it caused a temporary shut down in my vocal cords. You see, now, it is already my neck muscle supporting my cervix. The term used by my therapist was scary “ weak neck muscle, bone might collapse” . I refused that thought. The doctor created a program so I could regain my stamina. The main goal- push my self to the limit. Considering I have neck issues now, I am prohibited to run. So, brisk walk was the alternative. In the first day, I could only do less of a kilometer. I was frustrated. I used to run from Luneta to PICC. Now I can not brisk walk for one kilometer. I refused to go back to the doctor with this news. Hence, I made my self a brisk walk program.

It is now July, 2009. Therapist, people indirectly told me I can not work in a call centre anymore. I was informed that upon recovery, I will not be able to do the same thing that I used to do anymore. Before the slipped disk incident, I worked 8 hours and that’s it. NOW: I am still in a call center. I even became and up until now am a top agent in the project. Still in Midnight shift. The difference? I now have you reading my writings. Also, I now have extra work from different clients. From article writing to reviews to commenting. An additional three to four hours work on top of the 8 hours shift. THEN : The doctor said it would take months to recover my agility. In three weeks time, I regained it. THEN: my stamina had serious issues. I could not brisk walk for one kilometer. NOW: I brisk walk twice a week, every 5:00 am, walking in brisk full motion for 10 to 15 kilometers from my home. I still have a slip disk though. Still in therapy. Still have the risk of paralysis. Still have the pain. But I am moving..on.

My name is She, my friend. I am a single mom. Most people say I can not make it since day 1 of being a single parent. I have nothing to brag for. Maybe I have nothing to be proud of—except for one thing: I NEVER, NEVER gave up fighting......[no choice..hehehe]

By the way, i got the picture from yahoo.search.images.

Always take care.

Monday, July 27, 2009


July 27, Monday at 4:00 is the State of the Nation Address of President Arroyo. Here in the Philippines, it was yesterday. I was not able to watch it because my schedule is really odd. I am sleeping when the world around me is fully awake. I am awake when the world around me is sound asleep. Anyways, much as i would like to give you the video of the excerpts of the speech of President Arroyo, i could not. I kept on getting error every time i upload the video. Hence,i will just give you the link on the State of the Nation Address given by President Arroyo. This information is taken from yahoo. news.

For those who would like an update, feel free to click. My apology i could not give you the excerpt.

Always take care of yourselves.

Sunday, July 26, 2009


There are no classes in Manila, Philippines come Monday, July 27 due to the coming State of The Nations Address [SONA] of President Arroyo. On top of SONA, it is also the grand Anniversary of Iglesia Ni Cristo. It is the 95th Anniversary Celebration of Iglesia ni Cristo.
From one of the news, it had been stated that President Arroyo will push Charter Change in the State of The Nation Address. I do not know about you guys but I do not feel comfortable about Charter Change. My father is a lawyer so law is his field. He said there are really some part of the Constitution that should have been changed for the better. After all, the Constitution should serve its purpose, which is to protect its people. The Constitution should be for the people and by the people. However, the intent of the government to pursue Charter Change is questionable. The purpose of the current Charter Change is very much shaded with doubt. As a private citizen, I have the fear that once government successfully pass the Charter Change, the benefit will not be for the people but for the person who is on the highest seat of power. Of course, the benefit will be extended to the people who proceeds with the president. I can not imagine what will happen to this poor country if that happen.
Who is the real culprit? Is it just the media exaggerating the information being passed on? Is it the critics of the government? Or is it really the people in power who are on their stance to protect their benefits no matter what. Private citizens like me may never get the answer. However, the observation of one of my colleague stands strong, corruption in the government is really rampant. There is no room for shame anymore.
It is very sad. I believe Filipinos are talented and brainy. This is a land of beautiful and talented species. However, the next step to progress seemed so far. Our people have this mentality that we have to go to another country to acquire a stable living. We have this notion that there is a slow progress if we will stay here in our own land. I can not blame those people who thinks like this because if you will look around, these people have a strong point. If the common citizen have the traits that can pull us down – like procrastination and crab mentality, it is being aggravated and sealed by the people who are in the seat of power. Instead of serving the very purpose of the word “service to the people”, some people in the government would do every thing they can to stay in power- not to serve but to be served. My poor country – always in misery.

