Monday, August 30, 2010

National Heroes Day

August 30 connotes National Heroes Day in the Philippines. This is the day when Filipinos commemorate the Filipino heroes who lost their lives during the oppression against foreign land. And it is the date of tribute to the nameless heroes who sacrificed so much for their country men.

I suppose it is very easy to simply forget how it is to be oppressed when one already gained ones freedom. We also disassociate the word "Hero" to the true meaning of the word. Nowadays, heroes are the masked figures who have the physical strength of thousand men. Heroes are the comic characters and TV figures who can fly. Heroes are those who can punched with an iron hand. Heroes are now associated with fame, physical strength and supernatural powers. But is it really the meaning of the word?

As we are all born unique, we have different perception in life. For me, strength can not be measure by ones physical strength. Strength is measured by the capability of a person to do the right thing even if the world says otherwise. Strength is being afraid but would still go on despite impossible challenges ahead.  For me, heroes are those people who would rather choose the welfare of other people first before his/her own security, safety and welfare. It is being able to care for others without anything in exchange. Being a hero is about value and compassion. But sad to say that compassion is becoming over rated as times pass by. And the fact is, real value is not always seen by the naked eye.

To all Filipinos, Happy National Heroes Day

Bank Holiday in UK

August 30 spells bank holidays in England. This event is celebrated in  Wales and Scotland. This is considered a public holiday in the countries mentioned. Needless to state, banks are close today.  This includes other types of businesses as well.

Bank Holidays Act 1871 gave birth to summer bank holiday. The main purpose at the time was to give bank employees the chance to join cricket matches. The date of bank holiday was changed to the last Monday of August on 1971 through Financial Dealings Act 1971.

Since this is their holiday, it is a time of vacation, gardening and relaxation.

Just an information of what is happening on this date in one part of the world.

Have a great week end every one.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Welcome Faye

In pursuit of acknowledging the important people who is included in my friends list, I would like to thank Ms. Faye for being one of the recent member of my blog list.  Her hobby is blogging and she would like to explore more in the World Wide Net. Her web site is Blogging is My New Hobby.

Thank you Faye for being a member of my friends list. I hope you do not mind, I took the liberty to posting your picture in order to identify you with my friends list.

Again, my thanks to you.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Congratulation to Ms. Raj

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This post is to congratulate Ms. Raj for vying the 4th runner up post for Miss Universe 2010.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Tips on Taking Care of our Brain

In one of my posts, I talked about how our body affects our brain. I am pretty sure we all acknowledged the importance of taking care of our brain. This said, let us talk about how we could take care of our brain.

Eat healthy foods - This means fruits and vegetables. We know that fruits are packed with nutrients needed by our body. And because 40% of our body nutrients are transported to our brain, it would be wise to give our body foods of value.

Learn to deal with stress - Stress is part of life. In fact, I said in my post entitled  "Stress" that it can actually drive us to reach our optimum performance. It can keep us alert. However, anything that is too much is bad. This is the same with stress. Too much stress is like a venom. It finds its' way to your immune system until it weakens your defenses. Eventually, it will slow you down. Hence, welcome healthy stress. However, eliminate it on the early signs of being destructive to your mind and your overall health.

Exercise - Exercise is always associated with being sexy and hunky. We live in a society with a mind set that you are cool if you have a great body.  Well, i have news for you. Vanity is not the number 1 benefit of exercise. A healthy body is the no. 1 benefit of exercise. Vanity is just an extra flavoring. If there is one thing where vanity comes as no. 1, it is Al Pacino's line in "Devil's Advocate". Do you recall his line? "Vanity is my favorite sin!" Huh!! Sure, you can take vanity as your motivator. But do not forget that the main reason why you should exercise is to have a healthy body. A sexy body is just a bonus that comes with the package. Exercise regulates the oxygen in our organs. It also regulates the blood stream in our brain. This said, exercise gives you a healthy body, a sharp mind and a trimmer waist line.

I gave you three ways to take care of your brain. There are other tips on how we could take care of our brain. 

To know more, check out the article I wrote entitled "How to take care of our Brain". It is recently published in I gave a more detailed information on my published article. So check it out and find out more.

Have a great week end, every one.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ourstanding Worker Award

I am so happy because my efforts as an article writer had been acknowledged by my employer. And I would like to share this with all of you today. 

Again, thank your for acknowledging my efforts. This award is for my son, Vincent Vaughn.

Have a great week end, every one.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Welcome, Ellie The Great

In pursuit of acknowledging the recent member of my friends' list, I would like to welcome Ellie The Great.

Ellie is one of the recent members of my friends list. She is involved in a non-profit organization who focuses on helping talented children to develop their potential in the art of theatrical acting. I say it is a noble work indeed.When you have time, do visit her site.

Thank you Ellie for being one of the recent members of my friend's list. I am happy to welcome you to my small abode.  And I hope you did not mind, I took the liberty of including your picture as well.

Monday, August 16, 2010

How our Body Affects our Brain

Do you know that your brain is at least 2% of your body weight?  1/4% of the oxygen that you breathe to your lungs goes to your brain. And about 1/4 of the blood pumping in your heart goes to the human brain as well. Above all, about 40% of the nutritious substance in your body goes to the brain.  However, if you will hold it in your hands, you might be flabbergasted with its size. It is tiny. 

