Thursday, August 6, 2009


Just recently another blogger that had been included in my blogger follower is Stephen. His blog is Nikon Sniper. According to Stephen, Digital photography is like sniping with a machine gun. If you get up every day, turn on your camera and put your life on continuous fire, sooner of later, you're bound to hit something. Actually, Stephen did hit a lot of things. His mastery in photography takes us to different scenery with various concepts and meaning. It is a very interesting site, actually.

Photographic work that astounds me are : Corn Siloutte, Action In Blue, Beached Saturday Morning, Sidney Siloutte, Bird Of Paradise , Thoroughbred Sunset, Flooded Volcano, Seriously, Enough With The Flash Unit made me smile and Seasons Change is equally lovely as well.

I do not really have to go out of my way, beautiful sceneries are actually a click away with my laptop.

Thank you Stephen for being one of my blog follower

For my blogger friends, always take care and have a great week day!


True Religion Jeans said...

keep posting good.

Cens World said...

Hello, thank you for the compliment. More thanks for visiting my blog and for posting your comment as well.

You have a pretty neat site.

Thanks and have a great week day!