Sunday, July 12, 2009


We watched Ice Age 3- Dawn of the Dinosaur. I watched the movie with Vincent. It is a 3-D computer animated film. We already watched the previous Ice Age films. Perhaps one reason why I resorted to watch Ice Age 3. The movie lasted for 94 minutes. It is a story of friends who went to the bottom of the land [which is the territory of the dinosaur] to save Sid. Sid stole the eggs of a dinosaur and when got caught, was taken down to the land of the carnivores’.

The characters are Manny, Ellie, Diego, Crash, Eddie, Sid, Buck, Momma with the three baby dinosaur, Scrat, Scratte, Rudy and Peaches.

When it comes to animated shows, I am not a demanding viewer. Maybe because animated shows/films brings out the child in me. I just would like to enjoy the output of a 3D computer animated film. I am amazed on how they made the characters move. I am thrilled with the colors and everything about an animated film. If I would l be a critic, the film is just fine – for an adult. I know that the film could be pretty amazing and entertaining in the eyes of a child. The adventures are not bad. One of the scenes I appreciated is when Buck, Crash and Eddie came to rescue Sid as he goes over the falls of a lava river. As the trio took a ride on a pterosaur to rescue Sid, they were being chased down by a group of pterosaurs. On the other hand, Ellie [ female mammoth] went into labor. Unfortunately, the sliding rocks had caused her to be separated from the group. As she goes into labor, guanlong pack out beat each other to reach Ellie. Maybe just my imagination but I think guanlong pack had been anticipating a meal in the then laboring Allie. As Manny faces the guanlong pack to prevent them from reaching Ellie, Diego protects Allie to make sure she would be able to give birth safely. Diego also ensures the guanlong pack would not be able to come near her and her soon to be a new born mammoth.

One scene I found beautiful was when Scrat and Scratte were together sailing. Before them were two dinosaur whose head were intertwined, forming the shape of a heart. That was a beautiful scene.

Anyways, with all the adventures, fun and danger the group encountered, it was a happy ending. Every thing went well for the characters of the film . Except for Scrat who lost his acorn and his love, Scratte.

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