Friday, July 24, 2009


I had things in my mind to share with you the past few days. I just can not sit down yet and really write about it. A number of days ago, loads of work came in. New projects opened. I remembered a few months ago when i was eager and waiting for work through internet. I wanted to write as well. It is different when it is already in your grasp. Not that i am complaining. In fact, my first taste of serious article writing was tough but i liked it. Heck, i enjoyed it. The thing is that it is not easy having an eight hour midnight shift [ which is a full time work], at least three to four hours working in front of your computer [ could be reviews, commenting or article writing] and maintaining a blog. It is different when you are already tied and committed to perform a certain task. I must deliver. After all, i am being paid, right? Oh, Did i mention the doctor said i should refrain from fatigue and too much stress or i will end up in the hospital again? Whew. when it is already time to sleep, i feel very very exhausted. So, when i get so physically tired and when my slip disk felt painfull..i just say to my self - "Hey! who said life is easy, right?" Fact of life is..nothing comes easy. We really have to work for every thing we have. So, on the brighter side, considering i have work..loads of them actually, I should make the most out of it while the project is ongoing. There are so many people looking for a job and here i am, fitting my self to two jobs. No effort - No gain, right?

I am very thankful there are those whom i felt like i know them real well though we did not see each other in person. Thank you for visiting me in my blog. In time, we will be talking about anything under the sun.

Take care of your selves, always.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Solar Eclipse occur when the moon passes between the earth and the sun. Solar Eclipse occurs every 18th year. The longest solar eclipse happened last 22nd of July of this year. It is the longest during the 21st century. The solar eclipse began at 8:33 a.m. and ends at 11:01 a.m. This is basing on the latest news from Philippine Star. The next solar eclipse will happen on July 11, 2010 and will cover entirely over the South Pacific. This is according to the news on Philippine Star. It is quite odd that solar eclipse happens after every 18 years or so but as per the latest update, we will be experiencing the next solar eclipse in 2010. Is it just me? Am i having math issues again? 2010, as i know, is actually next year, right? Oh well! maybe i am missing something here.

I was at work at the time of the solar eclipse. Hence, i was not able to see it. Were you?

Monday, July 20, 2009


During younger years, i thought less sleep can make one lose weight. Hence, if one would like to reduce those unwanted fats, sleep less and in no time, you could lose weight. However, when i entered the call centre industry, this belief had been challenged. Having to work at night, i have to sleep in the morning. It is difficult to sleep when the sun is still up. I have to force myself to get up in the middle of the night because it is time for me to work. The result, I sleep less compared to the number of hours i slept when i was working in day time. For me, it took a lot of adjustments to force my body to embrace this odd schedule. My eating habits did not change though. However, i noticed that i am continuously gaining weight. Something i could not stop. I should be losing weight considering i had less sleep. Instead, i gained weight. Why is that?

I am able to name two hormones that were able to answer my question. One is Leptin. Leptin is a hormone in our body that is responsible with our appetite, metabolism and burning of our stored calories. Leptin transmits a message to our brain when our stomach is already full and our intestines are already busy working. It tells our brain it is time to burn those stored calories we took through our food intake. During sleep, leptin level increases. It transmits a message to our brain that we have enough energy and does not need to eat. However, if we have a habit of sleeping less than we should. Leptin decreases. Hence, it triggers a message to our brain that we should store energy in the form of food though there is still stored energy in our body. It makes us feel hungry. More so, drop of leptin in our body slows down our metabolism. We know that when our metabolism decreases its working capacity, there is a greater tendency to gain weight because our body can not burn those unwanted calories the way it normally does.

