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(1933 - 2009)

It was almost 5:00am of August 1st when a co-worker said that Mrs. Aquino passed away. Then he said, is this confirmed? Is it true? He caught my attention, really. The thought was very remote for me. Was it yesterday or just the other day when i had a glimpse on the headline of a newspaper that Mrs. Aquino was actually feeling better. Or was it just me? Was i imagining i saw that news? I really can not tell anymore at that time. What i know was that i would not believe anything unless i see it in the national television or in the news paper. Then, in between 7:00am to 8:00am, a friend, Ted, told me we should get something to eat. Hence, we took a quick visit to the pantry to get some food. That was when i saw the confirmation. Mrs. Corazon Aquino passed away at 3:18am that same day. She died at the age of 76 and her death was caused by colon cancer. I was looking at the television unable to move. Seeing her pictures in the television as if she was still alive made me speechless . Those pictures were actually taken before she got ill. I felt saddened.

The late Mrs. Corazon Aquino was the first lady president of the Philippines. Honestly, she is one of the presidents i knew who was not a traditional politician. During younger years, people called a traditional politician "trapo". She had not had any interest of acquiring power for purposes on enriching herself with vast material wealth. The other one that i am referring to was the late Pres. Magsaysay. [ though he is way way beyond my time, my parents used to tell me how Magsaysay was during his presidential seat]. Being already a teen ager during Edsa 1, Mrs. Aquino, for me is more than the title of being the first lady president of the Philippines. She is the housewife who stood against a dictator in order to restore to the filipino people the democracy that we had been yearning for during that time.

Mrs. Corazon Aquino will be on her final resting place in Aug 5, beside her husband Benigno Aquino at the Manila Memorial Park. August 5 had been declared holiday by Malacanang as a commemoration to the late former president.

Mrs. Corazon Aquino is one of those figures that one would remember not just because she is another leader..she is more than that. She was a leader who showed her people what the word noble really means.

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Mom of Four said...

I was in the Philippines when she was rushed to the hospital last June 22 for losing her appetite, and I didn't realize that she's been ill for quite sometime. I thought that she was going to get better. When I found out that she had stage 4 colon cancer, I knew, she's not going to live any longer. My father died of colon cancer and 8 months after he was diagnosed, he passed away.

Mrs. Aquino indeed was a great leader. I might not know a lot about politics, but I am aware that she wasn't a corrupt individual. She was well loved and respected by many.

I had goosebumps reading your entry. You did great on how you described her as a person, a mom, a woman and as the first woman president of our country.

Cens World said...

Hello Liz. how are you doing? I am sorry about your father. Mahirap talaga lumaban sa cancer..ang haba ng proseso niya, masakit at magastos.

Thank you, that is a compliment for me. Thank you for your visit and take care always

Cecile said...

She, thanks for the comments and visits ha :-); this post is very touching; Late Former Pres. Cory Aquino is a great leader that is why she was loved by many.

Cens World said...

Hello Cecille

I am so happy to communicate again. How are things going with you.

Thanks also for your visit and thanks for reading this post.

Always take care.