Thursday, July 16, 2009


For ladies, keeping ourselves fit and trim had seemed to be a life-long challenge. But then, we should first be on the proper footing when it comes to the reason behind our struggle to keep ourselves trim. I personally believe that the reason should be us, for ourselves. It should not be for another person. Not all, but some women strive to be trim to win the approval of her spouse, women friends or a social circle. I would like to lose weight and maintain a standard physique because i hate waking up with those bulges in my tummy every time i get up from my bed. During younger days, that could really ruin my day. I was not comfortable. Up until now actually. The difference between then and now is that i became patient with my self and more tolerant as i age. Another reason is because I prefer to feel light when i move around. One good reason to keep ourselves fit and trim is actually the health benefit it offers.

If we want to achieve a particular destination, it is not just the journey that we should prepare. It helps a lot to be on the proper footing - proper motivation. I will look in the mirror and will say to my self : "This is for me because i owe it to my self. "

Diet Pills:
With so many products in the market promising to deliver effective results, we could get caught in between. I recalled during teen years when i bought an expensive diet pill recommended by a friend. I spent my savings in exchange of a promise to lose weight. Unfortunately, as days go by taking the diet pills i suffered severe stomach pain. I have to stop taking those diet pills. Unfortunately, once i stopped i started gaining weight. I spent my savings for a product that could not delivery result. I felt foolish. For a while, i thought it was a hopeless case for me. I learned my lesson then. Like cosmetic products that works with certain skin types, one product may not work with Maria the way it worked for Mariana. This concept is the same with diet pills. I tried a different approach. Do not get me wrong, my friend. If one diet pill would work for you, that is perfectly fine.

I tried the natural and the old fashioned way. I have to admit the process was long but i am sure there are no side effect. Hence, perfectly safe. Slowly but surely:

We will talk more about losing weight on the next entry. Hopefully, you would be able to find a thing or two that could be useful for you, too!

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Cecile said...

Losing weight is one goal I always fail to accomplish, She...can seem to get motivated. Thanks for sharing, hope hubby and I will motivate each other for we really need to lose weight :-(

Cecile said...

thansk for dropping by nga pala, it has been awhile na anoh?

have a great weekend, She!

Cens World said...

hello cecille. it is ok if we fail once..we just try again...and again..kahit paunti unti mararating ding ang ating ultimate goal, di ba?

Thanks so much for dropping by

Cens World said...

hello cecille. yes, you are correct, it has been awhile. am glad we communicated thru our blog.

take care and regards to every one

Clarissa said...

yap,that's right!!Grabe daw ang rebound pag biglaan ang diet mo--mas mabuti raw pag nag-diet ka,paunti-unti lang.^_^