Another hormone that triggers weight gain if we have unstable sleeping habit is ghrelin . Ghrelin is a hormone that transmits message to our brain that it should already stop burning those calories. It tells our brain when our stored energy should be converted into fat. During sleep, ghrelin decreases. This is so because during sleep our body does not require energy as much as when we are awake. Less sleep causes an increased level of ghrelin. Just imagine if ghrelin would transmit to our brain to store our stored energy into fat- on its higher level. Theoretically speaking, can i safely state that it falls under messing up our body clock? Maybe.....maybe not!

Do you know that continuous unstable sleeping habit- under the above factors given- can lead to obesity? If i may point out, obesity is already considered a disease. Let us remove vanity at this point. Let us focus on health. Excessive unwanted fat can cause a lot of illness. To name a few, hypertension, diabetes and more. As i did state in one of my previous entries, proper sleeping is as important as eating and regular exercise. We have only one borrowed physical body. A television series, supernatural, calls it meat suit or vessel. I think we owe it to our selves and to the One who allowed us to borrow this body while we are in this life to take care of it. If we are not religious, let us look at the practical side of the situation. No one can deny that we do not have a spare body to use. If we are practical, we would ensure that this body could function well for us for as long as we are still in our journey in this life, right? I believe no one would like to live bearing a limited physical capability due to illness. As i had realized only recently, health is actually our wealth.

Always take care.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


In the entry "Losing Weight", it has been specifically noted that it is important that we are on the right footing before we dive in to the challenge of losing those unwanted fats. Right motivation is a powerful tool to reach our goal. Also, we have to be realistic in our expectations when it comes to products that promises weight loss. I realized that the old fashioned way may take time but it is still the safest way to lose weight. Other angles to consider in order to lose weight are:

Keep tract of food intake and eating habits. How often and how much i eat. Most of the times, it is what we eat that matters. I replaced junk foods with veggie. In the morning [ which is 11:00pm for me] i eat carbohydrate. Enough rice to get me going for the whole days activities. For dinner [which is 12:00pm ] i eat salad. Another option is cooked vegetable. No rice. I stand for 15 minutes immediately after eating. A gym instructor told me that sitting right after eating can gradually built up those fats in our belly. I drink a lot of water. This makes me feel full. Drinking lots of water is also good for our body. I chew my food thoroughly. The disadvantage is that it took time for me to finish my food. The advantage is that because i chew it thoroughly, i already feel full with few bites. Hence, with standard amount of eating, i feel really full. If and when i want to indulge, i did not stop my self. I was informed by a nutritionist that when we stop ourselves from indulging into a food we yearned so much, there is a tendency to secrete more fattening tissues in our system. Instead, i take 0% calorie ice cream. There is actually one near our location. Another option for me is to buy those real dark chocolate. Unlike their counter part chocolates, dark chocolates are actually healthy. Mostly, i refrain from those in between meals.

I kept a regular physical work-out. Every day-off, i always go brisk walking every 5:00am. I used to run but because of my slip disk, running had been prohibited by my doctor. After hospitalization, i had endurance issues. Because of this, my doctor designed an exercise program for me. I have to push myself to my limit. Test the extent of my physical endurance. Every brisk walk, i would return home sweating all over. My shirt always soaking wet. Sometimes i would add more exercises on top of my brisk walk. I felt good and i could definitely say that it helps me lose those unwanted fat as well. My physical capability is already limited after my slip disk. But then, we do not stop because of our limitations. We make the most of what we got, right?

Enough Sleep:
Do you know that chronic sleep deprivation can ignite unwanted fat? I thought it was just me but now i know that it is supported by medical evaluation. Habitual unstable sleep habit can greatly affect two of our hormones. These are the hormones responsible for getting our metabolism going and our appetite in its normal cycle. These hormones are Leptin and Grehlin. Leptin is our hormone that controls our appetite. Grehlin is our hormone that increases our appetite. It gives a signal to our brain that our intestine has nothing to consume anymore. Hence, it transmits to our brain that we have to eat. The danger is that because unstable sleeping habits effects our metabolism, there is actually a food stock in our stomach ready to consumed by our intestine. Hence, food stock piling up. The end result, we are already gaining weight before we know it. I will talk about how unstable sleeping habits can lead to obesity on the next entries to come.

