Wednesday, August 5, 2009


When I arrived home today I am soaking wet. It had been raining dogs and cats here in Quezon City. When my son saw me he told me I should take a bath or I might get sick. I actually confirmed and told him he could go ahead and eat lunch. I will just change and take a bath. After i changed i went downstairs to take my bath when I realized some one is in the bath room. In fact the door was open. Vincent was inside placing my towel in the dry area of the bath room. Water was flowing and he was mixing it with hot water. Confused and surprised I asked him “What is that for?” He said “For you, you should bath with lukewarm water. The water might be cold as is and you came from work, you are surely tired.” Before I could speak he was already heading towards the door. Before he shut the door behind him he told me “Do not be long, you might get sick”. Before I could reply, he already shut the door behind him. I am already alone in the bath room and still surprised. I am supposed to say “I thought you are already having your lunch by now”.

You see, my reader, I am used on doing my own errand. Unless the task is impossible for me because of my slipped disk, I do it myself. I did not ask any assistance from Vincent. Vincent is not used on asking my assistance on his personal errand as well. We maintained that set –up so he could practice self –reliance. Hence, it is a surprise for me when he is doing the things I could do for myself. Well, it is not something that happened every day. Specially with matching adult-tone of “Don’t be long in the water, you might get sick”. I know what you might think, maybe he wants to ask for something. Nah … I raised him. He knows I don’t like going in circles. He grew up telling to me straightforward if he needs anything. Hmm… I wonder whats’ going on?

When I am dressed and ready to eat, an added unexpected scenario. I thought I will eat alone. However, when I entered the dining area, Vincent is preparing our lunch. He told me to take my seat so we could already eat our lunch. I would like to ask “What happened?”. However, before I could ask he just kissed me in the forehead and told me “I love you, Inay! Let us eat our lunch now”. So we ate and talk and talk while we eat. He told me about his day and his plan that was unrealized because of the weather. He kept on talking and talking. As I listened, I looked at my son intently. He has grown so much. The boy I took care of is now a full grown man. I can not help but to smile to myself.

I felt how my son cared for me. I suppose, my friend, there are things not needed to be told when you cared for another person. There are things that goes without saying.

I hope you enjoyed your lunch, what ever time zone you are in. I also would like to thank you for sharing your time with me as I mesmerized the simple pleasures and fulfillment of motherhood.

Have a great week day and always take care.


katherine said...

Ang bait naman ng anak mo na love ka.. well, no doubt, magaling ka ding mag alaga sa kanya kaya sinuklian lang nya ang pagiging nanay mo... and sarap isipin...

Cens World said...

Hello are you doing? totoo ka diyan...wala akong kunsumisyon kay Vincent. Ang sabi ng isang family friend namin na pari..iba daw si Vincent sa common teen ager. Masuwerte daw ako dahil mabait si Vincent. Siguro, hindi man successful and marriage life ko, bumawi sa anak ko.

Salamat sa iyong pag bisita sa blog na ito at ingatz palagi.