Saturday, August 8, 2009


One of the recent member of my blog list is Katherine. She maintains three sites. All are interesting blogs. These sites are Mom's Place, Sparks Of Wisdom and iTravel1. Her blog is all about her family, friends and of course their pets. Katherine is a blogger from Davao, a proud wife of Roger from North Carolina, USA and a happy mother of two energetic boys named Jason and Jan Clark. One of the things i noticed in her blog are the number of opportunities where one could earn more income through internet. That is way too cool. Her latest post in iTravel1 amazes me. The post is entitled Australian Speed Hump. It surprises me i have to really stare to confirm if i am seeing what i think i am seeing. Click and see for your self. Her Sparks of Wisdom is very interesting as well. I like the poems she posted. It makes me glad i loved reading. Makes me glad as well i am now a blogger. Mostly, makes me thankful that Katherine is one of my blogger links and is included in my blogger friend.

To Kat, thank you for being a member of my blogger list.

The above image is the picture for her site. I hope Kat would not mind if i posted the picture to this entry dedicated to her and her blogs.

And to you, my dear reader, thank you for dropping by and always take care.


chubskulit said...

I agree ate She, I am one fan of kate. She is very nice and a a great virtual friend..

Cens World said...

Hello Rose,

me too. in the same manner that i am a fan and an avid follower of your blog. I agree as well that Kat is very nice and a great virtual friend.

Thank you for your visit and comment.

Enjoy your week end.

katherine said..., hiya naman ako. didn't know that you made me a star here. TY sa sweet-talk...nahiya tuloy ako sa'yo ko lang nabasa to..yay kakahiya.

Anyway, maraming salamat sa link...muahhh.

To: Rose...Ty din Rose..sweet nya naman dalawa..hehe luv yah.