I gave birth at the age of 23. After a number of months, i was able to regain my waistline with discipline, exercise and proper eating. My waist line was then 26 inches. Upon reaching early 30s' my waistline played between 26 to 27 inches. I was able to maintain it up until late 30s'. I was pretty sure that i could maintain it up until i reach 40 yrs. old. When i entered the call centre industry, my schedule changed. i can not sleep because the sun was still up. I have to wake up in the middle of the night to work. It was a challenge to my body clock because i was and up until now a morning person. My sleeping habits changed. Habitual unstable sleep had been my life. Since then, i gained weight. Irony was that i did not change my food intake habits. My waist line went higher up to 32 inches. Last April, i was forced to take at least 8 hours sleep because of recurring attack of my slip disk issue. I started doing the things i am writing right now. From food to exercise to every thing. Gradually, i am getting a progress. Now my waistline is already 30 1/2 inches. Considering i am already in my 40s, i know i can not have the body i had ten years ago. However, getting 20 something inches for my waistline and i would be happy. Maybe, just maybe...I could already wear those pants i could not wear anymore. I felt lighter now compared to number of months ago. However, i am not light enough. I still have trouble breathing- sometimes. I know i have to work further. I also learned my lesson. When we mess up with our body clock, there is a consequence.

The improvement is very slow, i know. However, losing weight for my self is an advantage because i am not really in a hurry. No pressure. If i failed, i can always stand up and go back where i left of. The important thing is that i am not giving up and i am making progress. The more important thing is that i would like to maintain it. Maybe not long enough specially when i am not getting younger. However, keeping myself healthy is one way of fighting for myself.

We keep our selves healthy and there will be a good chance that we will be spared from lots of sickness. Keeping our selves trim should be for our health. Exercise is for health. Not for vanity. That much i can say, my friend.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


For ladies, keeping ourselves fit and trim had seemed to be a life-long challenge. But then, we should first be on the proper footing when it comes to the reason behind our struggle to keep ourselves trim. I personally believe that the reason should be us, for ourselves. It should not be for another person. Not all, but some women strive to be trim to win the approval of her spouse, women friends or a social circle. I would like to lose weight and maintain a standard physique because i hate waking up with those bulges in my tummy every time i get up from my bed. During younger days, that could really ruin my day. I was not comfortable. Up until now actually. The difference between then and now is that i became patient with my self and more tolerant as i age. Another reason is because I prefer to feel light when i move around. One good reason to keep ourselves fit and trim is actually the health benefit it offers.

If we want to achieve a particular destination, it is not just the journey that we should prepare. It helps a lot to be on the proper footing - proper motivation. I will look in the mirror and will say to my self : "This is for me because i owe it to my self. "

Diet Pills:
With so many products in the market promising to deliver effective results, we could get caught in between. I recalled during teen years when i bought an expensive diet pill recommended by a friend. I spent my savings in exchange of a promise to lose weight. Unfortunately, as days go by taking the diet pills i suffered severe stomach pain. I have to stop taking those diet pills. Unfortunately, once i stopped i started gaining weight. I spent my savings for a product that could not delivery result. I felt foolish. For a while, i thought it was a hopeless case for me. I learned my lesson then. Like cosmetic products that works with certain skin types, one product may not work with Maria the way it worked for Mariana. This concept is the same with diet pills. I tried a different approach. Do not get me wrong, my friend. If one diet pill would work for you, that is perfectly fine.

I tried the natural and the old fashioned way. I have to admit the process was long but i am sure there are no side effect. Hence, perfectly safe. Slowly but surely:

We will talk more about losing weight on the next entry. Hopefully, you would be able to find a thing or two that could be useful for you, too!

