Monday, August 31, 2009


Dneero is in conversing on Visual Talking. It is fun and interesting as well.

Friday, August 21, 2009


Forgive me that i still can not work in front of the computer up until now. Well, not for a long period of time, that is. I will just share beautiful photos that were sent to me by a dear friend. Friends and co-workers, Ted and Mj went to Nasugbu Batangas for nature tripping and for a little fun. I would love to go with them but i can not because of responsibilites waiting at home. By the way, i have the permission of Ted and MJ to post these pictures. Anyways, here are the photos and i hope you would enjoy it as much as i did.

These pictures are taken by my co-worker Ted. He is like a son and a friend to me. For me, this is an angle that will be taken in the eyes of some one who understands photography. At least that is my impression after seeing the photos he took. He is not a photographer, he is a computer programmer. In fact, my lay out, my template really messed up and Ted was the one who worked using these html codes and arranged every thing for me. So, you are looking at the work of a person who understands the language of photography, the beauty of nature and the complicated language of computer programming as well. I will post some of the pictures he took in my upcoming posts. All, of course, with his permission.

I am a nature lover, you see. I really appreciate sights like these one. Wouldnt you say so, too?

Have a good day to every one

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


As they said, life is never easy. One should really sweat and exert effort specially when you are a provider. When some one is depending on you. Regardless of whether we have a job or not, our bills would not go away. We can not say to Meralco or to Maynilad that we can not pay our bills because we do not have money or we do not have a job. If we have a child going to school. We can not say to the University "I can not pay the tuition because i do not have any money" Of course, you can get a promissory slip. However, a promissory note means a delay, not an omission of our obligation. Obligation will always be there and whether we like it or not, we have to meet them. That is one of the reason why a person can not afford to stop working. Once, i told myself i am ready to give anything and do anything to sustain my dependent. I did not care about my self nor my body nor my physical health. What matters was that i am able to meet my responsibility. I thought that was the way to do it. However, as years passed by, i realized one thing. We have only one body. Whether we like it or not, this same body will be the one we will be needing to meet those obligation. In business, manpower is the most important asset. I could not imagine how a business will operate without manpower. For an individual, the most important asset in order to continue moving and meeting our obligation is our health. I realized that if i am really smart, i should make sure that my body could sustain me for as long as possible so i could sustain my obligation as well. There should be a lesson learned on every corner as we go through this journey. It is different when we just hear them. It is entirely different when we are already the person in that position. I suppose life is an unending process of learning and living.

Have a great week day my friends and thank you for wishing me well.

Always take care.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Dneero is heating up a conversation about V2. What do you think about it?

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Lately i had been having some challenges...again. I had been continuously feeling pain, not to mention i sometimes felt my vain in the neck being stretched out. Well, that only happen if and when i have to exert physical effort or i am in a very stressful situation. Ignoring further i had been waking up with numb fingers. Scary....but nothing that could not be handled. Just last night, i collapsed, i do not know why. Again..nothing that could not be handled. My father and my son is worried for me though. Again..nothing that could not be handled. I just have to lessen my work loads and get more rest. Perhaps, on my free schedule, visit my therapist or a doctor. My apology i could not really talk long today. I promise to make it up to you as soon as i am up and running.

Take care always my reader. For my blogger/virtual friends, you will always be in my mind and in my heart.

Monday, August 10, 2009


We talked about the basics when you are getting good internet signal but can not pull up a web site. We also talked what browsers are and how you could determine what browser you are using.
When I was a newbie in computer troubleshooting field, there was a point when my customer had been having issues with her internet but not related with her internet provider. I encountered a lot of issues like that. I had this customer with the previous account I worked with. She thought she have no internet connection because every time she pulled up a web page, she was getting this error message:
“This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Create an action of the folder of the control panel”.
The above error message simply means an application in your computer is not available. Perhaps an outlook express.
The above error message had been popping out every time she surf so she told me “I have no internet connection”. As I mentioned in my earlier entries, not being able to pull up a web page is not conclusive that you do not have internet signal from your internet provider. There are a lot of reasons why you can not surf to the internet. It could be your browser, your security application, your computer or the internet provider. In this case, because the issue at hand is her inability to surf to the internet, it is just a matter of changing her default browser. How do you that?
1. Click on Start
2. Click on Control Panel
3. Click on “Add/Remove Programs”
4. Choose and click on “Set Programs Access and Defaults”
5. Choose Custom
6. One of the option you will see is “Set Default Browser”. If you want Internet Explorer, click on the radio button beside internet explorer. Bottom line, choose the browser you want. Personally, my friend, I would rather have Mozilla firefox. There had been a lot of issues with IE now. If you do not have Mozilla browser. You may download it for free. Just go to
7. Click Apply and/or OK
That should do it. In my case, it took re-starting the computer for the system to read my command. It is easy, right? By the way, this is for Windows OS.
I hope I am able to share something to you today.
By the way, the picture is taken from yahoo.
Have a great week and as I always say, take care.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


I approached a friend. It is almost our day off and I really want to watch a good movie. I am hoping he could give one of the series of CSI-NY. Instead he gave me a Korean movie CD. I think I raised my eyebrow when he handed the CD in my hands. As if he read my mind, he smiled and said “It is a good watch, I promise you”.

