Saturday, July 18, 2009


In the entry "Losing Weight", it has been specifically noted that it is important that we are on the right footing before we dive in to the challenge of losing those unwanted fats. Right motivation is a powerful tool to reach our goal. Also, we have to be realistic in our expectations when it comes to products that promises weight loss. I realized that the old fashioned way may take time but it is still the safest way to lose weight. Other angles to consider in order to lose weight are:

Keep tract of food intake and eating habits. How often and how much i eat. Most of the times, it is what we eat that matters. I replaced junk foods with veggie. In the morning [ which is 11:00pm for me] i eat carbohydrate. Enough rice to get me going for the whole days activities. For dinner [which is 12:00pm ] i eat salad. Another option is cooked vegetable. No rice. I stand for 15 minutes immediately after eating. A gym instructor told me that sitting right after eating can gradually built up those fats in our belly. I drink a lot of water. This makes me feel full. Drinking lots of water is also good for our body. I chew my food thoroughly. The disadvantage is that it took time for me to finish my food. The advantage is that because i chew it thoroughly, i already feel full with few bites. Hence, with standard amount of eating, i feel really full. If and when i want to indulge, i did not stop my self. I was informed by a nutritionist that when we stop ourselves from indulging into a food we yearned so much, there is a tendency to secrete more fattening tissues in our system. Instead, i take 0% calorie ice cream. There is actually one near our location. Another option for me is to buy those real dark chocolate. Unlike their counter part chocolates, dark chocolates are actually healthy. Mostly, i refrain from those in between meals.

I kept a regular physical work-out. Every day-off, i always go brisk walking every 5:00am. I used to run but because of my slip disk, running had been prohibited by my doctor. After hospitalization, i had endurance issues. Because of this, my doctor designed an exercise program for me. I have to push myself to my limit. Test the extent of my physical endurance. Every brisk walk, i would return home sweating all over. My shirt always soaking wet. Sometimes i would add more exercises on top of my brisk walk. I felt good and i could definitely say that it helps me lose those unwanted fat as well. My physical capability is already limited after my slip disk. But then, we do not stop because of our limitations. We make the most of what we got, right?

Enough Sleep:
Do you know that chronic sleep deprivation can ignite unwanted fat? I thought it was just me but now i know that it is supported by medical evaluation. Habitual unstable sleep habit can greatly affect two of our hormones. These are the hormones responsible for getting our metabolism going and our appetite in its normal cycle. These hormones are Leptin and Grehlin. Leptin is our hormone that controls our appetite. Grehlin is our hormone that increases our appetite. It gives a signal to our brain that our intestine has nothing to consume anymore. Hence, it transmits to our brain that we have to eat. The danger is that because unstable sleeping habits effects our metabolism, there is actually a food stock in our stomach ready to consumed by our intestine. Hence, food stock piling up. The end result, we are already gaining weight before we know it. I will talk about how unstable sleeping habits can lead to obesity on the next entries to come.

I gave birth at the age of 23. After a number of months, i was able to regain my waistline with discipline, exercise and proper eating. My waist line was then 26 inches. Upon reaching early 30s' my waistline played between 26 to 27 inches. I was able to maintain it up until late 30s'. I was pretty sure that i could maintain it up until i reach 40 yrs. old. When i entered the call centre industry, my schedule changed. i can not sleep because the sun was still up. I have to wake up in the middle of the night to work. It was a challenge to my body clock because i was and up until now a morning person. My sleeping habits changed. Habitual unstable sleep had been my life. Since then, i gained weight. Irony was that i did not change my food intake habits. My waist line went higher up to 32 inches. Last April, i was forced to take at least 8 hours sleep because of recurring attack of my slip disk issue. I started doing the things i am writing right now. From food to exercise to every thing. Gradually, i am getting a progress. Now my waistline is already 30 1/2 inches. Considering i am already in my 40s, i know i can not have the body i had ten years ago. However, getting 20 something inches for my waistline and i would be happy. Maybe, just maybe...I could already wear those pants i could not wear anymore. I felt lighter now compared to number of months ago. However, i am not light enough. I still have trouble breathing- sometimes. I know i have to work further. I also learned my lesson. When we mess up with our body clock, there is a consequence.

The improvement is very slow, i know. However, losing weight for my self is an advantage because i am not really in a hurry. No pressure. If i failed, i can always stand up and go back where i left of. The important thing is that i am not giving up and i am making progress. The more important thing is that i would like to maintain it. Maybe not long enough specially when i am not getting younger. However, keeping myself healthy is one way of fighting for myself.

We keep our selves healthy and there will be a good chance that we will be spared from lots of sickness. Keeping our selves trim should be for our health. Exercise is for health. Not for vanity. That much i can say, my friend.


chubskulit said...

wow, this is a very good post ate, thanks for the tips!

Cens World said...

Hello Rose, thanks. I am happy you liked it. Coming from you, it is a compliment. Thank you so much for visiting.

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Clarissa said...

Good luck on losing your weight,Mommy She!!I just started on dieting yesterday--slowly but surely.Good luck to both of us!!^_^

Have a nice day,Mommy She!!^_^

Cens World said...

Hello Clarissa,

Yeah..thanks. Good luck din sa iyo. I am sure in no time, you will surely lose those unwanted fats.

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