Sunday, August 2, 2009


Just recently, another site had been added to my community of “MyBlogLog”. One thing that I feel I should do but was not able to due to procrastination is to acknowledge those beautiful people who had been included in my community and those who had been included in my blog-friends list. Hey, these are my set of friend in the world of world wide web. I will start with the recent site included in my Mybloglog. I will also feature a post for the two recent blog-friends – John and Katherine in the next few entries.

Just today, a new site have been added to Mybloglog. He is Lokendra and his sites are and This is the good about internet and blogging. It opens us to different worlds. We are able to see through the authors' mind. We are able to see different perspective and insights. Upon opening his site, I entered the world of Jaipur. It is the capital of Rajasthan State, in India. It is otherwise known as Pink City. Lokendras’ site is about Karan's Guesthouse. So, if you will be having any chance of going to Jaipur, Karan’s Guesthouse could be included in one of your option. Also, if by any chance you would visit Jaipur and would like to do some research, Lokendra had given good sources of information/libraries in his country.

Thank you for following me in Mybloglog, Lokendra and take care.

For my blogger friends and reader, take care and enjoy your week end.


chubskulit said...

Hello ate She, need some advice on parenting, i know that cen is big enough so you have a lot of experiences you can share about separation anxiety hehehe

john said...

Hello Ms. She, thanks for linking me up here.... Have a great week ahead!

Cens World said...

Hello John,

You are very much welcome, John. I intend to do more than that actually. I will post an entry exclusively for your blog. My blogger friends are all important for me.

Always take care and hope you had a restful week end.

Regards to Rose

Cens World said...

Hi Rose. Nagulat ako sa comment mo...matagal nga ang isang linggo. Nakakadagdag pa sa separation anxiety and pag aalala. Alam mo na ok siya pero nag iisip pa rin kung kumain na kaya ang batang iyon, ok ba sya. Yung mga ganun ba? One week is like one year. Natural lang yan sis. One stage we undergo as a parent. Your lucky your hubby is there for and with you. How about letting it out lang para mailabas lang ang anxiety. Rest assured every thing will be fine. Anything for the benefit of our child, kahit mahirap sa side natin...go lang..kaya nating yan..di ba? Hang in there, my friend. after a week, you will see rye running towards you for that big hug with matching..i miss you.

Please do not worry. I am pretty sure you can deal with the separation anxiety.

Regards to you and your family and always take care.