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009


One of the amazing sceneries you will find in the Philippines is Mayon Volcano. It is located in the province of Albay, in the Bicol Region. Mayon Volcano is known for its perfect symmetrical triangular shape. With its summit that measures 2,421 meters above sea level and its circular base with a radius of about 48 kilometers, Mt. Mayon stands with its majestic grace. In fact, Mt. Mayon has been known as one of the wonders of the world. Its very name means Magayon”. Magayon is a dialect of the bicolanos which means “beautiful”. Beautiful as it may but dangerous. Mt. Mayon is the most deadly of the volcano types. This is the reason why Mt. Mayon had been tagged as an active stratovolcanoe. Mt. Mayon is the most active volcano in the Philipines. With pyroclastic and lava flowing from its perfect cone, it recorded an eruption of over 47 times for the past 400 years.

I came from a family who originates in this province. Hence, I had the chance to marvel at its beauty. I recalled visiting the site of the buried church. The church was buried during the eruption of Mayon Volcano way back February 1, 1814. My auntie told me that there were people in the church buried alive by the steaming lava coming from Mt. Mayon. Lava covered the whole town of Cagsawa and the bell tower of the towns church was the only thing that remained in the surface. During younger years, I was amazed by that story. However, as I grew older, it is already horrific for me to even think about it.

Just recently, while navigating yahoo site, I read that Philvocs is closely monitoring Mayon Volcano. There had been reports that scientists detected an alarming symptom that may lead to a more hazardous eruption. You may check this link for further information. It is alarming every time I read about possibilities like this one. Knowing how bicolanos suffer every time there were explosion, news like this really caught my attention. I feel relieved that my brother is already living here in Manila with us. I am just hoping that there will be no more eruptions and no more tragic situations for our brothers in the Bicol region- in particular, to the neighboring municipalities around the majestic but dangerous Mayon Volcano

Sunday, July 12, 2009


We watched Ice Age 3- Dawn of the Dinosaur. I watched the movie with Vincent. It is a 3-D computer animated film. We already watched the previous Ice Age films. Perhaps one reason why I resorted to watch Ice Age 3. The movie lasted for 94 minutes. It is a story of friends who went to the bottom of the land [which is the territory of the dinosaur] to save Sid. Sid stole the eggs of a dinosaur and when got caught, was taken down to the land of the carnivores’.

The characters are Manny, Ellie, Diego, Crash, Eddie, Sid, Buck, Momma with the three baby dinosaur, Scrat, Scratte, Rudy and Peaches.

When it comes to animated shows, I am not a demanding viewer. Maybe because animated shows/films brings out the child in me. I just would like to enjoy the output of a 3D computer animated film. I am amazed on how they made the characters move. I am thrilled with the colors and everything about an animated film. If I would l be a critic, the film is just fine – for an adult. I know that the film could be pretty amazing and entertaining in the eyes of a child. The adventures are not bad. One of the scenes I appreciated is when Buck, Crash and Eddie came to rescue Sid as he goes over the falls of a lava river. As the trio took a ride on a pterosaur to rescue Sid, they were being chased down by a group of pterosaurs. On the other hand, Ellie [ female mammoth] went into labor. Unfortunately, the sliding rocks had caused her to be separated from the group. As she goes into labor, guanlong pack out beat each other to reach Ellie. Maybe just my imagination but I think guanlong pack had been anticipating a meal in the then laboring Allie. As Manny faces the guanlong pack to prevent them from reaching Ellie, Diego protects Allie to make sure she would be able to give birth safely. Diego also ensures the guanlong pack would not be able to come near her and her soon to be a new born mammoth.

One scene I found beautiful was when Scrat and Scratte were together sailing. Before them were two dinosaur whose head were intertwined, forming the shape of a heart. That was a beautiful scene.

Anyways, with all the adventures, fun and danger the group encountered, it was a happy ending. Every thing went well for the characters of the film . Except for Scrat who lost his acorn and his love, Scratte.