So, how does our body system affects the health condition of our brain? The human brain absorbs the nutrients we give to our body. Therefore, if we give our body garbage, we are also feeding garbage to our brain. And really, it affects our brain big time. Had you ever wondered why we have difficulty thinking or studying when we are hungry?  Had you noticed how we have a head ache if some parts of our body are not functioning well? For instance, if our tooth aches, had you noticed that you also have a stabbing pain in your head? When I was in the call center, I had not had a decent sleep. As a result, I had a head ache while working. Less sleep and fatigue equals head ache.

There is a theory in computer operation. Garbage in means garbage out. For those who studies computer, they know that. In the human body, take a garbage in and it will surely have an effect to the functions of our body. The result is low energy, inability to think effectively, bad performance or worse, disease. Makes sense, right?

This said, it is only logical to conclude that what we do to our body, we also do to our brain. So, how do we take care of our brain, then. I think I already asked this in my previous post.

Let us talk about the easy tips on how we could take care of our brain, shall we? But then, that will be on another date and time. But I promise it will be sooner. But until then, have a great week every one.

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Sunday, August 15, 2010


Season 5 of Supernatural series has ended. At first I thought it was the end of the story. I felt heavy. It saddens me that I will not be able to watch Supernatural anymore. However, as I surf the internet between my writings, I found out that there is going to be Season 6. On top of that, there is going to be an animation version of the series as well. I suppose I just have to wait....until next year. But until then, my television viewing will not be the same

I can not really say I like the concept of Season 5. You know, the twisted angels and all. As I said, i am not religious. Maybe that is the reason why I can stand watching a show that projects an idea that God is out of the building, so to speak. The writer has explored too much. However,  I watched Supernatural since episode one of Season one. The episode was about the "Lady in White". Since then, I know I loved the show. I knew I found my home in television series. Maybe because I had been a fanatic of horror film during my younger years. I may not agree with the whole concept of Season 5, but I still love the show nonetheless.

I had so much to say about Supernatural. However, I am not really sure If you like it. So I will cut it short. What I can say is that I will definitely watch out for Supernatural Season 6. I can not wait for the next season. And for those who loved Supernatural. Let us just patient wait for the next season.

Have a great week days every one.

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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Is the Music Stealing you Away From Me?

Hi, I would like to get your feed back. If you are reading this post and you had been visiting me for quite some time, this question is for you. I had set up a music in my blog. My purpose is to entertain my visitors. Since I can not welcome you personally, I am hoping the music could give a smile in your face.

But then, some one told me that she is having difficulty reading if she is hearing a music in the back ground. The music is stealing her attention. And therefore, she could not really get the whole message of what I am saying. And so I thought, is it applicable to the majority of my visitors? Because if it does, i would rather have it removed. After all, not all web site have music. Really.

So, help me out here. Is it applicable to have a music? Or does it really steal your attention from me?

Your comment is mostly appreciated. I am going to wait for your opinion.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

What is the Measurement of a Person's Value?

Unfortunately, my computer is still having issues. But no worry, i will have a technician fix my computer asap. Anyways, the other week i went to the supermarket to buy our home supply. You know, shampoo, soap, food and many more. I went out in white t-shirt, jeans and slippers. My hair was tied in pony tail. Just the simple me. Heck, it was not really the simple me. Let us just say that I was not on my best features that day.

As I was on the cashier paying for my grocery items, the woman beside me were already impatient. Perhaps i had so many bags and she could not wait for her turn. She raised her eye brow and looked at me from head to toe. She was definitely seizing me. Well, what can i do? I stand in the line before her. I waited for my turn. Why cant she? Or at least that was whats on my mind then. And because I do not want to lose my composure, i would rather not waste my anger to petty things.

I had the same experience when I was looking for a clothing. I was also not on my best features then. When the sales lady saw me, she followed my slightest move. And when I asked the price of a particular item, she replied " That is expensive, you can not afford that".  Do you know what came to my mind? My first instinct was to ask the sales lady " How much are you earning per month?"  I was itching to continue "I do not know your fixed income, but i bet my income is times three of yours."  Well, that was the first thoughts that registered in my brain. I was thankful I was able to control my mouth. I did not say the words in my mind. Perhaps the sane thing to do was to speak to her manager. Well...

My next grocery schedule was different. The difference was that I came out enhancing the good features of me. I even wore jewelries. I dressed smartly that day. But then, the quantity of my grocery items did not change. It had the same volume. Here it goes again, the woman beside me was impatient...again! I can sense it through her unspoken language. But when she noticed i glimpse at her, she immediately smiled. No signs of retaliation. I also noticed that if i go to mall with my jewelries on,  and with my best features, sales ladies were not so bitchy.

Was it just me? Or am I right to conclude that there are some people who treats others according to how they are dressed?

Why do some people treat with awe and respect those who speaks the English language fluently? Yet, laugh at people who have crooked English?

Why do some people respect those who are well dressed? And took lightly those people who are shabby on their eyes. 

Do we really measure the value of a person according to ones physical appearance, status in life and intellect?

Must we really judge a book by its cover?

I think every one needs to be respected. Regardless of physical appearance, educational attainment, status in life or even manner of dressing, don't you think so?

Monday, August 9, 2010

My Computer is Acting Up :(

Thank you for dropping by. I had not been posting for the last days because my computer is acting up. I had been having a slow connection. It is not my internet provider. It is actually my computer. Nonetheless, i promise to post as soon as my computer starts kicking in. For the mean time, i will try to post from time to time. You know, bear with a bad connection.

Thank you for your patience. I deeply appreciate your visit.