The CD is entitled 200 lbs Beauty. It is a romance film. Thing is I am not into romance and/or love stories. Oh no! That is not my cup of tea. However, I had nothing to watch anymore. So, as I played the CD, I am not expecting anything. However, while watching it made me sit and really watch the movie. It has a way of capturing its audience. The plot was very light and it is funny. Even my son who was playing PSP at the time stopped and watched. In no time, we were both watching and laughing. I liked the song “Maria”. No, wait.. not like, I loved it! In the end, we both enjoyed the film. Romance films are not that bad after all. Not to mention it was funny. I felt good after watching the film.

200 lbs. beauty is about Hanna who had been showered with such a gracious vocal chord. Unfortunately, despite her overflowing talent and singing niche, she have a very low self-esteem. This is because she is obese. After an embarrassing encounter, she decided to have a total change. A plastic surgery actually. When she made her come back as another person, she thought she will be happy. Only to find out that she missed the person she really was when she was just the plain, ugly Hanna. It starred Korean singer Kim Ah Jung and Ju Jin-Mo.

Picture taken from

Let me post the song Maria for you.

Maria Lyrics (200 Pounds Beauty OST)
Singer: Kim Ah Jung ??? / Romanization by Kreah

cha chigum shija-khae
chogum-sshwil ttokob-ke
uhh… turyowo-hajima

pyolchyojin nunape
cho tae-yangi ki-reul bichwo
uhh… chol-tae-momchujima

Maria ave Maria
cho hwim-kurum kkeut-kaji nara
Maria ave Maria
gochin-paddowin sang-gwa-nobshi

cha chigum shija-khae
chogum-sshwil ttokob-ke
uhh… chol-tae-momchujima

Maria ave Maria
cho hwim-kurum kkeut-kaji nara
maria ave maria
gochin-paddowin sang-gwa-nobshi


mamchwo-borin shim-jang chon-chega
koncha-bulsu-ob-shi ttwi-yo-wa

(Repeat 2x) Maria ave Maria
cho hwim-kurum kkeut-kaji nara
Maria ave Maria
chojin-paddowin sang-gwa-nobshi

Saturday, August 8, 2009


One of the recent member of my blog list is Katherine. She maintains three sites. All are interesting blogs. These sites are Mom's Place, Sparks Of Wisdom and iTravel1. Her blog is all about her family, friends and of course their pets. Katherine is a blogger from Davao, a proud wife of Roger from North Carolina, USA and a happy mother of two energetic boys named Jason and Jan Clark. One of the things i noticed in her blog are the number of opportunities where one could earn more income through internet. That is way too cool. Her latest post in iTravel1 amazes me. The post is entitled Australian Speed Hump. It surprises me i have to really stare to confirm if i am seeing what i think i am seeing. Click and see for your self. Her Sparks of Wisdom is very interesting as well. I like the poems she posted. It makes me glad i loved reading. Makes me glad as well i am now a blogger. Mostly, makes me thankful that Katherine is one of my blogger links and is included in my blogger friend.

To Kat, thank you for being a member of my blogger list.

The above image is the picture for her site. I hope Kat would not mind if i posted the picture to this entry dedicated to her and her blogs.

And to you, my dear reader, thank you for dropping by and always take care.

Friday, August 7, 2009


We all have our mood swings. Who doesn’t? I think it is perfectly fine for us to have these moods every now and then. Most of the time moods transcends into strong emotion. It could be envy, anger, love or simply happiness. During younger years, I had this perception that emotion was divided into two. The good and the bad. If I was feeling the negative emotion, I am bad. If I am feeling a positive emotion then I am good. Elders told me that being angry or envious is bad. Hence, when I got angry, adult would tell me, “you are bad”. As I grew into adulthood. I realized that there is no bad or good emotion. Anger, fury, hostility is a feeling. Feeling is part of being a human being. These emotions are basically the same as love, compassion, happiness. What makes them good or bad is how we react to such emotion. Let us say Mario got mad. He could either hit the person who caused him to be mad or overcome and control his emotion. If he chooses the first option, hitting makes his emotion bad because he opted to do the bad decision. If he chooses to overcome his anger then that is when he converted the emotion into a positive result. Now, let us go to an emotion which is labeled as good. They say love is a good emotion. What if Maria fell in love with a family man? Love is good, right? If Maria chooses to take this man away from his family because she loves him. That is a bad decision. However, if she reinforces to him that he have a family and he should know his right place, then that is when I could state that the emotion is good. Simply because Maria used her mind before reacting to the emotion, which is love. Hence, for me, any emotion can not be tagged as good or bad. What makes it bad or good is how we react to such emotion. It is important that as adult, we are always in control of that emotion. Simply because that will determine the correctness or the wrongness of such emotion.

Any input?

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Thank you for your time reading and always take care.