Tuesday, August 18, 2009


As they said, life is never easy. One should really sweat and exert effort specially when you are a provider. When some one is depending on you. Regardless of whether we have a job or not, our bills would not go away. We can not say to Meralco or to Maynilad that we can not pay our bills because we do not have money or we do not have a job. If we have a child going to school. We can not say to the University "I can not pay the tuition because i do not have any money" Of course, you can get a promissory slip. However, a promissory note means a delay, not an omission of our obligation. Obligation will always be there and whether we like it or not, we have to meet them. That is one of the reason why a person can not afford to stop working. Once, i told myself i am ready to give anything and do anything to sustain my dependent. I did not care about my self nor my body nor my physical health. What matters was that i am able to meet my responsibility. I thought that was the way to do it. However, as years passed by, i realized one thing. We have only one body. Whether we like it or not, this same body will be the one we will be needing to meet those obligation. In business, manpower is the most important asset. I could not imagine how a business will operate without manpower. For an individual, the most important asset in order to continue moving and meeting our obligation is our health. I realized that if i am really smart, i should make sure that my body could sustain me for as long as possible so i could sustain my obligation as well. There should be a lesson learned on every corner as we go through this journey. It is different when we just hear them. It is entirely different when we are already the person in that position. I suppose life is an unending process of learning and living.

Have a great week day my friends and thank you for wishing me well.

Always take care.


chubskulit said...

remember ate, aside from your responsibility to your love ones, you also have responsibility to take care of yourself!

john said...

very well said Ms. She!