Tuesday, August 4, 2009


In pursuit of my promise to myself that i will note and dedicate one post to each of the incoming member of my blogger list and friend in the internet, this post is for John and his wife, Rose. I will begin this with the recent members and to the upcoming members.

One of the recent member of my blog friends lists is John. His site is Sailors Adventures and Opinions. His blog is about
the vessel where he express his life experiences as a sailor, as a father and as a husband. A journal of his interests and opinions on cars, health issues, product and services reviews, gadgets, music, cultures, and current events. One amazing thing about Johns' blog are the pictures he always posts. For people like me whose life is a routine, everything i see is just the same every day. The building where i work, the overpass, Walter Mart, the market, the jeepney, my house, my room, my laptop. A repeated process every day. Seeing posts and pictures taken by blogger like John, it took me to a different world, makes me astound to the different places and marvel at its beauty. Experience the simple yet beautiful side of life. I also see that when i read Roses' entry. It is nice. It could put a smile in my face while reading.

Johns' wife, Rose is also a blogger. I am pretty sure you read her posts as well. Her sites are Etcetera Etcetera, A Little Bit Of Everything, Our Clan's Marvelling, Rose's Obstacles and Glories, I am a regular reader of Rose's Obstacles and Glories. Rose had been included in my blogger lists since the first few months of my blog. I stopped writing, messed up my template, arranged my site and wrote again..Roses' site had been in my blogger set of friends. I thought i lost her for a while. I am thankful she was and still is a member of my blogger lists of friends. Rose's Obstacles and Glories is about life. the struggles and success that goes with living. Recently, Rose posted an entry entitled Playing with the Sun. I loved how the clouds talked to Rose. It was a nice shot.

John and Rose took me to the world of beauty and great scenery. Mostly, this is to thank the lovely couple for being a member of my blogger friend.

I hope John and Rose did not mind me posting their pictures.

Take care every one.


Cecile said...

i don't think they would mind it :-).
so sweet of you to do this post esp. for them.
anyway, yung post na sinasabi mo eh nasa isang blog ko, dear :-)

Clarissa said...

I'm also glad that I have found friendships in Mr.John and Ate Rose here at blogosphere.They're the very first bloggers that be-friended a newbie me.Iba talaga ang nagagawa pag nasa ere ka--marami kang natutunan sa buhay ng iba!^_^
So glad for your friendship too, Mommy She!!^_^

chubskulit said...

Awwww that's very sweet of you ate She, I wasn't expecting to see our site upon visiting you.. salamat, your kindness is greatly appreciated!

Mwah, ingat lagi!

john said...

Oh my boat! I am surprised when I saw my name and my wife on the update of the blogs I am following. Thank you so much for this Ms. She, it is great to know that someone appreciates my wife and I's existence in this blogging world.

God bless you Ms. She..


Cens World said...

Hello Cecille,

I am so happy to receive a comment from you. hopefully john and rose will not mind. i did not ask permission first...heheheh..hope they understand

thanks for the post and will definitely check it out.

Have a great week day.

Cens World said...

Hello Clarissa, I am also happy i found friendships in john and rose. In fact, i feel happy finding you, cecille, liz, john and rose through blogging. It is one of the beautiful things in blogging, i am able to find friends. friends that made me feel good and made me smile.

Thanks so much

Cens World said...

Hi Rose,

Hope you and john like it. It is a simple way of saying thank you for being one of my blogger friend. It is the least that i could do.

Take care

Cens World said...

Hello John,

I did promise, right? as i said to your lovely wife, rose, it is the least that i could do to thank you guys for being a blogger friend. It is like i have a circle of friends in the blogging world. Your site and Roses' site is surely appreciated.

Have a great week day